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Rabbit Cuddles With A Labrador

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Is it possible for a dog and rabbit to mingle? The answer is yes.

However, many personalities would object to my opinion. It is only natural to have such feeling.

I remember the good old days on the cartoon network, watching  “Tom and Jerry.” From the cartoon, one gets to see how the bulldog protects Tom the brave and intelligent mice from the funny cat (Jerry).

Likewise, in this video clip, one gets to see how Baron Corbin, a Labrador co-exist with a rabbit under the same roof. Imagine! Two enemies are living entirely as one.

Rabbits are a good companion, adventure seekers and sensitive. On the other hand, a Labrador is not all friendly with pets such as rabbits, because they see them as a well-served meal.

Moreover, Baron never yelled at the rabbit nor did he feel the urge to chew on him, with all the crawling, kisses and show of love by the rabbit on him.

Instead, he remained calm and patient. Truth be told, the rabbit and Baron Corbin the Labrador are two good buddies. They help each other out and have grown fond of each other from childhood.

If you enjoyed the video clip and found the words and characters educative, please, share with friends and family.

Also, remember you can do the same. Your worst enemy can be your best friend if you both work out your issues.

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Indeed, this was very informative. Will share with my mates.