Write Off Unaffordable Debts

This little-known government scheme is helping people write off their debt for good

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Debt is very easy to fall into. But when you can’t afford to pay it back, it can affect your health, your job and your relationships. Many people still believe that bankruptcy (sequestration) is their only option when they can no longer pay back debts. But a growing number of Scots are using an alternative government-driven debt management solution to escape debt for good. And unlike bankruptcy, there’s no stigma attached, and you’re more likely to keep your home.  Write Off Unaffordable Debts 10

Every quarter, the Accountant in Bankruptcy, Scotland’s insolvency service, publishes the latest insolvency statistics. Figures for the second quarter of 2019-20 show that debt in Scotland is getting worse. With Christmas just around the corner – a time when many of us spend more than we can afford – the next set of figures are likely to be worse still.

But for the past few years, most of the people entering insolvency haven’t done so via bankruptcy. Instead, they have used a Protected Trust Deed, sometimes called a Scottish Trust Deed to write off their debt .

What is a Protected (Scottish) Trust Deed?

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With a Protected Trust Deed, debtors can cut their monthly payments by an average of 60%. Once the deed is protected, every creditor is bound by it and they are prohibited from chasing you for repayments. And the scheme is officially regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Better than bankruptcy?

There’s still a stigma that surrounds bankruptcy that doesn’t exist with a Scottish Trust Deed. Unlike sequestration, which isn’t allowed for people in roles of financial responsibility or public office, a trust deed could help protect your career. And you’re more likely to keep your home with a trust deed than with sequestration.

Do I qualify for a Scottish Trust Deed?Write Off Unaffordable Debts 12

If you live or have a place of business in Scotland & Uk and:

  • Have debts of £5,000 or more
  • Are insolvent (i.e. you can’t pay your debts)
  • Are able to pay a sufficient monthly contribution to creditors…

…You could qualify for a Protected Trust Deed.

Use this calculator to see if you qualify for a Trust Deed.

It could help you  write off your debt for good.



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