How to Travel with a Dog: 4 Tips for a More Stress-Free Trip

Are you taking a trip and bringing Fido along? If you’re wondering how to travel with a dog in the most stress-free way possible, check out these 4 great tips!

The only thing better than a vacation is taking your dog with you on a trip. In fact, 37% of dog owners choose to skip vacation so they don’t have to leave their best friend behind.

How to Travel with a Dog: 4 Tips for a More Stress-Free Trip 9

The good news is that taking a trip with your pet is now easier than ever. It’ll even save you the cost of putting your dog in kennels or home-stay while you’re away, too!

Learn how to travel with a dog by following these four essential tips for adventuring safely with your pooch.

How to Travel With a Dog: 4 Pooch-Friendly Travel Tips You Need to Know

Taking your dog with you on vacation does need a little preparation to make sure it goes smoothly. Plan ahead with these four easy tips to guarantee everyone has fun on your trip!

1.Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Traveling is a stressful experience for any dog but the stress is reduced if they’re familiar How to Travel with a Dog: 4 Tips for a More Stress-Free Trip 10with the process.

Build up to longer road trips by taking your dog with you in the car whenever you go on day explorations. Get them to associate the vehicle with positive experiences to help them relax.

Find a nearby trail to go hiking with your dog that requires a short car journey to get to. Complete this hike regularly with your pet as you start to prepare for your vacation. Every few weeks, choose a new trail to try out that’s further away than your usual one.

Doing this helps your dog associate the vehicle with a fun activity, while changing up the route after a while helps introduce disruption from routine without stress.

  1. Invest in a Travel Crate

A good travel crate will give your dog somewhere to call home while you’re on the road. It provides safety, comfort, and a little piece of their own territory to put them at ease.

Research the best crate for your dog’s size and breed. If you’re traveling with more than one dog, it’s best to get them a crate each.

A dog crate should be large enough for the dog to stand up, lie down, and turn around in. It should also have room for home comforts such as a crate mattress and a toy or two. If you’re planning on taking your dog on very long trips, make sure there is enough space forHow to Travel with a Dog: 4 Tips for a More Stress-Free Trip 11 water and food bowls, too.

There are lots of options for travel crates on the market. Start your search with a  household brand name, like Impact Dog Crates – Pet Crates Direct, to familiarize yourself with the high standards you should expect.

  1. Plan for Walkies and Pit Stops

Tire your best friend out before you travel with an extra-long walk. If they’re exhausted when you start your journey, it’s more likely they’ll sleep and be more relaxed as you travel.

Plan for regular pit stops along the way, too. Your dog will need to get out of its crate to stretch, answer the call of nature, and get a little fresh air and water.

Some dogs won’t travel well with a full stomach. Instead of feeding them a large meal in one go, offer them smaller snacks at each pit stop. This will stave off hunger without risking a messy travel-induced vomit situation.

  1. Stay in Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Trying to sneak your dog into a non-pet hotel is guaranteed to be a stressful experience. How to Travel with a Dog: 4 Tips for a More Stress-Free Trip 12The good news is that dog-friendly accommodation is easier to find than ever before!

From large hotel chains like Best Western to small boutique guest houses in the middle of nowhere, dogs are widely accepted across the United States as valued members of a traveling party.

A hotel equipped for dogs will help your pet to settle and feel comfortable, too. Facilities such as dog creches, park trails, and even simple additions like dog biscuits on the welcome desk are signs your pooch will be welcome.


More Ways to Make Your Dog Part of the Family

Knowing how to travel with a dog opens up the door to building an even stronger bond with your pet.

You can take your dog with you on day trips as well as your annual vacation. This will help your pet become a true member of your family. There are lots of other ways to involve your pet in family life, too: check back regularly for the latest blogs about dogs!




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