Top Celebrities Who’ve Switched to Vaping

Willie Nelson

Vaporizers have gained immense popularity among the society’s top echelons. And there’s currently an endless list of celebrities who vape. In this article, you’ll get to know some of the most popular icons who’ve been seen vaping in public.

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Johnny Deep

Top Celebrities Who’ve Switched to Vaping 12In “The Tourist” movie, Johnny Deep is seen vaping with an e-cigarette while on a train. Nonetheless, the legend also has a personal vaporizer and has severally been spotted vaping through a Kangertech Mini Tank. This film star doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just vape pens that’s why he went for box-mods so as to get the full power of vaping.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo, who’s popularly known as the Wall Street Wolf recently shocked the world when he vaped publicly at the SAG Awards ceremony. The celebrity’s Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 mod was connected to a KangerTech AeroTank Mega. And this really created an incredible setup.

Plus, the Revenant Superstar is frequently seen with different types of vape pens as well as box mods. Even more, he was also seen vaping an e-cigar in Rao, a luxurious dining restaurant in New York. The Dailymail also got a glimpse of DiCaprio strolling through Manhattan while puffing on his favorite box mod.

Samuel L. Jackson

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As much as he loves playing different characters, Samuel L. Jackson enjoys inhaling some good smoke. The award-winning actor commands a great following from his fans, particularly for the classic bad guy role he takes in Pulp Fiction as well as his selfless role in Django Unchained.

He has also been spotted reading out poetry while pulling some luxurious puffs from an e-cigarette. In a different picture, the Superstar is seen holding a large pipe-style vaporizer and showing off his classic bad-boy smile.

Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is another popular champion of vaping. He’s a renowned marijuana enthusiast who has been smoking dry botanicals for quite a long time now.

The 83-year-old celebrity utilizes both vape pens and desktop setups. In a certain photograph, the music star was spotted holding a Vapir NO2 dry her vaporizer. The musician has also started his own dry her cannabis brand, referred to as Willie’s Reserve. Being Snoop Dog’s close friend, Mr. Nelson convinced him to take his first vaporizer hit, which then led to the creation of G-Pen vaporizers by Mr. Snoop.

Lindsay LohanTop Celebrities Who’ve Switched to Vaping 16

Having passed through a long history of drug abuse, the controversial Lindsay Lohan recently switched to a cleaner high and has ended up being one of the most popular vapers. She was seen vaping from a Blu Cig vaporizer in Miami while reading a script. In fact, she is one of the earliest Hollywood celebrity vapers who was first spotted vaping in the year 2011.


As a safer alternative to smoking, vaping has been embraced by so many people, including renowned celebrities like Johnny Deep, Lindsay Lohan, Willie Nelson, and Samuel L. Jackson. They don’t only smoke e-cigars but they also utilize vaporizers, vape pens, or box mods. And this provides a clear indication that vaping is truly fun and amazing. To get the best vaping experience, learn how to vape at Blazed Vapes. Then purchase a high-quality vape pen.




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