Tips to have an easy dorm move-in day

Tips to have an easy dorm move-in day 9

So, finally, you have done shopping to move into a college dorm? Ready for a new education adventure, right but still have a fear that how you will handle everything there especially on dorm move-in day? Now, you don’t have to worry, we have come up with a compiled list of tips from the best cross country moving companies that will make your dorm move easier and efficient.

Make sure you buy and pack only the essential items

You can’t bring all the items that you use in your home. Usually, the available space in the college dorms is less therefore, you bring the essential belongings. Bring only the basic items such as towels, toiletries, bedding items, and basic furniture. If you are planning to move in your car, make sure you pack items accordingly. Leave the least essential items and then according to space you will get into a dorm room, you can buy these items.

Tips to have an easy dorm move-in day 10Don’t forget to pack seasonal as well as casual clothes

You will need comfortable and casual clothing to stay in a college dorm. Check the list of clothing that is required in the college and do shopping accordingly. Remember that you have to live in the college dorm for 4 years or less so you need to spend all the seasons in the dorm. It is not feasible to come over and over again in your home to pick up the items so make sure you pack all seasonal clothing items so you can stay comfortable throughout the year.

Make sure you inspect the room before you move-in

Inspect the dorm where you are going to live before you move-in. Apart from this, make sure you inspect the room and check the damage the students already have done. Click pictures of the damage if needed as evidence in the future to get rid of the charges that you might need to pay for doing that damage. Fill out the college form accordingly and also don’t forget to check the ripping, stains on the bedding.

Tips to have an easy dorm move-in day 11Buying large items after reaching there will be a good option

If you need to buy furniture pieces or other large items, make sure you buy these after reaching there to reduce the hassle and the cost of the move.

Ship items if needed

If you are not taking your car with you then shipping the items will be a good option for you. Make sure you ship all the items that are required to stay comfortable in your college dorm.

Bring your treasure with you

Make sure you bring your treasure with you. Items such as photographs of your loved ones will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Bring items that will make you create an environment just like your home.

Tips to have an easy dorm move-in day 12Don’t forget to bring the first aid supplies and a basic tool kit

A basic tool kit contains items such as screwdriver, hammer and several other items which will be helpful for you to move easier on moving day. Apart from that, to save yourself from any kind of small injury or to help yourself, it is important to have a first aid kit in your college dorm.

Use the storage bins

Using storage bins is a good idea to keep items stored in the boxes. These storage bins would not be only helpful in storing the items but as well in transporting the items. Under-bed storage bins will be a good idea to store items such as spare towels and so on.

Conclusion: Yes, moving into a college dorm is not an easier task to do. There are a lot of things that you need to do on this day. Fortunately, using these tips and tricks will help you in having a stress free move.



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