Tips For RVing With Your Dog

53 Million Americans will take a road trip this year, and for many dog owners, leaving behind their beloved pet can be both heart-breaking and expensive. Kennels and pet sitters all come at a cost.Tips For RVing With Your Dog 7

But why should your dog miss out on all the family holiday fun? One of the best ways to take holidays with your dog is in a motorhome or RV. Not only is it a comfortable way to holiday, but it offers so much more freedom, enabling you to travel around different cities, and even countries, at your pace. But while a motorhome may be ideal for dog owners, there are a number of important factors you need to consider to ensure you can all enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Driving a Motorhome or RV

While RVs or recreational vehicles are a trailer that you tow behind your car, motorhomes are self-propelled with a built-in engine. Both offer bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and storage and fully customizable, making them a popular option for people traveling with their family and pets. If you have a large dog then think about the amount of floor space you need and plan how and where they will relax and sleep.

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If traveling in a motorhome, then you don’t have to worry about towing a trailer, but you do need to get used to how big the motorhome is to ensure you can safely switch lanes, make turns and even clear train tracks. If you do opt for towing a trailer or RV with a 5th wheel trailer or an expandable travel trailer, then it can take a bit of getting used to. It’s worth noting what the laws are in the states you will be traveling in as in some areas you need to pass a class to tow before registering your RV.

Create A Home From Home

There’s nothing quite like home and our own beds and dogs feel just the same, although you can take theirs with you. Make it nice and cozy on board your RV or motorhome to help reassure your dog that they are in a safe place and to stop them from hurting themselves. If you don’t put them in a crate for the journey, then they must be able to lie and not move Tips For RVing With Your Dog 9around while you are driving. Depending on where you are heading, it might be best just to take basic food with you then you can buy more when you reach your destination. That way you ensure you have plenty of room on board for traveling. Make sure you have enough of their food for the first few days and take a collapsible bowl which you can refill each time you stop. Don’t forget to take a couple of their favorite toys with you too.

Where Can You Go?

If you are hiring your motorhome or RV for your family holiday this year then you will first need to check if it’s ok to take pets. If you are intending to go to a holiday park then you will also need to make sure that it’s dog-friendly. Many welcome pets and even haveTips For RVing With Your Dog 10kennels where your dogs can be looked after, while you and the family are out exploring. However, make sure you do plenty of research first as you may find there are some restrictions such as type of animal, breed or that dogs must stay on their leash.

Taking your dog on an RV or motorhome holiday is a great way for everyone to spend time together. With a few home comforts, your dog will feel at home as you travel and enjoy making new discoveries together




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