The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

As if your pooch is really famous, wonder? You can now find out.

Lovers of puppies, perk your ears up. The top breeds were announced, and lots of favorite buddies are back on top.

Labs have reigned supreme for more than a quarter of a century now as the number one pick, but there are a few surprises within the ranks.

Chances are you know someone who in the last few years has had a French Bulldog and it’s easy to see why.

1. Labrador Retriever

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 61

Labs are notoriously friendly. They are fun housemates who interact with the entire family, and they socialize well with neighbor dogs as well as human beings. But don’t confuse his easygoing character with low energy: The Lab is an energetic athlete who needs a lot of exercises to remain physically and mentally fit, such as swimming and marathon games of fetch.

2. German Shepherd

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 62
German shepherds stand at the forefront of canine royalty for a number of reasons. Experts however believe that their distinction is characteristic: fidelity, bravery, trust, willingness to master commands in many different areas, and the determination to put their lives on the line in defense of their mates. German Shepherds can be gentle family pets and steadfast guardians, but there is a “certain aloofness that does not lend itself to instant and indiscriminate friendships,” the breed standard states.

3. Golden Retriever

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 63
The “Golden Retriever” is a robust, medium-sized muscle dog, known for its thick, bright gold coat, which calls the race. The wide head is a trademark of the breed, with its friendly and intelligent eyes, short ears, and a straight muzzle. Goldens move in motion with a smooth, strong gait and the feathery tail is borne with a “merry action,” as breed fanciers claim.

4. French Bulldog

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 64
The French Bulldog looks like a miniature Bulldog, aside from the big, upright fighting paws, which are the mark of the breed. The head is broad and square, and the nose is exceedingly small with strong wrinkles. The body is compact and muscular under the shiny, brilliant suit.

5. Bulldog

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 65
For some other race, you can’t confuse a Bulldog. The loose skin of the head, the furrowed brow, the pushed-in nose, the tiny ears, the undershot jaw with the dangling chops on either side, and the distinctive rolling gait are all practically shouting “I’m a Bulldog!” “The coat is short, sleek, and shiny, seen in a range of colors and patterns. Bulldogs can weigh as much as 50 pounds, but that’s not going to stop them curling in your lap, or at least trying. But don’t mistake their easygoing ways for laziness-Bulldogs love brisk walks and require moderate daily exercise to remain trim, along with a careful diet. Summer afternoons are best spent in an air-conditioned space, as in hot and humid weather, the short snout of a Bulldog can cause laborious breathing.

6. Beagle

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 66
Two different Beagle models are available: those with a shoulder of less than 13 cm and those with 13 to 15 cm. As dog folks say, both versions are robust, powerful, and “tall for their inches.” They come in colors that are as appealing as lemon, red and white, and tricolor. The fortune of the Beagle is in his adorable profile, his large brown or hazel eyes set aside by long, houndy ears set low on a wide head.
Beagles are caring and lovable, happy, and companionable, all attributes that make them excellent family dogs, a breed characterized by its fanciers as “merry.” No wonder the Beagle has been the most popular hound dog among American pet owners for years. These are curious, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic hounds who need a lot of playtimes.

7. Poodle

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 67
Poodles come in three types of sizes: standards at the shoulder can be more than 15 inches long; miniatures are 15 inches or less; toys are not more than 10 inches tall. The same construction and proportions are present in all three varieties. In the elaborate Continental Film, poodles are usually seen at dog shows. The simpler Sporting Film, in which the coat is shorn to suit the outline of the squarely constructed, neatly muscled body, is favored by most pet owners.

8. Rottweiler

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 68
Rottie would be sweet and well raised, cool and optimistic, brave, yet not unreasonably aggressive. The aloof attitude given to outsiders by these world-class guardians belies the playfulness and downright silliness that Rotties endear to their loved ones. (No one told the Rottie that he’s not a toy breed, so he’s liable to plop for a cuddle on your lap.) Early training and socialization can positively channel the protective instincts of a Rottie.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 69
Yorkies are long and low allergens (the coat is more like human hair rather than animal fur) and develop fine little guard dogs. This is a genuine “breed of personality,” offering years of laughter, love, and close companionship.

10.German Shorthaired Pointer

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 70
German Shorthaired Pointers make joyful, trainable animals that bind firmly with their relatives. In reality, they are always up for physical activities such as hiking, swimming, organized dog sports, anything that will burn some of their unlimited energy while spending time with a human buddy outdoors.

11. Boxer

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 71

Boxers are up-and-coming and playing. Their patience and protective disposition have gained them a reputation as children’s great dogs. They take the watchdog and family protector jobs seriously and will fearlessly face threats. In early puppyhood, boxers do well when exposed to a lot of individuals and other species.


12. Siberian Husky

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 72

As born dogs, Siberians prefer family and other dogs and are oblivious to their inherent friendship. This breed is also energetic and can not resist hunting small animals, so it is a must to have a secure running space. An appealing characteristic of the breed: Siberians, with little doggy odor, are naturally clean.


13. Dachshund

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 73

Dachshunds aren’t made to sprint, climb, or rough swimming, but otherwise, these tireless holes are games for something. Smart and alert, they make good watchdogs with a big-dog bark. Bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous prey, they may be courageous to the point of rashness, and somewhat stubborn, but millions of hearts worldwide have been won by their endearing nature and distinctive look.


14. Great Dane

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 74

Danes are warning home guards, considering their sweet disposition. Usually, just the sight of these gentle giants is adequate to make intruders think twice. But a formidable adversary of true courage and spirit will face those naive enough to mistake the breed’s friendliness for softness. Patients with girls, Danes are lovers of people who make friends easily.

15. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 75
The Pembroke is a luminous, compassionate dog who loves and listens to his training with his human family. They are brave and independent, as herders are bred to drive cattle. “With acute senses and a” big dog “bark, they are vigilant watchdogs. Families who can satisfy the need for activity and togetherness of their brave but kindly Pembroke will never have a more devoted, caring pet.

16. Doberman Pinscher

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 76
The body is slender, but broad and coated with a shiny coat of black, blue , red or fawn, distinguished with a rust. Dobermans have gained a reputation as royalty in the canine kingdom for these elegant attributes, coupled with a noble, wedge-shaped head and a simple, athletic way of moving. Everything but the most foolish intruder will discourage a well-conditioned Doberman on patrol.

17. Australian Shepherd

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 77

A medium-sized worker with a keen, informative look into his eye is the Australian Shepherd, a choosy cowboy herding breed. Different looks, like merle (a mottled pattern of contrasting shades of blue or red), sell Aussie coats. They’re the definition of rugged and agile stock movers in every way. An overwhelming impulse to the herd exhibits Aussies, anything: birds, dogs, children. This powerful drive to work will make Aussies too much for a sedentary owner of a pet. Aussies are exceptionally clever, very capable of hoodwinking the owner of an unsuspecting novice. This isn’t, in short, a pet for everyone. But if you’re looking for a brainy, tireless, and work-or-sport trainable partner, your quest can end here.


18. Miniature Schnauzer

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 78


The Miniature Schnauzer is a bright, polite, and trainable pet, who is tiny enough to adjust to apartment life. They get along well with other animals and kids. Minis are robust little boys that love playing vigorously. They make perfect watchdogs, both home and family-driven.


19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 79

Cavaliers may be aristocrats, but for a backyard frolic or a squirrel chase, they happily descend from their Royal High Horse. They get along well with children and other pets. Adaptable Cavaliers do equally well with successful owners and homebodies, which, depending on the lifestyle of an owner, maybe upbeat athletes or shameless couch potatoes.


20. Shih Tzu

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 80

For this lively charmer, being adorable is a way of life. It is recognized that the Shih Tzu is extremely affectionate with children. As a little dog raised to spend most of their day within the royal palaces, whether you live in an apartment or lack a large backyard, they make a great companion. Some dogs love to dig holes and chase cats, but when you try to watch TV, the fun idea of a Shih Tzu is to sit in your lap behaving adorably.


21.Boston Terrier

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 81

Boston Terriers are small dogs that are compact, short-tailed, well-balanced, and weigh no more than 25 pounds. White and either black, brindle or seal (black with a red cast when seen in sunlight or bright light) may be the trendy “tuxedo” suit. The head is square, the muzzle is short and the large, oval eyes are bright, fascinated, or misty. Ever alert to their setting, with a jaunty, rhythmic motion, the Bostons pass.


22. Pomeranian

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 82

The Pomeranian is a compact body with a dominant big-dog personality (not more than 7 pounds). With its frills reaching over the chest and shoulders, the plentiful double coat comes in almost two dozen colors and distinct designs and markings but is most often seen in orange or red.


23. Havanese

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 83

Their thin, but robust bodies, their adaptable temperament and their social ability make Havanese a perfect town dog, but they are happy to be anywhere they can take care of admirers young and old alike. Havanese are perfect trick dogs, clever and trainable extroverts with the comedic instincts of a born clown. Havanese are fantastic watchdogs as well, taking the job seriously, but generally keeping the barking to a minimum.


24. Shetland Sheepdog

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 84

High-handed and willing shelts are easy trainers in obedience, endurance, and herding tests, and world-class competitiveness. They are delicate and affectionate family pets, very much in tune with the household’s mood. They like to bark and appear to be reserved for strangers, two qualities of an exceptional watchdog.


25.Bernese Mountain Dog

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 85

Berners are especially gentle with children and get along with the whole family, but they will also become more loyal to one fortunate person. Berners are imposing but not aggressive, and with strangers, they retain an aloof dignity.


26. Brittany

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 86

Brittanys, standing about 20 inches on the shoulder, are taller than setters but leggier than spaniels. Their elegant, boldly patterned coat comes in variations of white and bright orange and liver (reddish-brown). They’re sturdy and solid, but they’re smooth, clean, and quick on the move. The face has the “softness” coveted by bird-dog lovers; high-set ears express the vital eagerness of the breed.


27. English Springer Spaniel

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 87

Springers are fantastic with kids and their fellow pets, friendly puppies. They are happy to engage in every family operation. The favorite pastimes of these rough spaniels are long walks, games of chase and fetch, and swimming.


28. Mastiff

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 88

Face-to-face interaction with these black-masked giants may be shocking for the uninitiated. A male has a shoulder of at least 30 inches and can outweigh many a full-grown man. A short double coat of fawn, apricot, or brindle stripes covers the rectangular body, which is wide and thickly muscled. The head is large and massive, and an alert, the kind face is accentuated by a wrinkled forehead. Patients, lovable friends, and guardians who take the best of gentle training are mastiffs. Eternally loyal Mastiffs defend the family, and early training and socialization are important for the innate wariness of strangers. Mastiffs are magnificent creatures, but it is a commitment not to be taken lightly to possess a strong giant-breed dog.


29. Cocker Spaniel

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 89

Cockers are willing playmates for children and as partners and athletes are quickly trained. In order to be sporty, they are large enough but small enough to be portable. A full coat Cocker rewards extra grooming time by being the most attractive dog on the block. Those vigorous sports dogs enjoy playtime and brisk walks.


30. Vizsla

The 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America 90

Vizslas compete in numerous sports and events for athletes with multiple talents. They are willing and graceful walkers with great endurance, making them perfect companions for jogging or biking. The breed expert tells us, “If you don’t have the time to promote the best use of the brain of this breed, you’re wasting a healthy dog.”