Pros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace

We are living in a pet-friendly world now, and companies have started to notice. Research shows that almost 75% of millennials have pets. Since most of the workforce found in contemporary business areas are made up of millennials most of them are looking for perks that include something for their pet. It is therefore in the interest of companies of the future to take a critical look at Pros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace

Pros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace 9

This is why pet-friendly work areas are on the rise! Let us take a look at the Pros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace

According to statistics, 8% of businesses in America and the UK allow pets at work which increases from 5% in a year’s time. And the trend will most certainly continue with time.

However, there are reasons why businesses are still not opting to let their employees bring their pets to work all the time. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to this so let’s see which ones are there.

The Cons

To start with the negative aspects first!

Cleaning and Property Damage

puppy toilet paper mess

No matter how well your pets are thought to behave, there is a slight chance that they will mess up the workplace. They might even start to chew or scratch the furniture which can be pretty expensive. You can have a specific area for all the pets to hang out but it too might get dirty after a while. It is better to hire someone to clean your office regularly if you are going to allow pets inside it, like a professional cleaning agency that know what they are dealing with. Nevertheless, it remains something like a turn off for many employers that are considering allowing pets in an office.

Some Workers are Allergic

Unfortunately, not all people like pets. Some of them have a good reason for it – allergies. There is no way going about this as the people who have these kinds of problems will complain and cause problems at work. Unfortunately, 3 out of 10 people in the world suffer from some sort of an allergy.

Causing a DistractionPros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace 10

Pets can get restless after a while. If they start to get bored they might start looking for ways to entertain themselves. You can’t be looking after your pet all the time since you have to work and a restless pet will start to make noise or even run around. It is a big distraction, one that not a lot of people are ready to put up with and certainly not the boss.

The Pros

Out with the negative and in with the positive!

It is a Stress RelieverPros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace 11

Pets can function as stress relievers both at home and at work. If you are having a bad day or an unproductive day you will most likely need the support of your favorite pet. Both cats and dogs have this kind of an effect on a person and it will calm you down if you play around or simply pet your dog a bit while at work. You will come back invigorated and finish your job in a jiffy.

Attract New Talent

Sometimes that boasts well for the business is the reputation a company will have by being a pet-friendly one. Not only will it help you get a better public image but will, in turn, attract new talent to your firm. Since millennials are the ones that you are looking for to hire a pet-friendly workplace will be a great perk for them.

Increases Employee MoralePros and Cons of a Pet-Friendly Workspace 12

Having a pet at work will increase the morale of an entire office. Positive feelings can spread like wildfire and will eventually infest the whole office. Even people that are not really fond of animals will feel the positive attitude the people around them have. It is a joy for both the workers and the owners to have positive vibes in an office.

So what do you think?

Do you support the idea of having a pet at work?

If you weren’t sure if it is good or not try roaming through the pros and cons we mentioned to decide.


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