How to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy

Loyalty, companionship, friendship, improved quality of life, protection, therapy, and comfort. These are a fraction of the reasons people love, adore, and cherish dogs. Honestly coming up with a comprehensive list of all the good things these pets offer humans may take a while.

How to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 13

This, however, will not be the focal point today. The “bone” is in your court. This post will briefly walk you through some things you should do, to keep your mutt healthy and happy.

Feed Them WellHow to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 14

Canine nutrition is not something to ignore. You must make sure that your dog eats healthy and fresh food. Mix things up offering your tail-wagger a mixture of the best raw dog food and some cooked options.

Make sure you do thorough research before coming up with a diet for your pet. Depending on the breed you are working with some foods may be good while others may cause trouble. You should also consider energy level, and age before deciding what it will eat. An expert veterinarian can help you make informed choices.



How to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 15
Jack Russell Lying Under a Duvet on a Bed

Offer Adequate Shelter

Your dog’s cot is its first defence against various elements. But even short-haired Chihuahuas may feel too much heat. In the same way, Eskimo dogs can feel too cold.

It is your responsibility to protect the dog from rain, wind, cold, and heat. Your pet should be as comfortable as possible in your abode. Where possible assign the mutt a special spot whether indoors or outdoors that is theirs only.


Find Time to Spend With your Furry FriendHow to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 16

Do your best to spend some alone time with the pet despite your swamped schedules. This is one of the best ways to bond allowing both you to study each other deeply. It is during these times you get to find out what the charming four-legged friend likes and what it detests.

There are plenty of things to do together. These include playing with toys, giving it a bath or dog spa treatment, taking a walk, and playing fetch, etc.


Visit the Vet for Regular Check-Ups

Identify a trustworthy veterinarian who will have the best interests of your pooch at heart.  How to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 17From here you can schedule appointments once or twice a year for check-ups.  Your vet is the right person to determine whether your mutt is perfectly healthy.

The professional will give the canine all the vaccinations and meds it needs. The vet will also give you advice on how best to look after your furry pal to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.


Keep the Dog ActiveHow to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 18

Your four-legged best friend needs plenty of exercises especially if it stays alone all day. Get your mutt moving as a way of maintaining its physical health. Owners of high-energy breeds can look into agility classes that will benefit the pets. Older dogs with stiff joints can engage in water activities that offer a low impact and safe source of exercise.


Socialize the Dogs

Even though you are your mutt’s best friend, it needs friends of its own kind. There are How to Make Your Dogs Happy and Healthy 19different places you can take dogs to socialize including dog parks. Keep its personality in mind when introducing the furry pal to new environments. Most importantly, remain, its authoritative yet caring voice.


Winding Up

In conclusion, it is also worth stating that pet owners should be in the right state of mind when looking after their mutts. It is okay to take a break from your beloved furry friend once in a while when you are not feeling 100%. Continue working on yourself when need be so that you and your dog (s) can benefit from a mutually happy and healthy relationship.



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