How will AI influence the future of Recruitment?

How will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 13

The world at large in embracing the goodness of Artificial Intelligence, sweetly called AI. In fact, AI has been influencing a wide range of options in almost every walk of our life. How can you expect the Recruitment industry to stay aloof from the concept of AI?

Well, AI does have its influence in recruitment as well, though at a nascent level as of now. How will it influence the recruitment in the years to come? Let us figure that out together.

It will remove the bias

By its very nature, computer and the technology behind it has always been objective. That How will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 14would help it choose a candidate purely on the basis of the skills and the requirements of position applied for.

This will effectively remove the possibility of human bias. Of course, you may be one of the most objective recruiters. But there is always a chance of unconscious bias. AI can go a long way in removing this bias.

AI will simplify your tasks

Tools like Greenhouse talent acquisition have already been able to achieve this goal. We would definitely expect these tools to make perfect use of Artificial Intelligence in their functionality. It can assist the recruiters by automating most of the tasks within the recruitment sphere.How will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 15

Some of the areas that AI can be of much help can include talent Intelligence, Workflow Intelligence and proper selection. A host of the repetitive tasks that a recruiter is forced to indulge in will be removed or automated through the use of AI.

It can help in an Efficient Resume Parsing

Of course, the current breed of applicant tracking software options have been able to achieve this task. With Artificial Intelligence, you should now be able to parse the candidate resumes in an effective and easier manner.

The candidate parsing done in the most technical way can help you understand the candidate background quite effectively. You can assess the skills and experience that each of your candidates have. In essence, AI can offer you the complete info on a candidate profile at a glance.

Assess the keywords in the resumesHow will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 16

This is yet another area that artificial intelligence can influence the recruitment process in a more positive way. The right kind of software will ensure in the proper scanning of the documents and the keywords therein.

This can help you achieve the best results. You are freed from the manual labor of having to analyze each of the resumes, its content and the cover letters. It can be one of the excellent options to achieve the best results in choosing the right candidates and finalize them.

Does Artificial Intelligence suffer any Limitations?


Well, yes. While Artificial Intelligence can be an excellent option to handle your recruitment process in an effective manner, being one of the technological innovations, they may lack human touch.

Some of the limitations that Artificial Intelligence can suffer would include

AI may not identify the right candidate personaHow will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 17

AI is machine specific and lacks objectivity. That can be one of the reasons why it may not be able to detect if the candidate is good enough for the job.

While AI can be helpful in automating most of the tasks. The actual decision to recruit a person would be best achieved through human intuition.

A few other limitations that may limit the ability of a recruitment system would include

How will AI influence the future of Recruitment? 18

  • The all pervasive and all powerful AI is in reality only in the movies and sci-fi shows. In the real world scenario, AI will be a facilitator and remains quite limited.
  • It cannot replace humans in the recruitment industry – at least in a scenario that currently holds true. It does need some sort of human assistance to work effectively.
  • Though we have claimed it to be unbiased, it may actually be exactly opposite in some cases. After all, the programs are created by humans and may actually be a little biased based on who has created them.

But, the question remains. Will Artificial Intelligence play a major role in the recruitment scenario? Well, the answer would be in the affirmative. It helps you simplify the process. The AI helps you work effectively. Opting for the right dose of AI can indeed be practical enough to achieve the best possible results and perhaps the best of both worlds!




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