How to rehab in the real world 


How to rehab in the real world  11

We all have preconceived ideas about rehab – mainly that it’s expensive, lengthy and usually requires a break somewhere. 

However, with real-life and daily commitments, rehab in the real world should look a little bit different. 

Did you know that there are residential, intensive rehab treatments that fits around your everyday life? No more residential centres or high costs – rehab is rightly available for everybody and anybody. 

So, how can you rehab in the real world? How can you enter a rehab program that doesn’t require you to take time off work or leave your family? 

Fits around your daily life

How to rehab in the real world  12

The key to real-world rehab is that it fits around your life. This is the most crucial element. 

Whether its work, studies or family commitments, your rehab program should work around you. 

This is important as the thought of entering rehab can be offputting for many – they may miss out on work, leave their family, or have to fall behind on studying. 

Dayhab by Help Me Stop is open early mornings, weekends and late evenings. This means that treatment fits into your life, not the other way around. 


Family and friend support 

How to rehab in the real world  13

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have your friends and family supporting you with your rehab. 

Isolation and being away from home comforts might not be beneficial for many people – which is why rehabbing from home is so important. 

Not only that, but addiction doesn’t just affect one person. Of course, it’s an individual issue and struggle, but many family and friends are affected too. 

Help Me Stop also focuses on providing opportunities for effective communication and boundary settings with loved ones. 

Not only are family dynamics worked on/restored, but the program is also designed to ensure that family and friends are supportive. 

That’s real-world rehab. 


How to rehab in the real world  14

Rehab shouldn’t exclusively be for those with tens of thousands in the bank – especially when addiction affects everybody. 

Residential rehab can cost around £25,000 for 5 weeks. This is unaffordable for the majority of people. It’s also incredibly intensive, far from home, and doesn’t give you the option of working, studying or being with your family. 

Help Me Stop Dayhab rounds in at £2,500 for five weeks – which is much more affordable for most people. Although it’s also intensive and effective, it’s local and allows you to continue with work, education and family duties. 

How to rehab in the real world  15

Rehab is an incredibly daunting thing to consider – usually deriving from the fact that you have to drop everything for such a high cost. 

Rehab in the real world for everyday people looks a lot different and is hopefully much more appealing to people. 

After all, rehab shouldn’t be an uncomfortable, scary process. It should be something that you comfortably fall into, something that works around you. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to rehab in the real world, Dayhab could be the perfect choice for you and those around you, without breaking the bank. 




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