Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 13People have been using marijuana as a medicine for thousands of years and the United States, currently, has 33 states with medical marijuana laws. The FDA even has two approve drugs that use synthetic THC; the drugs dronabinol are used in patients that have things like AIDS and cancer to help stimulate their appetite. The FDA has also approved a synthetic CBD drug to treat severe childhood epilepsy. In the UK, Canada, and a few other European countries, there’s an approved drug called Sativex. Sativex is a marijuana extract mouth spray that is owned by Bayer and GW Pharmaceuticals. This mouth spray is used to treat all kinds of MS (Multiple sclerosis) symptoms like muscle spasms and overactive bladder. But the FDA still has marijuana listed as a schedule 1 drug which means it has a high potential for abuse and no known medical benefits. Even though they approve drugs that have synthetic weed in them that have definite medical benefits and these drug scheduling policies are left over from a long time ago from back in the time when they first made weed illegal. Even WebMD says marijuana can be used for things like Alzheimer’s, appetite loss (just like turinobal), cancer, crohn’s disease, eating disorders, wasting syndrome, epilepsy, and glaucoma.Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 14

What are the most common health benefits that people who use marijuana actually experience? The most common use for medical marijuana in the United States is pain control and marijuana can help with all sorts of pain. Marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain, nerve pain, it can lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease because it can be used as a muscle relaxant, and this is great because so many Americans have pain and so many times they can’t take Tylenol or aspirin. They get prescribed opiates and go down a bad road with that. In fact, you can’t overdose on weed but you can kill yourself with opiates or Tylenol. For MS and nerve pain, the other common options are opiates and lyrica which can make people feel completely sedated and out of their minds. So treating their pain with marijuana gives a lot of people their whole life back.Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 15

Not just pain relief, another very common health benefit of marijuana is to fight nausea and combat weight loss. The researchers at Washington State University have found that marijuana can be used to turn on or off eating behaviors in mice and they think the same principle will apply to humans. Many people successfully use weed to fight off nausea associated with AIDS, chemotherapy and even eating disorders. Another amazing health benefit of marijuana is treating epilepsy especially, in children. We think this use of marijuana or Marijuana Canada is one of the things that helped medical marijuana become legal in the first place worldwide. When people saw how well it works for these kids with such hard to treat forms of epilepsy. Some kids have forms of epilepsy that are very hard to treat and their parents will look everywhere trying to find something to help their kid. In many cases, weed was people’s last option but their best option. You might have seen videos of a kid having one of these crazy seizures and then the parents give them this medicine and you see how fast it works and how safe it is. That’s the magic of medical marijuana. In many cases of treatment-resistant epilepsy in children, marijuana is the only thing that has ever worked for them and not only does it work but it works amazingly and it works immediately.Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 16

Another highly promising area of research that is becoming a more common use for marijuana is the treatment of PTSD. A study by NYU Langone Medical Center shows that THC and CBD can be used to replace naturally-occurring endocannabinoids that people with PTSD are usually lacking. It can also be used to activate receptors in the brain that help promote happiness, pleasure, and memory and help the body turn off these negative memories and help you to not think about them so much. Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 17

So marijuana is great and it provides all sorts of cool health benefits for all sorts of cool people. But for people that can’t get marijuana, CBD is great alternatives of them as there are various products are available in the market such as CBD oil, CBD capsules Canada and much more plus it has many medical benefits all of its own. Several online dispensaries like Oshawa dispensary  are selling high-quality CBD products. One of the most popular medical uses of CBD is to treat anxiety. Initial studies have shown that CBD could be a promising treatment for all types of anxiety including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD as well. CBD is even used to treat insomnia and studies have shown that CBD can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Like we mentioned earlier, CBD can also be used to treat pain. Cannabis: Common Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? 18

Studies have shown that CBD inhibits inflammation and neuropathic pain which are two of the hardest types of chronic pain to treat. This is great because everybody can get CBD as it’s now legal in many nations. There’s a bunch of good websites to get weed for sale and to have great CBD products that could help you with all kinds of stuff in a natural safe way. So basically medical marijuana is great and it helps treat all kinds of things.



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