How to Find the Perfect Collar For Your Good Boy

Either you’ve got a brand-new puppy or your family dog just needs something new. There are items you must have when getting a new dog. The cause for a new collar varies, whether your dog chewed theirs off or is growing out of one. Either way, you’re going to have to do some searching to find the right collar for your good boy or girl. The collar serves a simple task of identifying your dog if they’re lost and to help you gain control when walking with a leash. Sometimes they serve a purpose of safety if there are issues of biting.

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You’ll need to think about many factors to determine the best fitting and looking collar. It can be a struggle due to the many types of breeds out there and specific sizes. There are also issues you have to take into account like if your pet has any medical conditions. Whether you’re taking your dog for a simple walk or they are just lounging around the house, finding a great collar for them is important, for comfortability, safety, and style.

Medical Condition

Many dogs have health issues and believe it or not the color certain types of collars and while it may seem like an unimportant factor, it will either benefit or harm your pups. Certain flat collars can be hurtful to your dog’s neck or your arm when jerking from walking or running. Some collars can lead to choking hazards or worsening of current health issues. Even sometimes, it’s best to opt out of a normal collar and pick up a harness.How to Find the Perfect Collar For Your Good Boy 14

Many people don’t pay attention to the harm they may be doing to their dog when it comes to collars and leashes. If your dog is extremely active and wants to constantly take off when you grab your leash for a walk, it can be hurtful to their throats and thyroid glands. Try to get a harness instead if you realize he is jerking you more than walking beside you.

There are also existing health conditions that should help you determine what kind of collar to get your dog. Sometimes investing in a breakaway or martingale collar for health conditions or to prevent such health conditions.

  • Lameness
  • Spinal problems
  • Skin issues
  • Allergies
  • Lung and heart problems
  • Behavior problems


Choosing the perfect collar for your dog depends on their personality as well. You don’t want to get your Rottweiler or pit bull a bowtie collar unless it fits them. Just how we as a people have our own personalities and our clothing matches that, you should decide to consider what type of personality your dog has. This is based more on the style of thecollar, rather than the type.

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From multicolored to skulls and crossbones, there are many different styles that are fitting for each dog. You wouldn’t put a large chain collar on your T-Cup dog, per se, but maybe a tiny cute bowtie collar. You should consider the color of your collar as well. There are some kinds that are beneficial to the dogs that stay outdoors a lot. Reflective and LED collars are perfect for early mornings and late nights and allow some extra safety for you and your pets as you will be more visible to vehicles or bikes nearby.


Consider the size of your dog to help you pick what kind of color fits best. You don’t want to get a thin collar for a big dog that will be easy to break or chew. You want to measure your dog’s neck to ensure there is enough room for them to maneuver or isn’t too much room soHow to Find the Perfect Collar For Your Good Boy 16 they aren’t able to get out of it easily. Make sure to purchase one that is snug. Place two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar to see if it fits properly.  Remember the collar is for their safety and it serves as a form of insurance if they get lost. A dog without a collar is, in fact, a lost dog.


This is the most important part of finding the perfect collar. Making sure your dog is comfortable in their collar helps with the prevention of certain health issues and their safety. Measuring the right size to the type will give you the right criteria to purchase the best one. Think about the material as well. Whether the type is a leather, chain, or nylon collar, you want to make sure it isn’t harming your dog’s neck or skin. Dogs are most comfortable with nylon or leather collars, but some choose to opt for the chain as a style preference.

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The breed of your dog will also help you decide on which option is best. For dogs like Greyhounds or Salukis with slimmer heads, you’ll want to get a Martingale collar. Or for dogs who are more headstrong and harder to control, you’ll want to opt for a head collar. Compare whether a regular collar or a harness is better for your dog’s comfortability.

Fur Type

Long fur and short fur also determine how a collar will fit. Thicker furs will need larger collars to accommodate for the space between the neck and collar. It is also important to think about grooming and how short you cut your puppy’s fur.

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Though a collar will fit when their fur is short, letting it grow out will create a tighter and more uncomfortable fit for your dog. Adjustable collars are good for this type of issue and will help you ensure your good boy is happy and comfy.




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