Best Pets in Popular Games

Studies have proven time and again that people who own pets tend to live longer than those that don’t. Things are not very different in the video game world. Characters with pets have unfair advantages over those without. They can chase preys faster, kill more efficiently and outlive those without pets.

Of course, owning a pet in real life is much better than having a virtual dog. Still, it’s an incredible experience. If you’re like most gamers, there’s probably a pet you loved so much that you wished it existed in real life. Check if we have it included below.

Nintendogs + Cats

Voted as the best virtual pet game by multiple game review websites, Nintendogs should be a gift for every kid out there. Scratch that. Everyone that loves pets should play the game at least once. It’s a simulation game with life-like puppies. They bark, play, wag their tails and chase after objects.

Best Pets in Popular Games 13Nintendo created this game to give pet fans the closest they can come to a canine that doesn’t need baths and grooming. There are six dog breeds at the start of the game. As you participate in the game’s activities, you can unlock up to 18 pups.

The 2011 version of the game also includes cats. And unsurprisingly, they’re just as heartwarming. Walk your chosen pet, feed it and participate in competitions. You’ll probably bond with it just as you do with your real pet. No kidding!


Yoshi (Nintendo Universe)

Nintendogs may be fluffy and soul-stirring but they’re not as adventurous as Yoshi. They’re Best Pets in Popular Games 14also not ruthless and fierce as the dinosaur in Super Mario Bros gets at times. Yoshi was more like a friend, a partner in crime and a pet.

If you loved the Super Mario video game series, chances are you like Yoshi. He appeared in all series launched after 1990. His character was well-developed. He was useful and fun to be around with.

As for the game, no needs much convincing to play Super Mario Bros. The series is one of the most successful games of all time. It has been turned into movies, cartoons, books and multiple slots available on . There are also several spinoffs inspired by the series, and Yoshi is present in most of them.

Roach (The Witcher 3)

What’s in a name?  For Geralt, the main character in the Witcher 3, Roach is the special horse that ferries him wherever he goes. So, when the horse dies due to an unfortunate Best Pets in Popular Games 15circumstance, he doesn’t just move on. He names every new horse he gets Roach.

Technically, it’s the same horse. But isn’t it just amazing that a game makes a character form such a strong bond with his pet? The Witcher 3 is also an amazing game. Geralt rides Roach wherever he goes. He’s charismatic, wise, a skilled swordsman but also suffers from loneliness.


Dogmeat (Fallout Series)

Dogmeat first appears south of Minefield fighting off raiders. He’s easy to recruit but Fallout makes it impossible to get him if you shoot him. Once he’s your pet, Dogmeat can help you fetch ammunition, food, weapons, and supplies.

Best Pets in Popular Games 16Like any loyal dog, Dogmeat growls whenever an enemy approaches. He’s given a high priority by raiders, so you must always be keen to protect him. Fortunately, Fallout lets you have another chance at petting the dog by unlocking a pet perk at level 22.

While there are lots of canine pets in video games, Dogmeat strikes out for being man’s most loyal companion in the Fallout Series. He stays loyal to the end, something we can all relate to with our canine friends.


Interceptor (Final Fantasy 6)

Final Fantasy 6 had a lot of twists and turns. Characters you would think will be protagonists quickly die. Some have hidden magical abilities, while others will kick their parents for a nickel. Speaking of vicious murderers in Final Fantasy 6, you probably remember Shadow.

Shadow is hostile and vicious to everyone in the game. His only friend, a hound named Interceptor, is also ruthless and becomes highly defensive when his evil friend is in danger. While Shadow was not everyone’s favorite character in this game, his bond with Interceptor Best Pets in Popular Games 17was conspicuous.


Boko (Final Fantasy 5)

The Final Fantasy series was incredulously successful despite the stiff criticism it often received. Apparently, the game wasn’t creative enough. Still, it introduced amazing characters and pets that fans will live to remember.

Boko was particularly memorable thanks to his closeness to Bartz, the game’s main protagonist. The bird pet was not only Bartz’s confidant but also helped him fetch supplies and fight off enemies. Boko also pulled out Bartz from debris after things got heated severally.

It was also amazing that Boko’s character underwent development throughout the game. At one point, he met a female Chicobo named Koko and they both had children.


Blob (A Boy and his Blob)

Pronounced as blah-b, blob is a fictional character in the 2009 game, A Boy and his Blob. Best Pets in Popular Games 18Depending on what he’s fed, the pet turns into a soccer ball, a trampoline, a parachute or an anvil. Like most video game bets, blob is meant to be your companion is whatever you do.

The game itself was released to mixed reviews but blob has remained a fan favorite ever since. The boy in the game is also positively charismatic, meaning the biggest problem with the game related to its storyline and gameplay.

If you’re up to games with pets that share a strong bond with the main characters, however, find A Boy and his Blob.


To Conclude

Everyone loves video games whose main characters have pets. Whether they’re vicious hounds that attack masses at your command or harmless pups, pets make gaming fun. In the past 30 years, Super Mario Bros, the Final Fantasy Series, and Nintendo Universe have produced some of the most memorable pets in the gaming world.

Revive your memories by finding some of these games online. Most of them are freely available these days and are as fun to play as they were back then.