8 tips to follow when taking your dog on a road trip


Trips with your canine best friend can be amazing if you pay attention to several aspects before proceeding with the preparation. Preparation must start in advance to make a consistent plan. Don’t jump in the car thinking you are ready for the trip as you may be surprised. PremierPups reveals which aspects you should consider when going on a road trip with your furry friend.

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1. Prepare your dog for the road trip
Get your dog accustomed with car travels by taking him for short car rides around town. He will get used to the doggy seat belt or carrier and he’ll get rid of anxiety. Furthermore, you have the chance to notice if he gets carsick. If your dog gets in the car and behaves well, you may reward him with praise or some treats.
You should also think about training your dog going to the bathroom in unfamiliar places. An excellent trick is to use a potty phrase and reinforce his behavior with praise and treats.
Feed your dog a few hours before the departure so you can avoid accidents. Many dogs suffer from car sickness. Before getting in the car, take your dog to a long walk to better prepare him for the trip.

2. Take your dog to the veterinarian
A visit to the veterinarian may help you keep your dog up-to-date for vaccinations and find out if he is suffering from various conditions. Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian if additional vaccinations are needed for the trip to avoid potential threats. Ask your veterinarian about motion sickness and some effective remedies you can give your dog.
Get a copy of your dog’s medical records and extra medicines in case you might need them and provide you with the address and phone number for a 24/7 emergency dog vet at your destination.
Take an extra time for regular breaks when planning the trip. To feel better during the trip, your dog needs to relieve himself and to explore the surroundings. Plan to stop every few hours. Places created for physical exercise are just perfect for your dog to get rid of his energy and relax afterwards in the car.
Take a 30-minute break every 4 hours, preferably when you find dog-friendly places like dog parks.

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3. Check the weather in advance
If you know the weather forecasting, you’ll be able to better prepare for snowy or rainy conditions and avoid natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes.
Also, if the weather is colder than your dog is used to, you may need to get some additional clothes for him.

4. Book a hotel early
If you travel with your dog, you’ll probably have to spend more time to make a booking for accommodation. Not all hotels are pet-friendly and you’ll have to contact each of them to discover their pet policies and fees. Don’t take for granted what they display on their website as it is possible to discover inconsistencies when you arrive there.
If you are attending an event while you are on holiday with your dog, look for a boarding service. A dog that spends time alone in a hotel may become anxious and he may tend to act unusual. That’s why it is better to let him with professionals.

5. Use an appropriate crate
Always take your dog in the car in a crate. It is the safest way to carry him and to provide a comfortable place to sleep in at the hotel. Choose a safety-certified and crash-tested crate.
Pack your dog’s stuff separately from yours so you can have access to it whenever you may need. A wide list helps you avoid unpleasant situations. Put on the list the following items: treats, food and water, food and water bowls, toys, medications, clothes, blankets, brush, shampoo and poop bags.

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6. Use an updated dog ID
If you get your dog lost during the trip, an updated ID with the new contact information about the hotel and your cell phone number will help you find him faster.

7. Keep your routine
If you stay consistent, your dog will accommodate faster to his new environment and he’ll get rid of anxiety and stress. Once you arrive at the hotel, feed and walk your dog as you would be at home. Keep the same schedule for food, walks and play time.

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8. Don’t let your dog alone in the car
Don’t leave your dog unattended in the car. Exposing your dog to cold or hot weather can be deadly for him.
If you need to leave your dog alone for a short period, let the window a little open to get some fresh air and make sure he can see you.

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Now you are ready for the preparation, so you can enjoy every moment spent with your best friend and make amazing memories from all your trips together.

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