7+ Proven Tools To Improve Your Academic And Creative Writing Skills

7+ Proven Tools To Improve Your Academic And Creative Writing Skills 3Living – learning! Perfection in any craft can be achieved only through years-long practice and obsessional commitment. One must often be thirsty for new knowledge and never stop working on both soft and hard skills.

You, as a professional, must improve your artistry daily. Even five minutes a day can make a significant difference and bring impressive results. As a writer, your greatest tool is your vocabulary and language knowledge. As obvious as it seems, you need to keep on enhancing your knowledge no matter how good it gets. Besides, reading is also a winning method to improve your writing style and tone of voice.

Besides the obvious, there are other things to consider if you wish to become a stellar writer. Practice makes perfect, remember that. And follow these tips to achieve new heights faster and easier.

Arrange your workplace.How Languages Knowledge Influences Career in Writing 1

We strive to surround ourselves with things that delight the eye. Don’t forget that your work deserves the same attention, if not a greater one. It is crucial to get rid of unnecessary things (and thoughts) and keep your space organized.

Moreover, find an ideal spot to work from. It doesn’t always have to be your home or your office. Check other places for a change. Maybe you’d feel more inspired at a quiet and splendid library. Or a noisy Starbucks is the best place to dig for inspiration. Be creative and study your options.

Always have a plan

A writer without a plan is like a singer without a song. A plan, or a strategy, is set to help you achieve the final destination without getting lost on the way. If you think you’re too cool to have a plan, better think twice. To improve ones writing skills, a plan isn’t a trick; it is a necessity.

Think of every step carefully. Here’s food for thought: researching, drafting, editing, and proofreading. When working on an academic piece, these steps are essential to guarantee a good result. But every case is unique. So is your plan. Maybe you’d like to add something special, for example, searching for an eye-catching opening line or fancy quotes.

Rely on technologiesHow Languages Knowledge Influences Career in Writing 2

An AI can’t write you a decent text (yet!), but it can surely turn your paper into a good one. Besides, there are plenty of free editing tools you can benefit from. Here’s our shortlist:

A free editing and proofreading tool that fixes grammar mistakes and typos. Not a single error can escape this thorough screening. Try out a premium version if you need style corrections, enhanced vocabulary, word choice, and tone of voice.

What can be better than a grammar checker, style editor, and a writing mentor that come all together in one package? This tool offers full-fledged assistance that can help you write better texts right away. Although it is a bit difficult to use for the first time, the second text will be a delight to work on.

Master Hemingway offers you a helping hand to boost your writing skills. This tool primarily works by the principle “the shorter, the better”. No wonder, considering its title. Nevertheless, you can benefit from this free app by making your writings more user-friendly and easier-to-read.

Stay inspiredBenefits of Pets to Students

Inspiration is a tricky thing. One day you can handle a 10-page paper. The other day you can barely write a short essay. If not for the emotional drain or beaten laziness, it is most likely the topic that ruins your inspiration. The good news is that there are ways to turn even the shadiest topic into a thought-provoking idea.

You can find relevant topics to work on. Without changing the main idea, you can choose new directions to bring to life. Imagine that the topic you stuck with is a keyword. You type this keyword in a search box and get a list of relevant topics that match your category. Use BuzzSumo or Google trends for help.

Try out something new

To avoid emotional drain, it is advised to try out new things every now and then. Things like new topics, new writing styles, new templates, etc. You are at liberty to compose a menu of different options to level up your skills and stay inspired.

Podcasts, digests, newslettersMaria Menounos poodle

Knowledge is the most powerful tool there is. Luckily, we live in an extremely comfortable time. You don’t have to do a thing to receive the information needed. Make an effort and subscribe to relevant podcasts, digests, and newsletters. Turn on notifications and check what the web has to offer to you.

There are plenty of different sources to get information online. For example, this podcast has 300+ episodes that will help you boost writing and creative skills. Check various sources to find the one that suits you the best. Or take online classes to amend your skills. It can take a while. But it is totally worth the effort.

Learn from the best

It is believed that to become a master yourself, one should learn from another master first. Don’t be shy to ask for professional help. Having a vivid example to follow is easier than walking around blind-folded.Click this site to meet the brightest writers in the world and let them guide you to become a better writer yourself.