6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pets Fountains

Pets Fountains : If you are worried about your pet not drinking enough water, buying a pet water fountain can be a perfect solution. Most cats are picky and they shy away from drinking water from a bowl. They find the water in the bowl not fresh enough, the bowl might be too low, presence of food contaminants and the water becomes too warm. All these prevent them from taking enough water.

Pets Fountains

A pet water fountain encourages both dogs and cats to drink enough water. Pets love water from the fountain because it is fresher and cleaner. If your pet is ready for a fountain, there are some things you should be aware. Before you buy a pet water fountain, know these 6 things!

  1. Pet Fountains hold more water

Busy pet owners should consider having a pet water fountain to take care of their pet’s hydration needs. The fountains hold more water and this eliminates the need for constant refills, and this is great if you have many pets. Your pet can have enough water throughout the day because many fountains can hold up to three liters. It doesn’t matter whether you are around or not, the fountains hold enough water to keep your pets hydrated.

2. Fountains keep water cool

Did you know that pets love drinking cool water? Using water bowls prevents your pet from drinking the desired amount of water because the water gets warm. Pet water fountains keep the water cool and running compared to traditional bowls. The water has oxygen, and your pets feel refreshed after drinking.

During hotter months, water bowls might not be effective and your cat can risk dehydration. Get a water fountain to keep the water cool and boost your pet’s water intake. When your pets take enough water, they spare you from pet visits because there is no risk of health problems.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pets Fountains 7

3. Clean water

Pets like dogs and cats have a strong sense of smell. If the water in their bowl is stale, they will probably not drink it if they smell a non-pleasant smell. Cat fountains have carbon filters that eliminate bad smell, debris, and other impurities in the water. This ensures your cat drinks clean and healthy water. Tasty water makes them drink even more.

4. Cats love running water

Cats and dogs are fascinated by running water. I know at some point you have probably seen your cat drinking running water from tap – they love running water! Since cats are picky drinkers, they are attracted to moving water and that is why they love water fountains. According to their instincts, moving water is more likely to be clean than stagnant water. The fountains provide a continuous source of running water which pets love.

5. Pet fountains are hygienic

Pet fountains are cleaner compared to traditional water bowls. The fountain ensures effective water circulation and this keeps the water fresh and clean. Additionally, they have filters that remove fur, dirt, and other impurities in water. Water in bowls is prone to all types of contamination because it is stagnant. If it stays longer without changing, this can cause bacteria buildup which is risky for pets.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pets Fountains 8

6. Adaptive speed

Water fountains are great for your pet because you can set the speed at which you want the water to trickle depending on your pet’s needs. Fountains suit both bowl and tap drinkers, especially if you have more than one pet. They will always have water running at a faster or slow trickle to suit their preference.

Lastly, water fountains eliminate whisker stress that irritates cats drinking from a bowl. Their whiskers are sensitive and easily irritated when they drink water from a deep bowl. This prevents them from taking proper hydration. Since most water fountains are shallow, pets find it comfortable to drink water. The fountains are also great if you have multiple pets in your house.6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pets Fountains 9


Pet water fountains make a great investment as far as your pet’s hydration needs are concerned. They ensure your pets get clean and fresh water all the time. The fountains are hygienic, provide running water, cool water, and encourage more water intake for your pets. You can find a wide range of pet water fountains in different sizes and designs.

Most of them come at affordable prices, so you don’t have to fear spending more. I hope you have grasped a few things you probably didn’t know about pet fountains. Get one for your pet, and increase the amount of water they drink.


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