6 Dog-friendly attractions in San Francisco


6 Dog-friendly attractions in San Francisco 7

San Francisco has the unique reputation of being a very friendly city for dogs. The majority of the bars and restaurants usually have outdoor sittings which permit dog owners to come along with their dogs while they do their thing! You should also consider trying out any of the top pet-friendly hotels to stay in San Francisco.  Here are the top six dog-friendly attractions you should try out soonest.

  • Presidio of San FranciscoPresidio of San Francisco -pet friendly

This is one place that should interest not only your pet but you also. The primary reason for this is the rich history that backs up the location. It is on record that the Presidio of San Francisco used to be a military post under the Spanish, Mexicans and then America. The Presidio served purposes of trade and military issues as an army outpost. There are currently about 500 buildings of historic significance, a saltwater marsh, a cemetery, and an airfield. One major feature that should get your dog excited about this location is the presence of miles of hiking area where you can walk with your dog. You must, however, note that you won’t be able to go into the buildings with your dog, and also, their leashes must not be longer than 6 feet.

  • Blue and Gold Fleet Bay CruisesBlue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruises – pet friendly

This is one attraction that gives you a lifetime experience on an hour tour where you get to catch a view of the bridges. Aside from the prospect of drinking from the fountain that nature offers in terms of scenic views and the likes, you have the opportunity to carry your dog along in this adventure. Animals designated as special assistance animals and those held in handheld carriers are permitted aboard the ferry services. However, only animals designated as service animals are permitted on Angel Island. Blue and Gold Fleet permits pets to come aboard its Bay Cruises. However, in this case, pet parents are responsible for the wellbeing of their pets and as such must always ensure that they remain in their leash all the time.

  • JAX Vineyards6 Dog-friendly attractions in San Francisco 8

The JAX vineyards are a sibling run boutique winery located in Calistoga. This is one place where the process of making wine goes beyond just the agriculture or processing, it also extends to exploring the various unique flavors of wines. This scenery is however not for you alone to enjoy as your four-legged friend can also tag along. However, ensure that you hold them with a Leash and carry the needed materials to clean them up when they poop. An extra bite or two should also come in handy especially if you intend keeping them out for long periods.

  • CASSAVACASSAVA san francisco – pet friendly

This is one of the best restaurants you are bound to find within the city. It is located within the Outer Richmond District. It is the ideal place for people who have a thing for modern California culinary, the only little drawback with this attraction is that it is quite small and as such you may have to make an online reservation in advance to secure your spot. CASSAVA is a joint venture of two couples who blend ingredients gotten from sea and land to give you the best experience. For lovers of foreign meals, you will have the option of getting a taste of Japanese foods as the chef is Japanese trained. If you are bothered about the welfare of your dog, there is a provision for them outside as well.

  • Barbary Coast Trail

Are you looking to go on a once in a lifetime adventure without leaving your leashed dog out of it? Then have it at the back of your mind that the Barbary Coast Trail is the ideal spot for you! This trail is made up of almost 4 miles of trail that goes through San Francisco and goes through some of the rather lively areas. The trail allows you to capture some of the scenic views before terminating at the Aquatic Park. Ensure you go along with some supplies along the way while also cleaning their poop as you move.

  • GGNRA and Crissy Field6 Dog-friendly attractions in San Francisco 9

Currently, in the San Francisco arm of the park, dogs can move about without leashes in limited open spaces such as Fort Miley, Baker Beach, and Fort Funston. In a similar vein, dogs are permitted to move off leach in Crissy Field except the wildlife protection area located somewhere around the west. The good thing here is that the Crissy Field and Ocean Beach restrictions are usually relaxed starting from the 15th of May to the 1st of July each year.

Your dog certainly deserves more than it may be getting from you currently being able to identify the right spots for them is usually the starting point to them having the best of life.



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