5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

In summer, when the temperatures skyrocket, it is not only humans that feel the heat, even dogs get dehydrated. It is crucial that you protect your dog from heat stress, related illnesses, and dehydration. Since its body is about 70 percent water, losing as little as 5 percent can make it suffer from severe dehydration. Here are 5 ways to keep your dog hydrated this summer, a practice you should follow every time you go out with the dog.

1. Give It The Right Amount Of Water

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With the help of your vet, you need to find the correct amount of water to give the dog in each season. Dogs require water almost the same amount of in milliliters to every calorie taken. You can find this out based on the dog’s daily feeding schedule and dietary intake. You can also calculate the water need based on the dog’s weight, which should be a half to one ounce of water per pound per day. However, if your dog stays out in the heat longer, it will need more water. Dogs, just like humans, need plenty of water to stay hydrated all the time for good health.

2. Give It Frozen Foods Instead Of Regular Treats

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer 10

The regular biscuits absorb a lot of water, therefore, making the dog more dehydrated fast. When these are replaced with frozen items like chilled cucumber, frozen healthy smoothie, or ice cream, it will enjoy the treat while rehydrating. Find a way to fit this new feeding regime into your program to avoid dry treats until the end of summer.

3. Always Have Fresh Water With You
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Wherever you are with the dog, always have drinking water ready. When the dog decides it needs water, it should be available to cool it down and quench its thirst. Dogs enjoy moving water, like from a faucet since it’s cold and tastes fresh. If you go out to a park with no automatic fountain, you can create the flow by slowly pouring water from a drinking bottle as the dog takes it in. You can also place wide water dishes at strategic places around the home where you know the dogs will find it easily.

Be ready to give the dog water every 15 to 20 minutes when you are away from home. In between vigorous activities, replenish the dog’s body with water. Don’t wait till you get back home to do that. It needs just small amounts in short intervals. After the activities, wait till the dog has calmed down before giving it water. If the dog is too eager to take water, it may gulp water and air that could lead to some discomfort or injury to the stomach.

4. Organize A Cool Shade For The Dog

In case you plan to stay outdoors for extended periods, it is crucial that you prepare a cool place for the dog to rest or take a nap. Leaving your dog in the hot sun after a long, exhaustive session will make it dehydrated and even leave it feeling ill. Therefore, keep it in a shade from the sun and keep at hand the dog’s travel bowl and water at hand. Even the regular beach umbrella is adequate for you and your dog. Don’t forget to apply pet-safe sunscreen to its ears, nose and every part will bare skin.

5. Add Water Or Ice Blocks To Its Food

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Other than giving the dog water, when its feeding, you should also add some more water to the food and some ice cubes to cool it down and rehydrate as it feeds. Since it is hot, ice blocks are the best option as they cool while rehydrating the dog. It also makes the food extra moist and easy to eat.

The rule is, however, different for puppies, you need to be careful if your dog had puppies in summer. They should start taking water from about three weeks old. Take it slow and gradually transition them from the mother’s milk. Watch over them when the mother is taking water so the puppies don’t take water before they are old enough. After the three to four weeks, give them as much water as they can take within very short intervals. When you keep your dogs adequately hydrated throughout the summer will keep them healthy and happy. The scorching sun can harm them if you keep them dehydrated for too long hence these 5 ways to keep your dog hydrated this summer.

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