5 Ways to Get Your Dog’s Shedding Under Control Over the Summer

You can’t stop a normal, healthy dog from shedding, but you can control the amount of hair the animal sheds in your home through a number of tips. When your dog is shedding heavily, it means it has a plump summer coat.

It is important to understand the reason why dogs shed hair excessively, it could be normal for some, but poor diet and medical issues are mostly responsible. A Shedding Dog for instance may respond to allergic problems by shedding excess hair.

5 Ways to Get Your Dog's Shedding Under Control Over the Summer 9

Excessive hair loss in dogs may also be due to the presence of parasites such as fleas and ticks, bacteria or fungal infection, kidney, thyroid or liver disease, pregnancy, auto-immune disease, cancer, sunburn or irritant. It is important to consult a veterinary doctor to ascertain the underlying cause of shedding in your dog.  The following 5 ways have been found to be some of the most effective ways of reducing the incidence of shedding in dogs;

Feed the Dog High-Quality Diet5 Ways to Get Your Dog's Shedding Under Control Over the Summer 10

Some shedding problems can be stopped or minimized by changing the diet of the dog. Nutritional-related problems and food-related allergies causing shedding, for instance, can be treated with a healthy diet.

Cheap dog foods contain more fillers such as grains and corns that can be difficult for the dogs to digest. You should consider replacing such meals with meat-rich dog foods that can be easily digested. Understand the food your dog is allergic to, and replace it with a healthier alternative to reduce shedding. Avoid feeding your dog Vitamin supplements unless it is recommended by a veterinary doctor.

Reduce Shredding Through Proper Grooming

You should consider brushing the dog’s coat regularly to minimize shredding. Regular grooming ensures the removal of excess and loses fur, and you can make use of a bristle, rake or slicker brush to groom your dog, depending on its type of coat. Bristle brushes should be used to groom dogs with shorter hair, these include the Greyhounds and Pugs.

The slicker brushes should be used in grooming dogs with medium or curly hair. The dogs that can be groomed with slicker brushes include St. Bernard and Retrievers. Rakes are most suitable for dog breeds with longer hair, these include German Shepherds and Collies.

Give the Dog, Regular Baths

Giving your dog regular bath will encourage loose hair to fall off inside the bathtub instead of your living room furniture. Avoid over-bathing to prevent incidences of dry skin. Over-bathing can cause the fur to fall out.  Have a bathing schedule for your dog, with the thick5 Ways to Get Your Dog's Shedding Under Control Over the Summer 11 and long fur hairy dogs having more frequent baths than the short-hair breeds. Blow-dry the dog after a bath, especially if the animal has a long, hairy coat.

Get a Flea and Tick Control Treatment

It is important to have parasite-treatment control measures for your dog. Dogs that have developed flea issue will constantly scratch and lick their bodies, causing the animal to scratch incessantly. Make sure you keep fleas away from the dog’s skin, to help prevent irritation of the skin, dandruff, and excessive fur shedding. The constant licking of the face and feet of the dog can also increase incidences of shedding and may even be a sign of a bigger problem.

Pay attention to your dog’s bald spots, open sores, and dry hair, the animal must be taken to a veterinary care center if you discover any of such.

Use Deshedding Tools to Control Shedding in the Heavy Shedding Dogs

Make use of a de-shedding tool in the summer or spring season when the winter coats of the dog begin to fall off. You should also make use of the de-shedding tool in the fall, especially when winter coats begin to grow. You should keep in mind that indoor dog 5 Ways to Get Your Dog's Shedding Under Control Over the Summer 12breeds will shed hair all year round.  One good de-shedding tool for the short and curly hair breeds is the rubber curry comb. The under-coat dematting rake and shedding blades are the most suitable deshedding tools for dogs with longer hair.


If your dog is still shedding hair excessively if, after all these procedures, it could be as a result of an undiagnosed medical condition such as parasitic infection, or allergies. There are several other tips and ideas you should consider when reducing incidences of hair shedding in your dogs. Make sure you give your dog clean water because dehydration can cause dry and itchy skin which can increase chances of hair shedding.

Incorporating moist food into your dog’s diet is another way to help the animal stay hydrated. The wet dog food normally contains up to 75% of water which is enough to keep the animal hydrated and prevent itchy skin when consumed on a regular basis. It is important to pay attention to your dog, even when it is not shedding excessively. Excessive hair shedding can escalate quickly and get out of control when it is not monitored.




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