4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College

If you’ve never owned a dog, take advice from those that have. Dogs are incredible pets. They offer unconditional love to their owners. When you get home, no one is as excited to see you as your dog.

You can feed dogs the same food every single day, but they never complain. They are also highly intelligent. Your dog can sense when you’re having a tough time and need some comfort.4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College 11

Having a dog in college can make you a better student. A pet will help you achieve your academic and social goals. Here’s why:

You’ll get more exercise


Dogs need to be walked a couple of times each day. If you’re living in an apartment, you need to walk your dog so that it can get some fresh air. Having a break by being outdoors for a while helps you to concentrate more effectively. So, walking your dog is as beneficial for you as it is for your pooch.

This is one of the biggest health benefits of having a dog. You’ll be getting some exercise as well. Many students neglect to maintain a fitness program, especially as exam time approaches. It’s crucial, as a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. A walk in the park with your pooch is the perfect way to get some exercise.

You’ll become more responsible

Taking care of a dog requires a degree of accountability. You have someone other than yourself relying on you. Dogs also need a lot of love and attention. Canines are pack animals. When you look after your dog, you are showing it that it is part of your pack. Dogs are loyal to the pack leader, which, in this case, would be you.

4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College 12

Having this kind of responsibility is a valuable life lesson that you’ll carry forward into adulthood. In return for your caring, the dog repays you with its unconditional love. This is one of the many benefits of having a dog.

However, caring for a dog does take up quite a lot of time. You might have to  if you run out of time so that you can balance all your responsibilities. Online writers in such cases can provide you high-quality thesis, dissertation, term papers and other writing work at decent rates.

You’ll be happier

Humans are social beings. Most of us don’t function well in isolation. However, that’s exactly how you become when exams are looming.

You spend hours studying on your own. It can become very lonely. With a canine companion, you’re never alone. While you’re reviewing your notes, your dog will want to join you on the couch or lie at your feet to offer you support.

4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College 13

Instead of getting to the point when you start talking to yourself, talk to your dog. They don’t answer back, and they never argue! Your dog will offer you unique companionship. Some of their antics will also make you laugh out loud. People with dogs feel happier because of the love they get from their dog.

You’ll become more socially active

Most people love dogs. If you’re out strolling with your fur baby, people will approach you asking to pet the dog. This is a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to meet new people. Going to your local dog park, you can meet new people too.4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College 14

You share at least one common interest with them: you both love dogs. Your dog’s unconditional love gives you more confidence. Australian sociologists think that it helps feeling more secure in yourself, you’ll be able to meet and socialize with new people.

You can join a local club of people who own the same breed of dog. There are best dog breeds for students that you can go for but remember that it’s not so much about the dog breed; it’s about the connection you feel with the dog.

Some people like big dogs, while others prefer small pooches. Keep your home in mind when choosing a dog. A big dog in a tiny apartment isn’t always a good combination.


With so many dogs needing homes, it would be a good idea to adopt a dog from your local shelter. Rescue dogs might need a lot of initial reassurance when you take them home, but they’ll spend the rest of their lives showing you their gratitude.4 Reasons to Own a Dog in College 15

As a responsible pet owner, make sure you have the dog sterilized. Some dogs are afraid of bangs, such as fireworks. Be there for your pet if they get scared. We can’t all afford the best products for our dogs. However, provide what you can. What your dog needs from you doesn’t cost money because that special place in your heart comes rent-free.

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