30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil

The dog is the favorite pet of the Brazilians. Today in Brazil there are about 40 million dogs, which exceeds the number of fish and even domestic cats. We present to our readers the top 30 most popular breeds in Brazil.


1. Shih Tzu

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 61

For this colorful charmer, being charming is a way of life. It is recognized that the Shih Tzu is extremely affectionate with children. As a little dog raised to spend most of their day within the royal palaces, whether you live in an apartment or lack a large backyard, they make a great companion. Some dogs live to dig holes and chase cats, but the fun idea of a Shih Tzu is sitting adorably in your lap acting as you try to watch TV.


2. Yorkshire Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 62

Yorkies are permanent and low-allergenic (the coat is more like human fur than the wild animal). This is a genuine “breed of personality,” offering years of laughter, love, and close companionship.


3. Poodle

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 63

Poodles are available in three sizes: regular at the shoulder must be over 15 “long; thicknesses 15” or less; toys are not more than 10 “long. Both three varieties of the same shape and scale. In the Continental Clip at dog shows, Poodles are usually included. The majority of animals favor a simplified sporting clip where the coat is shorn in order to keep track of the square, sleek, muscular body.


4. Lhasa Apso

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 64

Less than a foot high on the shoulder, the Lhasa is aristocratic, tiny but tough puppies. They’re known for their flat-hanging floor-length covering in the middle, which drapes either side of the body. In the characteristic way of Tibetan breeds, a feathery tail coils over the behind. Fans of the race suggest the dark oval eyes are the portals of Lhasa’s cheerful spirit, sprinkling in the luxurious facial hair. Elegant and serenely balanced is the ultimate picture.


5. French Bulldog

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 65

The luminous, caring Frenchie is a charmer. Dogs with a few words, the French do not bark much — but they are great watchdogs for their alertness. They will happily tolerate life with people, couples, or families and requires no much exercise outside. They love getting along with other creatures and making new mates in the human race. There is no surprise that people in the city swear this highly exciting and caring race from Paris to Peoria.


6.  Dachshund

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 66

Small dogs are not constructed to sprint, hop, or rough dive, but otherwise, these unrelenting hounds are game for something. Smart and watchful, they make good watchdogs with a big-dog bark. They may be bold to a degree of sharpness and stubbornness, but their caring personality and quirky look have won millions of hearts worldwide. They’re an autonomous search for deadly prey.


7. Maltese

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 67

Maltese are affectionate, silky, silky coat-coated toy dogs weighing less than seven pounds. Under the white mantel is a compact, sleek and straightforward body. The ultimate picture reveals beauty and harmony that flows freely. With its wide dark eyes and black gown nose, the enticing Maltese face is able to overcome the most intimidating sense.


8. German Spitz

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 68

Spitz races like the German Spitz captivate with their exquisite skins, which stand by a large undercoat. His strong, merry-go-round collar, called ruff, is especially spectacular, and his brownish tail proudly carries over his back. The German Spitz has a peculiar cheeky look, with his foxy head, his warning eyes, and his short, sharp, narrowly fixed ears. Its coat is available in many shades, such as white, yellow, cream, gold, yellow and tan, sand, and brown chocolate. While it is easy to train, this vibrant and clever race can also be autonomous. The German Spitz is able to communicate with other people and dogs if well conditioned (so as not to be too loud) and well socialized.


9. Miniature Pinscher

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 69

Min Pins are robust, lightweight dogs at the shoulder of 12.5 inches. The suit, sleek and bright, is available in two shades of red strong or chocolate-yellow or black-yellow. A self-possessing, “big dog” persona will come up with Dark, somewhat oval eyes and high ears. A distinctive aspect is the “hackney” gait of Min Pin, reminiscent of a trot-hackney horse.


10. Standard Schnauzer

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 70

Standards include sociable accompanied, alert puppies, eager squirrel chasers in the backyard, and healthy children and defending loved ones. Standards are approached wonderfully with a strong yet compassionate side. Owners have to supply outlets for the high-performance agility and senses of their puppy.


11. Beagle

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 71

A race described by its fanciers as ‘merry,’ Beagles are caring, sweet and polite — all of which make them perfect dogs of the family. There’s no mystery that the Beagle is America’s most famous pet owner for years. Curious, insightful, and enthusiastic hounds, who need plenty of time to play.


12. Cocker Spaniel

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 72

Cockers are willing children’s playmates and quickly educated as accompanying children. It is large enough to be athletic but small enough to be lightweight. A full-fledged cocker honors additional treatment by being the nicest dog on the block. These strong sports dogs love to play and walk easily.


13. Border Colie

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 73

Borders’ intellect, athletics, and preparation provide a great way to learn agility. Work is critical for boundary satisfaction, such as agility or herding or obedience work. Amiable with mates, they can be reserved with strangers.


14. English Bulldog

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 74

A Bulldog for any other species can’t be confused. The open face, the squatted braw, the squatted nose, the narrow paws, the undershot jaw with suspended chops on each side, and the peculiar rolling stroke all yell practically: ‘I’m a bulldog! “The coat is short, smooth, and colorful with a wide range of colors and patterns. Bulldogs can weigh up to 50 lives, but they will not curl up or at least attempt to curl in your lap. But do not confuse their quick ways to be lazy — Bulldogs take short walks and need to work frequently moderately, with a careful diet, to keep calm. In summer evenings, a Bulldog’s short snouts are better spent in an air-conditioned space because heavy and moist weather will induce hard work.


15. Labrador

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 75

Labs are known for their friendliness. They are co-workers who connect the entire family with one another and have strong mutual interactions with nearby dogs and people. But don’t misunderstand the low energy of its simple character: The laboratory is an energetic athlete who wants a lot of work, such as swimming and fetching marathon, to stay physically and mentally fit.


16. American Pitbull

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 76

American Pitbulls are trapped, muscular shoulder-type bulls standing on their shoulder 17 to 19 inches. The head is wide, the jaws are well developed, the cheekbones are high and the dark, ringing eyes are narrowly spaced. AmStaff is a springy and flexible movement that encourages the inherent confidence of the race. The stiff, polished coat is available in many colors. AmStaffer describes their dogs as understanding their world and their play for all, as well as their lovely “family pets.” AmStaffs like physical and emotional disorders. As several forays in-display indicate, they are extremely trainable.


17. Pug

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 77

Pug owners say the ideal house dog is their race. In the city or country, cups are content with children or elderly people, as just a pet or as a package. You love your diet and you must be careful to preserve it. In relatively warm and not too cold conditions, they do best, but Pug can be their lovely selves anywhere with due treatment.


18. Сhow-Сhow

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 78

The Chow-Chow is a dog breed that originated from northern China. The Chow-Chow is a proven dog with a large skull and short, upright ears with rounded tips. This dog has a solidly constructed appearance. This race is known for a very dense, smooth, or a rugged double coat. The pelts in the cuff are especially thick and give it a distinct appearance as ruff or male. The coat may be shaded, purple, white, fawn, cinnamon, or creamy.


19. Great Dane

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 79

While their disposition is good, the Danes are warning home guards. Intruders generally only think twice when these benevolent giants are seen. But those who are too dumb as to make the breed gentle are a mighty adversary of real bravery and heart. Danes are patient with children who make friends fast.


20. Dogue de Bordeaux

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 80

Dogue de Bordeauxs are sweet and gentle souls with proper temperament. Owners admire the fidelity of their breed to loved ones of all ages, but also say that DDBs will become reluctant and overpower any who do not have firm puppy schooling. It is important to find a responsible breeder when you get such a strong super-dog.


21. English Setter

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 81

An elegant neck confidently retains a long, oval head, and a gentle smile is conveyed by dark brown eyes. The Merry English Setter is known as the dog’s gentlemen, but it’s playful and exciting. Other dogs and people are getting stronger at the English Setters. A seasoned all-breed dog trainer claims, “No race gives me more joy than the English Setter to share life and living space”


22. Kintamani

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 82

The Kintamani or the Kintamani-Bali Dog is a dog originally from the Indonesian island of Bali. It is a common Balinese pet and the only official breed in Bali locally. It was developed from free-roaming local Bali street dogs by an emerging indigene breed in the area of Kintamani. The FCI agreed in 2019 to award temporary approval to the breed.


23. Garafian Shepherd

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 83

The name derives from the town of Garafía, north of the island, where the race was most common, although there are specimens all over the island. In 2003, the Real Sociedad Canina de España accepted this breed officially.


24. Eurasier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 84

The Eurasier is available in a lovely color range. All coat colors, bar liver color, pure white, and odd white spots, are allowed according to the race norm. Eurasiers can be purple, pink, or spotted languages. They can also have light, so-called reverse maskings or dark face masks. Silent, temperate, gentleness, affection, wisdom, and confidence are Eurasiers.


25. Dogo Argentino

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 85

A perfect analysis of peace is the Dogo Argentino. It’s tall, solid, and athletic. His powerful head comes with a sleek, but thick neck connecting with a balanced, straight forward, substantial heads and a medium-angled background of very muscular muscles. The Dogo gives the illusion that strength and energy are explosive. The Dogo must have a great nose, large lung capacity, and a strong, but agile, muscular body, built to find, chase and catch a dangerous game. It has an alert and intelligent language and is incredibly rough. The Dogo’s short, white coat is easily visible.


26. East European Shepherd

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 86

In the case of other dogs, pets, or infants, the EES is mostly a dog working and therefore tiny. Anyone who thinks of EES as a family dog must be an accomplished trainer who can spend hours practicing in obedience. Further, it is vital that the pup emerges from a socialized litter with a wide range of children and people who have had good experiences. Supervision is not optional even then for infants.


27. Estrela Mountain Dog

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 87

An Estrela bonded for life as a compañero in the kitchen. He’ll love and defend his entire family, but one unique family member of his choice would be a piece of his soul. “Nothing is equal to an Estrela ‘s devotion,” as an owner from Estrela tells us.


28. Greyhound

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 88

Greyhounds are the core of the dog breeder’s credo “Shape follows purpose.” Greyhounds are best designed for the high-speed chase, varying from the narrow, aerodynamic skull to shock-absorbing leg pads. The broad, subtly curved chest created into a closely tucked tail by the lean elegance of the “inverted S” form of the Greyhound is fascinating writers, poets, and kings as long as human beings are civilized. Greyhounds are the pattern that has hit other course hounds.


29. Kuvasz

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 89

The Kuvasz is an elegant and beautiful big white working breed. Originally grown for animal protection and actively competed in numerous canine events, it has been modified to safeguard property and family members. The shoulder is 26-30 inches long and between 80-120 pounds long. Kuvaszok can be tender with youngsters, but quick and agile to interfere and defend loved ones beyond their size and strength. They are eager to solve challenges and have a good sense of humor.


30. Drever

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Brazil 90

The Drever was created in Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century. Owing to the landscape and herd positions of the shooting deer, hunters quickly discovered the advantages of having this short-legged, long-corporated dog to maneuver the deer over long distances and raw dirt. Drever’s violent, anxious, or timid is a keen and even-hearted hound. In most living conditions, they are happy but appear to be vocal in warning or playing.