3 Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Pet Without Using the Internet 

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Netflix is your postmodern couch potato source of everything TV, movies and anime. If you and your best buddy pet like to watch Netflix a lot, but, for some reason, you want to get away from the internet, it’s possible. There are 3 ways to do so – they are very uncommon but it just works. 

Just do not take them too seriously though because Netflix requires constant internet connection, alright?

  1. Download the Movies and Shows You Want

You will need internet to watch Netflix without internet. Confusing? Well, let me explain that further: Netflix is a live service app that requires a strong, fast wireless connection in order to stream videos seamlessly. However, you really do not want to watch Netflix with the internet on: maybe you are on vacation on the beach with your pet or just enjoying camping with your dog but want to kill some time with Big Mouth. In any case, you can always use the offline feature of the Netflix app. How? Well, the app includes the option to download the video to the app’s cache – in other words, you can watch the video 100% within the Netflix app.Karwoski the pit bull sleeps with pigs

This is the most ideal way to watch Netflix without internet. You will, however, need large storage to save as many shows and movies you want. After all, 4K videos require lots of Gigabytes. Good luck saving The Avengers Infinity War though. 

Although you have the ability to save videos, not all of them will be available – most especially the non-Netflix exclusive TV shows and movies due to copyright reasons. You can only save Netflix Original movies and series. But if you do not like the diverse flicks that they have, you might as well just pirate what you want to watch (just kidding don’t do that. You wouldn’t want to download a car).

2.Watch Through Your Neighbor’s Window3 Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Pet Without Using the Internet  5

Since using the Netflix download is the only real way to watch shows offline, we are going outside of the box this time. If you really insist on wanting to watch Netflix with your pet without using the internet, you might as well: 1. Ask your neighbor to let you and your doggo or gato or your lemon to use their TV or mobile screen 2. Sneak through your neighbor’s yard and watch what they are watching. Yes, it sounds crazy but you chose to watch Netflix without the internet and I am just giving you a possibility. 

This also applies to your parents’ house or maybe your ex-wife who lives in a mansion with a hunky man named Ricardo. That was a joke.

Again, I want to remind you to not take this seriously unless you are great friends with your neighbor and you are just doing it for kicks. Unless, of course, your pet hates your neighbor.

3. Buy DVDs Based on the Netflix Schedule3 Ways to Watch Netflix with Your Pet Without Using the Internet  6

If all else fails, do the old-school way when the world was more progressive without Netflix: purchase DVDs. You do realize a lot of the featured movies and TV shows are not Netflix exclusive right? And, technically, this still follows the title because movies like The Godfather, White Chicks and City of God; TV series like 30 Rock, The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; and anime like Devilman Crybaby, Food Wars and Neon Genesis Evangelion (do not watch the Netflix version please) have already landed on Netflix.

There are No Other Ways

Look, you will just have to deal with the fact that Netflix is unenjoyable without proper internet. Or better yet, you should go out and have some quality time with your pet. Run around with them, take them out for a stroll or have dinner with them outside. Or, something more ideal: just watch National Geographic and see how Caesar Milan or that Jackson Galaxy fellow shows how to discipline your dog or cat without hurting them.



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