10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders

If you’re going to use a dog breeder make sure you find a loving breeder who cares about animals. Discover 10 smart tips for finding reputable dog breeders now.

In America, 60.2 million households own a pet dog.

If you’re looking for a dog, you may be looking at getting one from a breeder.

10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders 11

If you’re going to use a dog breeder make sure you find a loving breeder who cares about animals. Discover 10 smart tips for finding reputable dog breeders now.

  1. Visit The Puppy’s Birthplace and Home

Before you buy from the breeder, you should visit the place where the puppy was born and currently lives. Sometimes it happens to be the same place.

When you get to the dog’s home, you should be able to tell if it is a legit breeder or not. If the breeder doesn’t want to give you a tour, that should be a red flag. The breeder should have no problem that you want to see the place because that means you are trying to find 10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders 12a good breeder for your dog.

The breeder should also interview you to make sure that you can give the dog a good home. If the breeder doesn’t really care where their dog might live and with whom, that could be a reason for concern as well.

If you make sure that you do your research and find the right breeder, you will be thankful that you did.

  1. Check to See If They’re Registered

Some breeders are registered to give themselves more credibility.

If you choose a breeder that is registered, you are more likely to have a dog that will be healthy and well taken care of. The breed should also be purebred.

Dog breeding may not bring in much money, so if someone is not registered and in it just to try and make a lot of money, they may be spending as little money as possible to try and maximize their profit.

This is also why it’s important to visit the home of the dog and the breeder.

You can buy a cheap dog from a bad breeder, but in the long run, it may cost you more money because you’ll have to pay for vet bills.

  1. Check out Their Websites

Most breeders will have websites, so you should make sure that you check to see if they have one. This is a good way for a breeder to get their name out. Having a website shows that they are involved in the dog community which is always a good sign.

On the website, you should also look for health clearances. A good breeder may even list the OFA scores for whatever type of breed they are looking over.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) also has a registration for breeders called the Breeder of Merit Program. There are a lot of requirements for this, so if a breeder has passed all of them, it should be good proof that you are at the right place.

  1. Talk with the Breeder

In addition to visiting the breeder, you should also talk with them to make sure that they are one of the reputable dog breeders.

Once you’ve done some searching and found a few breeders that you might be interested in, try contacting them via email or phone.

Tell the breeder some information about yourself and what kind of home the dog would be living in. You should also tell them if you have any experience with dogs, or if you have any 10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders 13pets in your home already. Tell them a little bit about what type of home you have.

Is it an apartment? Do you have a fenced in yard? How much time will you be able to dedicate to the dog? The breeder shouldn’t sell to you if it sounds like you’re not going to be able to provide a good place for the dog.

In your initial contact, you should also tell them what you are looking for a dog for. They will be able to better match you with one of their dogs that way.

You should also let them know what type of dog you are looking to buy. For example, if you are looking for lab puppies for sale, you may need to find a different breeder if they don’t have that specific breed.

Once you’ve emailed or called them, you should also make sure that you talk to them in person. There are certain things you won’t be able to tell if you only talk to them electronically.

  1. Ask Questions

While the breeder should ask you questions, you should ask them questions too.

You should make sure that you think of questions before you meet with the breeder. This will also show them that you are serious about adopting a dog, and it will help you make sure that you make a good decision.

Don’t worry about asking too many questions or be concerned about asking a dumb question. There is no such thing!

In addition to seeing what kind of answers they give you, you should also make sure of how they give you answers. Do they explain things and expand on their answers or do they give you short, one-word answers? Do they seem likable to you? Are they friendly and ready to answer your questions, or are they impatient?

  1. Get the Dog’s Medical Information

You should also make sure that you get medical information about the dog you are going to10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders 14 purchase.

The breeder should know all of their medical information and be able to tell you so that you are aware of it.

The breeder should be honest about both the strengths and weaknesses and not try to hide anything from you.

  1. Ask for a Visit with the Dog’s Parents

When you ask for a tour of the place where your potential future pet lives, you should also ask to see where the dog’s parents are living.

Ask them to visit at least one of the dog’s parents. If they don’t want to let you, that may 10 Essential Tips for Finding Reputable Dog Breeders 15be a red flag. You should make sure that the parent is in good health which could be a good indicator of how long your dog will live.

It will also help you try and figure out what your dog’s personality will be like when they are older. It can also give you a rough idea of what they will look like.

An important question that you should ask is where the puppies came from. If the breeder is hesitant to tell you about the parents and their condition, this is another red flag that you should note.

A good breeder will only sell dogs that they have raised in their own home or personally. The breeder may not always have puppies available to sell, but that is a good thing. That means that they aren’t trying to mass produce puppies and put them in poor living conditions to do so.

Breeders will normally have a list if too many people want puppies, but that is a good sign. It means that a lot of people trust that breeder.

In addition to asking about the parents, ask how many litters are normally produced a year. This question is a good way to avoid buying from puppy mills. A sign of a good breeder is that they only have about one to two litters a year.

  1. They Should Give You a Contract/Papers

If you have decided on a breeder and a puppy, they should offer you contracts or papers to sign.

You shouldn’t leave their house without them.

The breeder should give you documentation about their pedigree, and the AKC logo should be on there as well to make it valid. If you want to register your dog with the AKC, you will need this certification.

If a breeder doesn’t want to give you the papers or makes excuses as to why they can’t, then you should rethink partnering with that breeder. Don’t let the breeder offer to mail them to you either because they may not breed them.

A good breeder will also have you sign a contract. Part of that contract will say that if you are an unfit owner of the dog, then they will be able to reclaim it. This makes sure that the dogs are placed in good, loving homes.

They should also give you plenty of time to read over the contract and not make you rush through it.

  1. Check If They’re Active in Competitions

Like we said in the section about their website, you should see if they’re involved in the dog community.

Ask the breeder if they are involved with any kind of competitions, whether locally or nationally. If they do, you have a better chance of finding a good dog in the type of breed that you want.

This will also show that dogs can be trained with obedience and the ability to learn.

  1. When in Doubt, Ask for a Referral

If you’re still not sure about how to find a good breeder, you can ask your veterinarian for referrals.

Your vet should know some, but if they don’t, then you can ask other trusted friends or a local breeding club. A good place to network is a dog show or competition because those dogs most likely came from breeders.

Keep in mind that any pet in a pet store is not from a reputable dog breeder. If you aren’t allowed to meet with the dog before you buy it, you should avoid this breeder as well.

Find Reputable Dog Breeders Today

If you are looking for a new pet, you should start looking for reputable dog breeders.

To ensure that you have a healthy and happy dog to enjoy your time with, it’s important to do your research.

Use these tips to find your new four-legged friend today!


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