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Dog bite – what to do?

As a rule, dogs are very peaceful animals that get along well with people. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it can happen again and again that a four-legged friend bites.

In this article, we explain what you should do in the event of a dog bite. We also look at the possible causes that can lead to biting attacks.

  • Although dogs are actually peaceful, there are several thousand biting attacks every year.
  • Dog bites can cause serious injuries and also lead to infections.
  • Severe bite wounds must always be treated by a doctor.
  • The victim of the bite can report the owner to the public order office and demand compensation and compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Affected dog owners should get to the bottom of the causes of the dog bite and ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 13

Possible consequences of a dog bite

Dogs have extremely powerful teeth, which they can use to inflict serious injuries on their victims. Even if in many cases it remains with superficial skin injuries or harmless bruises, dog bites can therefore definitely cause broken bones or severed muscles and nerves.

In some cases, a dog bite can even lead to tissue death.

In most cases, dogs bite their victim’s arms or legs. The face is affected in around 30 percent of all cases. Dog bites on the face are often associated with particularly serious injuries and are particularly likely to affect children due to their smaller body size.

Dog bites can become infected

Apart from the consequences of the bite injury itself, the risk of a possible infection should not be underestimated. It is believed that about every fifth dog bite becomes infected.

If you experience symptoms such as redness or fever, a doctor’s visit is essential, even with a supposedly harmless bite injury.

In this context, please also note that a dog bite can lead to a life-threatening infection with tetanus. If it’s been a long time since your last tetanus vaccination, you should definitely have your vaccination refreshed in the event of a biting attack.

What to do if you are bitten by a dog abroad

Of course, there is the possibility of being bitten by a dog not only in the USA but also abroad. In that case, be aware that rabies is still widespread in some countries.

It is therefore possible, even with a light dog bite, that you will become infected with this dangerous disease. For this reason, even harmless bite injuries abroad are a case for the doctor.

Proper care for a dog bite

If you have been bitten by a dog, the first thing to do is to keep calm. Minor bite wounds do not necessarily have to be treated by a doctor. If the skin injuries are only superficial, it is initially sufficient to clean, disinfect and bandage the wound.

For deeper wounds and serious injuries, however, the situation is different. In this case, a trip to the hospital or doctor’s office is essential. There, any foreign bodies can be removed and the wound professionally cleaned and disinfected.

In addition, the doctor can check if the dog bite has caused further damage and if the bite wound may need stitches. You will probably also be prescribed a suitable antibiotic to avoid infection.

Who is liable for the dog bite

Depending on the severity of the bite injury, the care of the wound after a dog bite is of course the most important thing. Apart from that, however, the whole thing also has a legal component. After all, a dog bite can have serious consequences for the victim and is therefore certainly not a trifle.

Normally, the owner is responsible for the behavior of his dog and is therefore also liable if the animal harms a person.

If you decide to take legal action against the dog owner, it is first of all important that you secure evidence. Photograph the bite marks and see a doctor who can document the injuries. Also, ask for the details of the dog owner and any witnesses to the incident.

What Dog Bite Victims Can Do

You have a number of options to take action against the pet’s owner after a dog bite. Which of these measures you want to take is, of course, your personal decision.

However, keep in mind that an incident could possibly occur again. Especially when a dog bites for no apparent reason, it can pose a potential danger, which is why you should not let a dog bite in this case.

As a dog bite victim, you can take the following actions:

  • You can report the owner to the police. As a rule, however, they will not follow the incident.
  • You can inform the public order office about the dog bite. This decides whether the owner has to meet requirements in the future or hand over the dog.
  • You can sue the dog owner for damages and pain and suffering. In this case, we recommend that you engage a lawyer.

Dog owners must not ignore aggressive behavior

Under normal circumstances, dogs are peaceful animals that get along well with people and other dogs and are far from just biting.

As an affected owner, you should not take a dog bite lightly but seriously consider the possible causes. After all, you are responsible for your dog and must therefore ensure that the incident does not repeat itself.

Why dogs bite

There are many reasons why a dog bites a human or a fellow dog. The four-legged friend may have simply snapped out of high spirits while romping around. Or maybe he was scared and thought he had to defend himself.

Other possible causes of aggressive behavior in dogs:

  • The dog does not hear and see well and is therefore particularly jumpy.
  • The animal suffers from pain and therefore has a lower stimulus threshold.
  • The four-legged friend has had bad experiences with people.
  • The owner does not take care of his dog enough or has made mistakes in his training.

What owners should do after a dog bite

If you suspect that your four-legged friend is suffering from pain or is not seeing properly, you should definitely make an appointment with the veterinarian. They can examine your dog and, if necessary, take the necessary treatment measures.

In the event that the aggressive behavior has no health reasons, we recommend that you seek professional advice. A dog trainer can help you train your dog and teach you how to behave in potentially risky situations.

It is important that you take your dog’s aggressive behavior seriously and take the necessary measures to avoid dog bites in the future. This can also include not letting your four-legged friend off the leash, at least temporarily, or even putting a muzzle on him.

Dog Bite Statistics By Breed

Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Attacks: 85
Deaths: 19

Presa Canario

Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 14

Attacks: 111
Deaths: 18

German Shepherd

Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 15

Attacks: 113
Deaths: 15


Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 16

Attacks: 535
Deaths: 8

Pit Bull

Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 17

Attacks: 3,397
Deaths: 295

Dog Bite Fatality Citations 2022

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No matter how sweet and friendly your dog is: under certain conditions, even the most gentle dog will bite. Biting is part of the instinctive behavior of dogs, so it is normal for dogs in certain situations – but of course, this must be prevented by training and assessing situations when living with people and dogs.

If your dog bites a human, many questions arise. First aid on the spot should be your first act. However, legal issues quickly arise. Who do you need to notify? Who will find out about this? Who pays what? What consequences do you and your dog have to fear?

Dog Bite Fatalities By Breed 2022 18

As the dog owner, you have a duty of care

Basically and naturally: The owner always has a duty of supervision towards the dog. It is up to you to avoid such a dangerous situation from the start.

However, you certainly don’t want to just leave your dog on a leash. Even if this option exists and you choose it: Your dog can still escape from the apartment and make the neighbor’s garden unsafe. In the worst case, there are inexperienced neighbors or belligerent dogs. The accident has already happened.

In order to avoid the risk of your own high liability, dog liability insurance is a good idea. In an emergency, it covers all or part of the financial damage in the form of compensation for pain and suffering.

What should I do if my dog ​​hurts someone?

Whatever it is, it’s happened. Maybe he wanted to play. Maybe he wanted to protect you. Maybe there is another reason. But your dog hurt someone. So what do you have to do now?

First of all, every animal owner is obliged to compensate the victim of an attack for the damage he has suffered. So if your dog bit someone, the injured party is entitled to compensation. He will probably also file a complaint against you as a dog owner. In the worst case, criminal proceedings for negligent bodily harm can result. If your dog has killed someone, you can even be prosecuted for negligent homicide.

The first priority in the situation is to secure your dog and take care of the victim. After this situation is resolved, the police will probably contact you. Here you should remain silent about all accusations. Silence cannot be taken as an admission of guilt in court. If you do comment (even partially!) about what happened, further allegations may follow.

Therefore, it is best to remain silent and hire a competent lawyer immediately. Because only a lawyer is authorized to view the files on the incident in full. He can support you most effectively in this situation and coordinate your statements with you.

Measures by the veterinary and regulatory office

As part of the investigation, the veterinary office or public order office will also find out about the incident. You will receive a hearing form from them. You can comment on this, but you don’t have to. Here, too, the advice: It is better not to express yourself immediately. Before doing so, you or your lawyer should request access to the files. If a decision is made, for example about the obligatory leash or muzzle, you can appeal against it. Here, too, your lawyer should ask you to inspect the files again. Only then do you take further steps together. A possible consequence: is the ordering of a muzzle obligation for your dog.

Financial consequences of a dog bite

Of course, a dog bite also has financial consequences. You have to pay the medical expenses, including any veterinary expenses, as well as damage to property, e.g. B. of clothing. In addition, you may have to compensate for the loss of work. You will also be faced with claims for damages from the victim. The medical expenses are initially paid by the victim’s health insurance company. However, they will take recourse against you and demand reimbursement of the costs from you.

The unpredictability of a dog – that’s why dog liability insurance is indispensable

Beware of the dog – a hint that we can often read on garden gates or are told when we meet a dog owner. This warning is often based on the knowledge of the dog owner that his four-legged friend can sometimes react unpredictably. Many dog owners are of the opinion that with such a warning, responsibility for damage can be shifted to the injured party. This is far from the case. Only recently, a judgment by the Higher Regional Court of Oldenburg documented how far-reaching the liability of the dog owner is.

Animal owner liability generally triggers claims for damages

If you keep a dog, you also have to pay for all damage caused by the four-legged friend. This is set out in the Civil Code. For such cases, you need special insurance, namely dog liability insurance. Personal liability does not pay if someone is injured by your dog. Therefore, several federal states have already included dog liability as compulsory insurance in the respective dog laws. Should a claim for damages actually be unjustified, the dog liability insurance will take over the representation of your legal interests and, if necessary, defend the claim in court.

Bites, tears, and bruises after a dog bite – dog liability has to pay

A woman was invited to a friend’s birthday party. The owner’s dog also roamed freely in the house and on the property. He had brought it with him from an animal shelter in Romania almost three weeks earlier. At the celebration, the woman only bent down to the dog, which suddenly bit and inflicted serious facial injuries on her. They had to be treated by an emergency doctor and operated on several times. The visitor later sued the dog owner for damages.

Responsible for the dog bite?

The defendant’s dog owner denied any guilt. At the party, he pointed out to the guests that the dog should not be petted or given any treats. Therefore, the injured party would be at considerable contributory negligence. However, the district court of Oldenburg saw the situation completely differently. Liability of the dog owner is only excluded if someone deliberately and without good reason gets into a dangerous situation. However, the plaintiff had not fed or stroked the dog, but merely bent down to him. Considering the fact that the dog roamed free at the party, she didn’t have to expect the dog to bite suddenly.

Injury to people is expensive

A face bite by a dog is usually accompanied by medical treatment for the injured party. Last but not least, the fact that a dog bite can lead to an infection. Under certain circumstances, as in the case described, operations are even necessary. The health insurance company that pays for the medical treatment looks very carefully to see who is responsible for the bite and will then take recourse against the dog owner.

It gets worse when a person is badly injured by a dog that health cannot be fully restored. Although these cases are quite rare, they result in costs in the six-digit range. The dog owner must also be responsible for them, whether they have taken out dog liability insurance or not. In any case, claims for damages and lawsuits for pain and suffering without the protection of dog liability insurance can mean financial ruin – in the worst case even for the dog owner and the injured party.

What to do if a dog bites you

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, but bites from dogs still occur time and again. The reasons for this are very different. But the fact is that a dog bite has consequences for the bitten person and the dog owner – and sometimes also for the dog itself. So what to do if you get a dog bite?

Measures after a dog bite: what to do?

If the bite wound is only a superficial abrasion, the first thing to do is to exchange addresses and contact details between the dog owner and the bite victim.

The victim’s wound must then be washed out thoroughly, treated with disinfectant, and bandaged with sterile bandages. If, in the hours after the bite, the wound is still very painful, remains red, and becomes very warm, the general practitioner should examine the injury again to be on the safe side.

In the case of a deep bite wound, an ambulance should be called immediately and a clinic should be visited. There, any remains of the bite, such as food residue, tooth splinters or dirt are removed and the wound is professionally cleaned with a disinfectant and sterile saline solution.

Depending on the severity of the bite injury, the doctor may need stitches. The doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection.

In order to take away the fear of being bitten by rabies, the dog owner should visit a veterinarian for a rabies-free certificate. This is given to the injured party as security that they have not been infected.

Dog bite injuries

The bites usually only cause superficial injuries, such as skin abrasions or bruises.

In rare cases, however, there is massive damage to the muscles, tendons, bones, and even organs, which can cause permanent consequences. In an average of 15 percent of cases, the bite injury results in an infection, which is why the wound should be treated by a doctor if there are certain signs, even if the injury appears only superficial. The tears in tissue caused by dog bites are a welcome invitation for all sorts of bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause severe inflammation.

Vaccination against infections

In order to prevent general risks of infection, an eye should always be kept on vaccination status. In the event of a dog bite, it is important to be vaccinated against the infectious diseases rabies and tetanus. The vaccination certificate should be in your pocket when you visit the doctor.

Tetanus is also known as tetanus because the pathogens produce a toxin that causes the muscles to cramp.

If rabies is suspected, also known as an angry illness, the doctor treating you is obliged to report it to the public health department.

This is what happens to the dog after a bite

After the visits to the doctor and veterinarian, however, the case is not always shelved. The dog owner can face court proceedings due to claims for compensation for pain and suffering. In addition, the dog owner is threatened with high requirements from the veterinary office if the incident is reported.

Requirements of the regulatory office – leash obligation etc.

If the public order office finds out about a dog bite, either through a report or through field staff, an official procedure is initiated and it is determined whether the dog must be classified as dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small Spitz or a large St. Bernard. The dog owner is usually asked to comment and is sent a hearing form. The dog owner is not obliged to reply but should do so after consulting a lawyer to clarify the situation from their point of view. Any witnesses who observed the accident can also be named in the hearing form. The dog owner can then receive mail ordering him to be muzzled and on a leash and to undergo a character test if the dog is classified as dangerous.

For example, a dog is considered dangerous if it

  • uncontrollably chasing or killing other animals;
  • attacks other dogs despite gestures of submission;
  • first shows aggressive behavior towards people and animals;
  • has bitten a human without part of the prevention of a crime.

Temperament test for fighting dogs and other breeds

As the name suggests, the character test is used to determine the character of the dog. This test is intended to determine or rule out any particular aggressiveness in the dog. If the character test is passed, the dog will of course benefit. The character test can also be completed voluntarily in order to temporarily exempt some listed dogs from the muzzle requirement.

The test content and the evaluation of the individual test situations vary from state to state. The specific dog laws, provisions on the character test, the muzzle and leash requirement, and also which breeds or fighting dogs are on the list is a matter for the state.

Does the dog have to be euthanized?

The local authorities have the right to confiscate and euthanize particularly aggressive animals. It takes more than a simple bite, however. The animal must have inflicted serious injuries on a human and must generally be classified as highly aggressive.

Otherwise, it is up to the dog owner’s discretion whether he wants to take the risk of continuing to keep a dangerous and aggressive animal or whether he can put the dog to sleep.

Compensation for dog bite

After a dog bite, it is not uncommon for the injured party to file a complaint. In the event of damage, the dog owner is always liable, regardless of whether the bite victim or his dog is partly to blame for the incident. The dog owner then usually has to pay the bitten person compensation for pain and suffering. However, it is taken into account whether the opposing party is partly to blame for the accident. In addition, the severity of the injury also affects the amount. The amount of compensation for pain and suffering is therefore determined individually, depending on the case. Amounts between a few $100 and several thousand dollars can be expected.

In order to avoid going to court, dog owners and those bitten can also come to an agreement out of court. It is best to refer directly to an existing dog liability insurance, through which everything else can be processed.

Dog bit: what to do?

What you can do if you are bitten by a dog and what insurance will pay in such a case.

  • Dog owners are liable for any damage caused by their own dog. This also applies if the dog bites someone.
  • After a dog bite, the injured party can claim compensation for pain and suffering, which either the dog owner himself or his dog liability insurance company has to pay for.
  • Under certain circumstances, the public order office will intervene to have a character test carried out on the dog.
  • If the dog has bitten another dog, the dog owner is liable to the injured dog owner.
  • Anyone who has been bitten by their own dog cannot count on their dog liability insurance being covered.

Dog bit: the legal consequences

Dog owners are obliged to keep their dogs under control at all times. If the dog bites anyway, the owner is liable. This applies to damage to property, personal injury, and financial loss. The legal consequences of a dog bite depend on both the damage and the injured party.

The public order office does that when the dog has bitten

If there is a report after a dog bite, the regulatory office checks whether the dog must be classified as dangerous. After a reported bite, the owner usually receives a hearing form in which he can comment on the incident. Here he can also name any witnesses. After the inspection, the public order office can, for example, order that the dog be kept on a leash or wear a muzzle. In addition, a so-called character test can be ordered to check in more detail whether the dog poses a danger.

My dog bit a person – what to do?

Basically, it doesn’t matter who the dog bites. Be it the visitor or the postman, in any case the dog owner is liable for all damage caused by his dog.

The following procedure is common:

  1. If your dog has bitten a person so that they have to go to the doctor, the case will be put on record. Because dog bites must be reported.
  2. Then the authority gets involved. Depending on the situation, the authorities may require a character test for the dog. The content of this character test differs depending on the federal state. In any case, it is advisable to be prepared for the authorities’ visit at an early stage and to take precautions so that the dog no longer has the opportunity to bite anyone.
  3. In addition, the injured party may claim damages. This is paid either by the dog owner out of his own pocket or by his dog liability insurance.

What to do if a strange dog bit me?

If you’ve been bitten by a strange dog, be sure to write down the owner’s address and document the injuries in case you want to claim compensation. Depending on the severity of the attack, a display is also possible. You should also see a doctor and get vaccinated against tetanus if necessary.

What to do if my own dog bit me?

In such a case, your own dog’s liability does not pay. Anyone who has been bitten by their own dog can only process an insurance claim via daily sickness benefits insurance. If you are injured so badly that you are unable to work for more than 6 weeks (e.g. due to an infection), the health insurance company will pay two-thirds of the salary. The last third, for example, is covered by private supplementary insurance.

My dog bit another dog – what to do?

Here, too, the principle applies: If a dog has caused damage through a bite, the owner is liable. If the damage occurred to another dog, the owner is liable to the injured owner. Whether a dog liability insurance that has been taken out covers the damage also depends on whether, for example, a leash requirement was violated or the owner or dog handler acted carelessly. If this is not the case, dog liability insurance usually steps in.

Then the insurance won’t pay

Dog liability insurance usually refuses to pay in the following cases:

  • If there was a leash requirement, but the animal was still not leashed and then caused damage.
  • if the damage was reported too late.
  • In the event of penalties and fines, owners must pay for themselves, regardless of the insurance cover chosen.
  • If your own dog causes damage to you.