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Cute Things that Dogs Do :Animals, especially dogs, are fascinating creatures. They have the ability to form emotional connections with their people, and they show love through physical affection and companionship. Dogs can also help people overcome anxiety, depression, and loneliness. But dogs, like people, are also capable of demonstrating certain behaviors that are peculiar to them. Below are 10 adorable things that dogs do and what makes them so special.

1. When they refuse to put down a stick that is way too big for them

When they were puppies, dogs were tiny balls of energy that rolled around everywhere. Their jaws weren’t strong enough to hold a stick, but as they grew older, they learned to bite things. Now, they not only know how to use their jaws to hold things but also how to use their paws.

Dogs are some of the cutest things in the world, and dogs have many endearing qualities. They love us more than anyone else and are always ready to play. Dogs love to eat, and they chew on everything in their path. When a dog’s behavior becomes out of control, it is not uncommon for them to act out in unwanted and sometimes dangerous ways. One such behavior disorder is called frenetic random activity periods, or FRAP. It is characterized by periods of intense activity, often followed by periods of inactivity.

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2. When they forget to put their tongue in, and you look over, and they’re just like:

When humans speak and read, they place their tongue in the opposite corner of their mouth, right? Well, it turns out that dogs do too. Dogs seem to prefer the tongue trick over all other oral tricks.

3. When you make them do something they’re not keen on, and they look at you like, “why?”

Some dogs seem to have a natural knack for following commands. Others? Not so much. Some dogs seem to have the uncanny ability to disobey you in the most inconvenient situations. This is usually because they have no idea why you’re asking them to do something or are so distracted they don’t understand you.

4. When you mind your own business, and your pup comes over and gives you that look like, “what’ cha doin’?”

Dogs are loyal creatures, but they do not mind readers. They can read human body language, but they won’t always know what that body language means. Dogs are Masters of Communication. They have the ability to read us and know when we’re getting mad at them even before we do. They can read our faces and body postures and know when we want attention. They read our emotions and sense our moods. They are constantly trying to communicate with us, and they do it with facial expressions.

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5. When they give you the classic “puppy dog eyes.”

Dogs, just like people, have their own unique ways of communicating. Some ways are more obvious than others, and some dogs have their favorite “speak” that they use in every situation. But, just like us humans, dogs have certain signals that they apply in situations where certain emotional cues are not called for.

If you’ve never had the privilege of owning a pup, you may not understand just how much dogs love you. They literally feel our every emotion and know when we hold our breath, smile, or cry. Our friends’ dogs always know when we return home and greet us at the door with wagging tails.

6. When they look at you, and you can just hear their inner monologue going “throwtheballthrowtheballthrowtheball”

Dogs always communicate with us, but most of us aren’t paying attention. Dogs have exceptional non-verbal communication skills, and you can bet they’ll let you know when they’re unhappy, hungry, tired, or want your attention. And, just like us, dogs tend to repeat the same behavior even when receiving positive feedback.

Dogs can be deceitful. They lie to your face, and you tell them everything is okay. Dogs may be cute and cuddly, but they are still animals who can easily manipulate people to get what they want. They also appear to have no remorse for their actions. Dogs are experts at getting what they want.

Cute Things that Dogs Do

7. When they think the TV or a stuffed animal is another dog

A dog can do many things. They can retrieve things, make them laugh, protect us, and even act as our guardians. But when they think the TV or a stuffed animal is another dog, that’s when they act oddly. Just watch and try not to laugh hard.

8. When you catch them doing something they know they’re not supposed to, and they’re just like

Dogs are little human beings and pretty smart—contrary to popular belief. Dogs do things that make sense to them. And sometimes, we even do things to them that make sense to us. Dogs know that when they get caught doing something they’re not supposed to, they’re like, “oh boy, what now?” And they want nothing to do with it.

9. The priceless look on their faces when you know their favorite place to be pet

Dogs are sweet creatures, and they love to be petted. Whether on their owner’s back, on the couch, or at the dog park, these dogs have a favorite place to be pet. And they love it, too.

Dogs are loyal, loving, and doggone it; let them know how much you love them. Dogs are man’s best friend, but they’re not content with simply being buddies. Whether giving them the belly rub, letting them sleep in your bed, or cuddling with you on the couch, dogs know the importance of being loved.

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10. When everyone piles in for a snuggle

Snuggling with your dog is probably one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. But did you know your pooch has its own “pet language”? Dogs have hundreds of different vocalizations, and while we can’t speak their language, we can understand their body language. You can help your dog feel relaxed and comfortable by snuggling with them and learning to read their body language.