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Tips for Walking Your Dog in Autumn

Best Ways to Handle Your Dog During Autumn: As the last days of hot summer slip away,Best Ways to Handle Your Dog During Autumn you know autumn is around the corner in all its glory. If you have pets at home, this season presents the perfect opportunity for you and your pets to connect with nature.

More so, you will discover that walking your dog in autumn is more comfortable, thanks to the cool and soothing breeze. There is no doubt that both you and your dog will have the best walk of the year yet.

However, before you take a step out of your door to begin your walk, you should know some things. Your safety is important, and so is your dog’s; take measures to ensure it isn’t compromised. We will give you pet care tips to help you and your canine companion stay safe during your walk.

Cover Up

As you know, there is a change in temperature, and it requires an extra layer of clothing. Both you and your dog will need an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm. Thus, consider investing in a little coat for your dog; you can always buy Ethereum to exchange for the item. Shorter-haired dog breeds like greyhounds and whippets especially need this extra layer of covering to keep them comfortable, warm, and dry.

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You May Need to Change Your Routine

Due to the change in weather, the hours of the day in which you can walk with your dog will significantly change. That is because the days are shorter during winter, meaning night comes faster and you need to switch up your routine.

That may include starting your morning walks later than you normally would and your evening walks earlier than normal. This is to ensure you don’t stay out before or after daylight, and it will help your pet adjust to the changing schedule.

Wear Colorful Clothing

The atmosphere is usually dark during winter, especially in the early hours of the morning and night. If and when you walk your dog in the evening, ensure people, particularly those driving cars, can see you. In other words, you put on brightly colored outfits and don on your dog’s hi-vis coat. Putting colorful clothing ensures that you and your dog can be easily spotted when you are crossing the roads.

Furthermore, consider getting a light-up collar for your dog; they come with flashing lights to make dogs very visible. Also, as tempting as it may seem, resist the urge to let your dog off its leash during your later walks. As the atmosphere is dark, the dog may get easily disorientated, and you may have a hard time spotting it.

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Take a Torch

When you go out for a walk in autumn with your dog, remember to take a small torch with you. Take a torch small enough to fit into your jacket or pocket but bright enough to provide light in the dark. The torch is an essential tool as it will keep you and your dog from entering potholes. Plus, it will protect your dog from other dogs that may have escaped out of their leash.

Walk Against Traffic

You may have heard that walking against traffic is the best; this statement is even more so during winter. If you’ve always known this but never taken it seriously, you might want to change that disposition.

When you walk against traffic, you will be able to see traffic coming toward you and they can also see you clearly. Also, if possible, consider dog walking on pavements and verges rather than directly on the road to be on the safer side.

Tighten the Leash

While it may have been a great idea to give your dog freedom during summer, it is not such a great idea during winter. Particularly when it is dark, say in the early morning hours or evening, ensure you keep a tighter leash on your dog. Consider putting a shorter leash on your dog to reduce the chances of it breaking free and roaming free on the streets.

Watch Out for Autumnal Toxins

Autumn is beautiful, but that beautiful scene, unfortunately, comes with some staples that pose a risk to pets. For instance, there are conkers that block dogs’ airways and cause internal damage if eaten. Also, acorns have tannic acid, which is toxic to dogs and can result in diarrhea or worse kidney disease or internal organ damage.

Thus, watch out for these autumn toxins and stay safely away from piles of wet leaves as they contain mould and bacteria. Essentially, you want to invest in protective dog walking boots and pay rapt attention to your surroundings.

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Clean Up

After each walk, ensure you spend a few minutes cleaning your dog – as a precautionary measure. Chances are your dog picked up some things on the way that can cause skin irritation or worse later. Cleaning up after each walk can help you get rid of these harmful substances and prevent future health issues. This is great pet advice to follow during autumn, for dogs and other pets.


These are our top dog walking tips for walking your dog in autumn; they will keep both you and your dog safe. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your autumnal walks, whether you’re walking in the morning or at night.