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Cat Harnesses: If you have a pet cat, you know exactly how frustrating it feels every time they try to escape your home and get lost in your neighborhood. For that reason, they must wear collars around their necks with identification tags on them so they can be properly identified. While a regular collar might work, using a harness can provide plenty of benefits and comfort that your cat would surely appreciate.

Cat Harnesses

When shopping for cat harnesses, your choices might become too overwhelming since there are plenty of options available to you. However, leather cat harnesses can be an excellent choice as they’re luxurious yet beneficial for your cat.

Best Leather Cat Harness

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Cat Harnesses

Leather Cat Harness from Supakit.co

Even though your cat would undoubtedly feel luxurious wearing a harness made of leather, you should always consider the quality of the materials used. To help you out, listed below are some of the characteristics to look out for when shopping for the best cat harness:

Comfortable Materials

Since you’ll be putting the harness over your cat’s body, it’s only practical to use comfortable materials. This way, your cat won’t feel irritated with the harness and keep trying to get out of it. If the material is soft, they’ll be at ease wearing it and will give themselves as much time as necessary to adjust to it.

When searching for a cat harness, you can judge the quality of the material by touching it. Check if it’s too firm, as it might restrict your cat’s movements. Moreover, check the harness’s edges for hardness as they might cause uncomfortable and painful friction to your cat’s skin, resulting in scratches and cuts.

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Easy To Wear And Take Off

Cats are not accustomed to wearing harnesses, so it may be challenging to put on or remove one from their bodies. This is mainly due to the fact that cats don’t like to be constrained and held over, and anything covering their bodies can make them feel uneasy. With this in mind, putting a harness on your cat can be difficult as it’ll constantly try to get away. To help make the task a bit easier, you should look for a harness that’s easy to wear and take off.

For your cat’s harness, you might want to look for one that has a quick release buckle so that wearing and removing it, when necessary, will be easier. Alternatively, using Velcro can be a great solution as you won’t have to worry about using complicated mechanisms; just push and pull the two sides of the fastener together. However, this might not be everyone’s first choice, especially since most cats get easily startled by the sound of Velcro pulling apart.

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Cats come in different shapes and sizes. So, to allow your cat to feel comfortable and secure in its harness, you should look for an adjustable one. This will be an ideal fit as it can enhance their comfort while eliminating any possibility of them escaping. With this, you can ensure that the harness would stay attached onto their bodies without making them feel too uncomfortable.

For a much snug fit, you should first identify your cat’s size. This way, you’ll be able to choose the right harness and make only minor adjustments while your cat is wearing it. To check that it fits your cat’s body perfectly and it isn’t too tight or loose, you should be able to fit your two fingers right under the harness.

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Breathable Material

If you’re planning to use a vest as your cat’s harness, looking for breathable material should be on your priority list. Since vests can be too thick for your cat’s body, they might cause more discomfort, especially if you live in a humid environment and usually take your cat out for a walk during the day. With breathable material, you can allow their bodies to feel comfortable and prevent the trapping of heat.

For a vest harness, using mesh would be your best option as it can provide maximum breathability that your cat would surely appreciate. Alternatively, there are some vest harnesses with materials that help provide a cooling sensation. However, it would still be best to use a strappy harness that can provide maximum breathability because you don’t have to place anything on your cat’s chest while using it.

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Reflective Design

If your cat usually gets out of your house in the middle of the night or you plan to bring them for your hiking trip to spend quality time with them, you should purchase a reflectorized cat harness so you can easily spot them in the dark. This way, you don’t have to worry about them getting hit accidentally by a car, as their harness would warn an approaching vehicle. A reflectorized type of harness helps keep your cat safe even if they’re away from your sight.

Leash Length

While the leash is a separate item from the harness, some retailers offer a bundle pack that includes both items. If you intend to buy your cats harnesses and leashes for training purposes, you need to consider the length. In light of that, you should also look for a leash that will make walking your cat more bearable.

The leash’s length is extremely important as it determines how your cat can comfortably roam around while outdoors. Ideally, you should purchase a leash that has an adjustable feature so you can make it short enough to make your cat stay by your side or long enough for your cat to freely explore the surroundings. Moreover, adding accessories can help make things more convenient and fun for you and your cat.

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Looking for the best cat harness can be challenging, especially since there are plenty of things that you should consider. While a leather harness would help make a fashion statement, there’s more to its beautiful design that you should look out for that includes comfort, adjustability, and material. With these in mind, you can choose which ones you’d like to prioritize so you can allow your cat to feel comfortable and still move freely while wearing a harness.