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Things your dog wish you knew : Sometimes, your dogs wish they could tell you what they want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes, they wish you would stop yelling at them. Sometimes, they wish they could look you in the eye and tell you how much they love you.

But sadly, they can’t do any of that. And as a result, a lot of things go unsaid.

8 things your dog wish you knew 9

Dogs are humans’ best friends. But since we speak different languages, it is always difficult to fully understand our furry friends. Today, we’re hoping to change that.

In this post, we’re going to be revealing some of those things your dog wishes he could tell you.

8 things your dog wish you knew

1. I don’t like the crate too much

Dogs are cool with sitting and sleeping in crates or kennels for a few hours. But when you lock them away for so long, they wish they could tell you how much they hate such treatments.

Like humans, dogs love freedom. They love to move about and interact with other dogs and humans. This is why you see them trying to get off their leash anytime you take them out for a walk.

Even science has proven that the long-term confinement of dogs can be detrimental to their physical and psychological well-being.

8 things your dog wish you knew 10

I understand many of us lock our dogs away because we aren’t always available to look after them. If your job or other engagements prevent you from looking after your dog every day, hire dog walkers near me. Such people can help you look after your furry friend, walk them in the evenings, and return them to you at night when you’re back from work.

2. You don’t own me

We all love to think we own our furry friends. But in the minds of these creatures, the reverse is actually the case. To them, we are actually the pet, and they’re the protector.

So, when you see your dog running to sit by your side, it isn’t only because he enjoys your company but also because he wants to keep you safe. When you find him snuggling in your arms and sniffing your skin, he’s getting acquainted and marking his territory.

3. I wish you will offer me something different

Sometimes we see our dogs reluctant to eat their meal. Usually, it is because they don’t like what they’ve been served, and they wish their owner would offer something different.

Many times, we are quick to assume he’s probably sick or moody. But that’s not always true. In most cases, he’s simply trying to tell you to change something.

4. I need to visit the vet often

Many owners wait until their canine begins to show signs of illness before they visit a vet. But here’s the truth. Your pet wishes you would take him to the vet more often.

Many a time, he tries to stay strong even when he’s not so that he wouldn’t be forced to leave your side. In his mind, his biggest wish is that you would see through his eyes and tell how he’s really feeling.

The best way to keep your dog healthy is to schedule frequent meetings with a vet. Don’t wait until he starts exhibiting signs of discomfort.

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things your dog wish you knew

5. I am not feeling guilty; I’m just displeased

When dogs do something wrong, and we yell at them, they always give this guilty look that makes you think they’re sober.

Well, this may come as a shock to you. That face isn’t really a sober face but rather an angry face. In their minds, they feel upset that their pet (YOU) has the gut to scold them.

Imagine yourself being in a situation where someone you consider your subordinate comes up to nag at you. Even if you’re in the wrong, chances are you’ll still feel disrespected that the person is talking to you like that.

That’s the same way dogs feel when you raise your voice at them.

8 things your dog wish you knew 11

6. If you want me to learn, reward me, don’t punish me

Many owners always resort to beating or yelling when their dogs appear reluctant to learn basic training commands. But, hey, these creatures hate that style.

“You should be rewarding me with treats and not beating me if you want me to learn.”

That’s exactly how they feel every time you raise your voice or hand during a training session. This fact is reflected in how quickly they grasp training commands when they’re rewarded with treats.

You should treat your dogs to good treats every time they obey commands or do something impressive.8 things your dog wish you knew 12

7. I need to sniff this environment because it’s new

Who else hates how dogs won’t stop sniffing the ground anytime you take them out on a walk? To be honest, I used to yell at my Golden Retriever when I was little for this simple act. I mean, it didn’t matter how hard I held the leash on him. He just wouldn’t stop putting his nose on the ground even though those areas were dirty.

In my mind, I couldn’t comprehend how he didn’t realize those areas were bad for his health.

Now that I’m all grown, I understand dogs better. And I’ve come to realize sniffing the ground helps him gather information about his environment. More like how we constantly look around when we find ourselves in a new environment.

8. Yawning doesn’t mean I’m sleepy

When humans yawn constantly, it’s always a sign that we’re tired and in need of rest. For dogs, that isn’t always the case.

In fact, dogs yawn as a sign of passivity. Usually, you’ll find them doing this when they’re trying to keep to themselves or trying to avoid conflict.

So, if you find your dog yawning, don’t be quick to lock him up in his kennel. He may just be feeling disinterested in the things happening around him, and he wants to be on his own.