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Having your first pet puppy can be exciting, especially because you’ll finally have someone who can play, sleep, walk, and go with you wherever you want. It will be the perfect little furry companion. Yet before you get too excited about having a new puppy, you should be aware of plenty of things to ensure that they’ll grow up well behaved and healthy.

Adopting Your First Puppy:
labrador retriever puppy playing with toy at room

Owning a pet is a new responsibility that you should be willing to take on your shoulders. It isn’t something you take on because puppies are cute, but rather a new life you need to care for and love. Here are the things you need to know as you adopt your first puppy:

  1. Learn How To Raise A Puppy Correctly

Some couples prefer to adopt a puppy first before raising a child to prepare themselves for the responsibilities it will bring. Thus, you should treat your puppy similarly to humans and raise them properly as much as possible. This includes training and teaching them about your house rules, including no pets on the sofa, no biting of furniture, no pets on top of the table, etc. With this, you can keep a clean and organized home without any puppy-caused damage.Adopting Your First Puppy: 5 Things You Should Know 9

Apart from setting house rules, you should also teach your dog the correct commands for proper training. This will instill discipline in them while following your order, giving you full power as their owner. Consider enrolling them in puppy training classes right away, as the earlier you expose your puppy to this practice, the faster it will know what discipline is.

2.Prepare For Responsibilities

Having a new puppy isn’t just a furry addition to your home. They’re a new set of responsibilities that you need to take on and be good at it. With their presence, it’s not all fun and games, but you have to ensure they’d live comfortably under your care. Hence, before adopting one, check if you’re ready for the things you’ll need to adjust, including redesigning your home and spending their foods, toys, vaccine shots, and other necessities.

Adopting Your First Puppy: 5 Things You Should Know 10

Before adopting a dog, you need to ensure that you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically ready, as it’s a lifetime commitment. While you can, it’s best not to bring a puppy back to a shelter because you find them too demanding. As soon as you adopt one into your home, you should nurture and take good care of them until they grow old. This is part of your responsibility as a new pet owner.

3. Look For A Reliable Vet Clinic

Your dog will need to frequently visit the vet for their regular vaccine schedule and other necessary check-ups if they feel ill. So, look for a reliable vet clinic that you can go to whenever your pet is unwell. Ideally, it should be near your place so you won’t have to travel long distances in a medical emergency. Moreover, your vet should be someone you’re comfortable working with, as they’ll be responsible for your puppy’s health for a long time.

When looking for a vet clinic, they must offer emergency services, too. Ensure you can easily give them a call at any time of the day.

Adopting Your First Puppy: 5 Things You Should Know 11

4. Puppy-Proof Your Home

Before welcoming a new puppy into your home, ensure that you have created a safe place where it can roam around anytime. Proofing your home avoids accidents that could lead to injuries or untimely death.

You can begin by hiding your toxic chemicals away from your dog’s reach. If you have a fireplace, try to add a fence to keep your puppy from burning or harming itself. You should also keep electronics away, especially loose plugs, as your puppy might trip over them, causing the appliance to fall.

5. Look For A Puppy That Fits Your Needs

Because you’re adopting a dog that will stay with you for years, it’s only crucial that you take the time to look for the perfect puppy that will match your needs and lifestyle. With this, you’ll have no regrets and allow yourself to enjoy their company for as long as possible.

Begin by looking for a puppy that wouldn’t cause allergic reactions to some family members. You should also decide if you’ll want a small or big puppy. Ensure it can fit well inside your home and where you plan on building its own space. Besides, you should determine if you’re willing to accommodate any excessive grooming routine or if you’d like to go for a puppy that requires only minimal maintenance.

Adopting Your First Puppy: 5 Things You Should Know 12


Adopting your first puppy is crucial as you need to ensure you make the best choice for both of you. Furthermore, prepare yourself in all aspects, as having a puppy is a new responsibility that aims to give them a better life with their favorite humans on their side.