Dog Breeds that are Safe for Kids: Whether you’re getting your real estate license or getting a new pet, being an adult brings a lot of responsibility. If you’re considering getting a new puppy or dog as your newest family member, it can be difficult to decide which dog breed is the best fit for you, especially if you have kids.

Many dog breeds are ideal for families and kids because they’re playful and protective, and there are some dogs that you can’t go wrong with. Before making a decision, it’s important to do your research first.

You should also ask yourself and your other family members whether you want a big or small dog and if these dogs are good with children. But, according to the American Kennel Club, these are six best family dog breeds out there.

Golden Retriever

The most obvious first choice is a golden retriever because they are gentle, caring, and they lounge around the house. When it comes to kids, golden retrievers are extremely patient and apathetic, even when kids like pulling or tugging on their tails or ears. So, not only are they one of the most friendly dogs, but they’re also one of the smartest breeds out

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Beagles love companionship and they require playtime, but above anything else, they have a loving nature and goofy personalities. They’re great with many people, not just kids, so whenever you have people around your house, a beagle is there to entertain them. But, if your house is empty most of the time, a beagle will have a hard time being left alone. However, if you are likely to spend your day in the house, this breed is one of the most loyal and friendly you can get.Top 6 Dog Breeds that are Safe for Kids 10


A poodle is one of the safest choices when it comes to family dogs. Plus, they come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toys. But, don’t let their size fool you; they’re highly active and smart, so don’t shy away from teaching them any tricks. Poodles are almost completely hypoallergenic because they have fewer allergies, so if your kids are prone to allergies, you’re good to go.

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Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is one of the most loving and popular dogs. This dog breed is very friendly, trainable, and patient. You can go hunting, tracking, dock diving, etc. You can find Labrador retriever puppies on the AKC Marketplace as well if you’re interested.

Dog Breeds that are Safe for Kids


A pug’s squishy face is enough to make you pick him as the best family dog for your children. This breed can be accustomed to any situation or place, whether you have a small apartment or big home. Children who are gentle with pets will enjoy a pug’s playfulness because they just love being around people. They are extremely clever, quiet, and bred to be lap dogs – perfect for your family.

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There’s nothing better than giving a rescue dog a home and if it’s a Mutt, your family will love it because this can be any combination of breeds. Rescue pups are often mixed breeds, but if you’re curious to know more about them, you can always do a dog DNA test. If you adopt from a shelter, you are more likely to find a better fit for your home. Your children will love playing with them because they are easily trainable, so they get accustomed to anyone.

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