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Seasonal allergy sufferers: desensitize in winter

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During the spring and summer, many pets, especially dogs and among them mainly light-skinned animals, suffer from considerable, rather excruciating itching. The focus of the disease is between March and September. With these seasonal allergies, there is usually an exaggerated defense reaction against inhaled substances such as pollen and seeds, etc. Such atopics then itch, especially in the armpits, groin, and stomach. The disease also occurs in humans; when sensitized to grasses and pollen, these patients are commonly referred to as “hay fever”. Common allergy-causing substances are pollen from birch and other trees.

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Such patients can be helped: The reaction of the immune system is modified with the help of desensitization solutions that are tailored to the individual allergy situation. Initially, they are injected at shorter intervals by the veterinarian and later, after appropriate instruction, by the animal owner at home. In this way, the defense reaction of the immune system is to be undermined. Although the allergy is not always eliminated, the symptoms of many patients can be significantly alleviated. However, desensitization brings the best results at symptom-free intervals. As soon as the allergy becomes a problem again, i.e. next spring, desensitization treatment will have little effect.

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In the case of vegetation-dependent, seasonal allergies, winter is, therefore, the right time to get the problem under control. Does your pet have an allergy, especially in spring or summer? Are you interested in suppressing the problem not only with symptoms and above all with cortisone? Are you and your pet eligible for allergy testing and desensitization? Then you are welcome to contact us. The test procedure is quite similar to that in humans, e.g. in the presence of hay fever. Most allergies can already be differentiated by a blood test.

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Perhaps you know the people affected and can ask them about their experiences and the results. If you have any questions about your pet, we will be happy to help you.