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Persian cats are known as the divas of cats. However, the name does not do them justice, because Persians are quite stubborn, but if they know their people well they are very friendly cats who rarely extend their claws. You can find out more about the Persian cat breed here.

Size: Medium
Weight: cat 3.5-7 kg / 6-9 kg
Life expectancy: about 15 years
Build: Strong and rather stocky body, but well proportioned
Coat colors: All colors are possible
Special features in appearance: Broadhead, small ears, flat snout, and a very fluffy, long coat;
Breed type: long hair breed
Country of origin: Turkey
Cat breed recognized by FIFE, WCF, GCCF, TICA, CFA
Typical breed diseases: Breathing difficulties, watery eyes, PKD (kidney cysts), white Persians can be born deaf through a genetic link.

The nature of the Persians

Breed Portrait: Persian Cat 9

Persian cats are known as the divas of cats. However, the name does not do them justice, because Persians are quite stubborn, but if they know their people well they are very friendly cats who rarely extend their claws. On the other hand, they are rather reserved towards strangers and do not necessarily let themselves be encouraged to cuddle. Due to their strong-willed nature, the Persian cat also likes to pursue their own interests. She is very people-oriented, but also wants to be able to go her own way.

However, the Persian cat is usually not temperamental. Her calm nature makes her a pleasant roommate who likes to socialize with a familiar person, but does not roam around in nature for hours. The Persian cat prefers to enjoy the peace and quiet,

Although the Persian cat is not the most adventurous of cats, they do enjoy playing with their confidante indoors. You can offer them small exercises and challenges, because Persian cats are very intelligent and, above all, strong-willed animals.

The Persian is also ideal as a family cat. Despite the idiosyncratic nature of the breed, it is very trusting with “their” people. Their easygoing and easy-going nature makes them a good family member and children can have loads of fun with a Persian cat as long as they give them space.

History and origin

Breed Portrait: Persian Cat 10

Despite its name, the Persian cat is not originally from Persia, but Turkey. Here she was accidentally bred from the Russian Longhaired Domestic Cat.

The Persian cat was introduced to Europe around 1650: the French scholar Nicolas Claude Fabri de Peiresc brought the cats to France. The animals of that time no longer have much in common with today’s Persians, because when the targeted breeding of the Persian cat began in England around 1850, it was bred more and more for its characteristics, the stocky shape and the flat nose, so that these stood out more and more clearly. Especially about 100 years later, when mass breeding in America became more modern, the “Persian cat” fad was bred more and more extreme, which was not without health consequences – many Persians now have problems with breathing and eating.

At the beginning of the 20th century, breed standards for the Persian cat were set for the first time by the GCCF and WCF. In 1949, the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) recognized the Persian cat and included it as a breed.

It has only been around 20 years that attempts have been made to breed the Persians back to their natural and significantly more animal-friendly appearance. Because similar to the dog breed Pug, animal rights activists have great concerns and describe the breeding as torture breeding, since the animals can neither breathe nor eat properly.

Interesting and worth knowing

Breed Portrait: Persian Cat 11

The Persian is a very well-known and popular cat breed. So it is not surprising that she has acted in films and television and that there are numerous breeders who are dedicated to the majestic longhair.

The Persians known from film and television

One of the best known Persian cats is probably the white cat from some James Bond films: the white Persian cat became famous as the trademark and loyal companion of Bond’s enemy Blofeld. She always lay on the villain’s arms while he caressed her relaxed. Blofeld is a recurring enemy of Bond who doesn’t appear in every film: in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, all you see is the villain’s torso and arms stroking the white cat.

Another well-known Persian cat is known from the comedy “My Bride, Her Father and Me”. Mr. Jinx, as the cat is called, is the pet of the bride’s father, Jack Byrnes (played by Robert De Niro), who trained her for military use, so that she can even go to a normal toilet. In the film’s sequel, the arrogant Mr. Jinx meets Moses, the groom’s parents’ dog, and starts a little “war.” Together they provide some comedic moments.

Cats & Dogs is a family comedy about a secret war between dogs and cats as the cats seek to seize power while the dogs defend and protect their humans. The fight between the two species takes place underground and is initially not noticed by humans. The leader of the cats – how could it be otherwise – is a white Persian cat named Mr. Tinkles, who looks confusingly similar to the white Persian from the James Bond films.

In addition to numerous appearances on the film and television landscape, there are also two Persian mixes that have attracted attention elsewhere: Colonel Meow and Grumpy Cat. Colonel Meow was recognized as the cat with the longest fur in the Guinness Book of World Records. The mix of a Himalayan and a Persian cat had hair that was up to 23 cm long. Her absurd looks got her a lot of attention and she became an internet phenomenon. Sadly, Colonel Meow passed away from heart problems in 2014 when he was just two years old.

Breed Portrait: Persian Cat 12

Also known all over the internet is the grumpy cat. Because of its fierce and bored facial expression, the small cat has been incorporated into numerous memes and is now a cult. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and she is a Snowshoe, Ragdoll and Persian mix. Grumpy Cat has been its own brand since 2013. The owner is said to have made millions with the merchandise related to his cat.