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Anyone who frequently travels by car and their four-legged friend must make the car dog-friendly and, above all, dog-safe. Securing the dog while driving is of course the top priority here. However, there are a few other things to think about when driving with a dog. A dog ramp for the car is a gadget that is always needed for many dog breeds, from puppyhood to senior dogs. There are numerous reasons why a dog ramp is needed for the car. Puppies and young dogs that cannot and/or are not allowed to jump that high yet, or breeds in general that should not jump as it has a negative effect on the joints – a dog ramp is a good idea for most four-legged friends.

The advantages of a dog ramp

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Many dogs may or may not jump that high. This can be a problem if you want them to jump in and out of the trunk of the car several times a day. Every dog ​​owner can more or less easily lift a puppy in and out again. With an adult dog, however, things look a little different. If the four-legged friend has 20 kg or more, this is almost impossible for many. It is also impractical in the long run and can lead to pain in the spine in humans. With every jump out of the car, the joints of the four-legged friends are under enormous strain. They are compressed together and in the long run this damages the joint lubrication, the cartilage and also the bones.

In some animals, the regular jolts can also have an uncomfortable effect on the back and spine. Even if no impairment is noticeable at a young age, jumping is actually not good for any dog ​​in the long run. There are breeds that should never jump anyway. Whether Great Danes or other heavy, large dogs, these animals are particularly prone to joint problems. Even smaller dog breeds, which often have problems with their kneecaps, should be jumped off as often as possible.

A dog ramp for the car can help in this case. It serves as a boarding aid for the dog and thus protects bones and cartilage and also helps people because they no longer have to lift their four-legged friend into the car.

Which dog ramp for the car is good?

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It is primarily a matter of taste. As a general rule, any folding or telescopic ramp is ideal as it doesn’t require as much storage space. Anyone who often travels with the dog in other cars is better advised to use a telescopic ramp, as this can be infinitely adjusted. Only one length can be used for folding ramps. If the trunk is suddenly a little further up, it may be that the ramp is too short and the entrance would be too steep for the dog. When buying a dog ramp, the main things to look out for are the length, the width and, of course, the load capacity in kg.

When should a dog ramp be purchased?

A dog ramp already makes sense when you are a puppy. An early purchase has the advantage that the puppy can get used to it naturally. Dogs that have always jumped or been lifted into cars often take a while to find their way over the ramp. In the course of the first purchases for the puppy, the dog ramp for the car can also be on the shopping list. At the latest, however, when health problems arise, whether in animals or humans, a dog ramp must be considered. As soon as you notice that your four-legged friend is having trouble jumping, don’t think twice.

What types of dog ramps are there – advantages and disadvantages

In addition to rigid ramps, there are also so-called folding dog ramps or telescopic dog ramps. Rigid dog ramps have the disadvantage that they cannot be folded up. A very spacious trunk is therefore required for the transport of these ramps.

As the name suggests, a folding dog ramp is very easy to unfold and fold up again. These models are easy to use and also take up less space than a rigid ramp. The mechanism is simple, so there is no risk of injury. A folding dog ramp also has very small attack surfaces that can break. These types of ramps are therefore very robust and have a long service life. They are also very practical in winter because they do not ice up quickly. With a folding ramp, the right model must always be selected. The dog ramps are available in different sizes. They can only be unfolded to the specified dimensions and are therefore not adjustable in height or length.

A telescopic dog ramp for the car has the advantage that it can be continuously adjusted. It is super flexible and can therefore be used with different cars and different heights and obstacles. The telescopic dog ramp requires even less space than a folding dog ramp because the ramp can be folded up very small. On the other hand, the mechanism of these dog ramps is a bit more complicated and a bit more prone to errors. It can also happen in severe sub-zero temperatures where the telescopic mechanism ices up.

Which dog ramp is suitable for an SUV?

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With an SUV, the trunk and thus the entrance is always higher than with a normal car or a station wagon. Therefore, a longer dog ramp must be chosen for an SUV. As a rule, a ramp with a length between 160 cm and 180 cm should be sufficient for an SUV. However, it would be best if the dog ramp could be tried out on site. So there is no bad buy. For an SUV, telescopic ramps are usually best because they can be adjusted in stages.

What to look for when buying a dog ramp

First of all, the decision should be made whether it should be a foldable dog ramp or a telescopic ramp. If you only use the ramp for one car and have enough space in the trunk, you can confidently use a folding dog ramp.

The width of the dog ramp should be adapted to the adult dog, even if the ramp is bought as a puppy. Dog ramps usually have a standard width of between 30 cm and 50 cm. If the adult dog is a large and wide four-legged friend, a corresponding width should also be selected. The ramp should also be long enough. Here it is important to also consider the entry angle. If the trunk is at a great height, the ramp must be extra long. If the ramp selected is too short, it can only be applied very steeply. However, if the ramp is too steep, the dog cannot climb it.

The permissible total weight and the loading capacity of the ramp must also be taken into account. It is important to note this, as ramps are offered for different weight classes. To prevent the ramp from suddenly breaking, a ramp should be purchased that matches the weight of the adult dog. You should also pay attention to the tread. This is at best rubberized and not smooth. This allows the dog to run up safely without slipping. The material should not be slippery even when wet or in light snow and ice.

Before purchasing the dog ramp for the car, the trunk must be measured properly. This is extremely important, especially if the dog ramp is ordered online and cannot be tried out on site.

Getting the dog used to the ramp

The dog must be accustomed to the dog ramp step by step. You shouldn’t pull your four-legged friend up the ramp under pressure, otherwise, he could develop a permanent fear of the ramp. It is best to set the dog down in front of the ramp and let him sniff it in peace. With a treat, the four-legged friend is guaranteed to be quickly lured up the ramp. Of course, once he’s made it, he needs to be praised and rewarded extensively. Some dogs learn to use the ramp very quickly. For older animals, however, it may take a few days. With a little patience and consistency, however, it usually works very well.

What is a dog ramp needed for?

A dog ramp is primarily used to get in and out of the car. But it can also be used for other obstacles. A dog ramp is useful for very small dogs if they cannot jump onto the sofa or bed. Also, when old or sick dogs have trouble climbing the steps indoors, a ramp can be a huge relief. The dog ramp has a positive effect on the dogs’ musculoskeletal system. But a ramp is also a great thing for the dog owner himself, since the heavy four-legged friend no longer has to be constantly lifted in and out of the car.

Conclusion: Does the dog ramp make sense or not?

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In most cases, a dog ramp makes perfect sense if the four-legged friend always has to climb into the car via the trunk. A dog ramp for the car is a relief for both humans and animals. Constant jumps from great heights have a negative effect on the joints and bones of four-legged friends in the long term. But if you always have to lift your dog into the car, your spine can also suffer. A slipped disc can even occur and you suddenly can no longer lift your four-legged friend. Then boarding becomes a problem.

Once you have used a dog ramp, you will never want to be without it again. Getting your four-legged friend in and out suddenly works very quickly and easily.