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A Russian Black Terrier is the perfect family pet. The breed has enough patience and calmness. This is why the black mix of giant schnauzer, Airedale terrier and Rottweiler is also often used as a rescue dog. If you want to buy this breed, you should consider a few things beforehand. The dog breed Russian Black Terrier belongs to FCI Group 2. It is assigned to Section 1.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Information

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Size: 64-72cm
Weight: Males: 45-68 kg, females: 36-59 kg
FCI Group: 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs and other breeds
Section: 1.4: Tchiorny Terriers
Country of origin: Russia
Colours: black, salt-pepper
Life expectancy: 10-11 years
Suitable as: guard, family and companion dog
Sports: –
Character: Lively, Energetic, Confident, Hardy, Brave, Stable
Exercise requirements: rather high
Drooling potential: medium
Thickness of hair: rather low
Maintenance effort: rather high
Coat structure: hard, dense, close-fitting, rough
Child friendly: yes
Family dog: yes
Social: rather no

Origin and breed history

The development of the Russian Black Terrier is not that long ago, as it only began in the 1940s. Breeding efforts focused on breeding a new working dog that would be suitable for all climates in Russia. For the mating, the Russian breeders selected dog breeds with robust, courageous and strong character traits. Among them were Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers and Airedale Terriers. The viewer looks directly at the Giant Schnauzer of the Black Russian Terrier. Great Danes, Newfoundlands and German Shepherds were also used in the crossings, but only to a small extent.

Due to the impressive and positive characteristics that a Russian Black Terrier has in common, the use as a police and guard dog could be tackled. The ability to act independently made the dog perfect for guarding activities in the context of property protection. While the properties matched the utility, other factors left something to be desired. A Black Russian Terrier is only fully grown at the age of three. For the police service, this circumstance is rather a hindrance. Keeping the animal in a kennel also causes mental suffering because there was no connection to humans. In addition, the care of the fur proves to be too expensive. The animal was finally sold as a professional dog and now private hands are increasingly taking care of the stock.

The state Red Star Kennel adopted the breed in 1957 and it was only officially recognized in Russia in 1981. Three years later, it was officially recognized by the canine umbrella organization FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

Nature & Temperament of the Russian Black Terrier

A Russian Black Terrier is very people-oriented. But it was precisely this beautiful quality that made the breed unsuitable for police service and for being kept in a kennel. For private individuals, on the other hand, this form of attachment turned out to be welcome. Even the appearance of the dog exudes a certain coziness. In fact, this also corresponds to his nature, because in him there is gentleness and calm. These character traits are particularly noticeable in the context of family life, which is why the animal was able to further establish itself after its professional activity.

The sensitive being is loyal to his favorite people and shows himself to be a fair companion in many situations. The relationship of trust between him and his mistress or master is extremely important to the lovable four-legged friend. The same applies to the protection of his two-legged pack: because of his parents, he is undoubtedly able to take up an immediate defensive position when he senses danger.

His autonomy and ability to show himself independent need to be dealt with consistently. Then a Russian Black Terrier gets along well with other conspecifics. Even unwanted behavior when dissatisfied does not harbor aggressiveness. The animal is also neutral to friendly towards other people.

What is the personality of a Russian Black Terrier?

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Reviews describe the breed as calm, people-oriented, and lovable.

The appearance of the Russian Black Terrier

The height at the withers in males is between 72 and 76 cm, while in bitches it is between 68 and 72 cm. The four-legged friend is therefore one of the larger dog breeds. The two sexes also differ in weight: Males can weigh up to 60 kg, while females can weigh up to 50 kg.

The impressive look of the Russian Black Terrier lies in its imposing appearance. The dogs have a muscular and strong physique. The voluminous chest is striking. The massive and large head also makes a striking impression. A sympathetic beard emphasizes the muzzle. The tail is sickle or saber shaped, not lying over the back. Under the always black, long upper hair lies the soft undercoat. Not infrequently, the dark eyes are covered by hair.

How big is a Russian Black Terrier?

Males reach a height of 76 cm. Bitches can grow to 72 cm.

Training and husbandry of the Russian Black Terrier – this is important to note

A Russian Black Terrier is an intelligent animal. However, he does not use them to deceive his humans in any way or to profit from certain human behaviors. But although the likeable-looking fur nose has a calm and patient disposition, only experienced hands are suitable for educational activities, because the dog is considered to be very sensitive. A keeper must have the same sensitivity in order to understand his faithful friend. At the same time, consistency and a lot of dog understanding are necessary to keep the balance between steadfastness and respect.

A Russian Black Terrier is therefore not suitable for a beginner. Even inexperienced prospects who want to show commitment should gain experience with dogs beforehand, because the breed of dog poses many challenges. With the autonomy and independence of the dog nature, a beginner would quickly feel overwhelmed. The risk that he doesn’t know how to react properly is too high. If the dog smells constant insecurity, it will not obey its owner very well. The dog tolerates his human, but he will no longer respect him as the leader of the pack.

In terms of keeping, a Black Russian Terrier can also be kept in an apartment. The animal shows no space requirements, but it needs its own permanent place.

How expensive is a Black Russian Terrier?

Dog Breed: Black Russian Terrier Dog Parenting – A Comprehensive Guide 15

Several price categories are represented between $500 and $1200. A reliable statement about the price can be obtained from a reputable, registered breeding club.

Diet of the Russian Black Terrier

Appropriate feeding should begin as early as puppies. A puppy gets up to six smaller meals a day, whereby it is important to adhere to the dosages so that the young animal does not gain weight. Being overweight at a young age can cause lasting damage later on. The adult, large dog gets two to three meals a day. A growth curve can be used to control weight for large dogs. Dog lovers can get these from the vet.

It should always be high-quality dog ​​food with a high meat content for a protein-rich diet. This applies to both wet and dry food. Bulking agents like grains and other unhealthy nutrients are not included in the ingredient lists of good quality food.

Fixed feeding times and going out times make sense, because the animal needs a rest phase especially for the digestion break. A black Russian terrier must not be fed shortly before its extensive excursion, on which it can let off steam, as there is a risk of a torsion in the stomach in large dog breeds.

The diet is based on the usual nutritional factors. As a reward, the four-legged friend can also get treats. In order to avoid obesity, however, owners should hold back. In the meantime, the palate can be pampered with delicious dry items such as pig ears or beef bones.

Health – life expectancy & common diseases

A Black Russian Terrier can live to be 14 years old, with the average being around 11 years old. The black giant enjoys robust health. To rule out certain health risk factors, purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder is advisable. As a rule, they provide the relevant documents for health care and genetic testing of the parent animals and the buyer a proof of pedigree.

However, some specimens show a predisposition to heart diseases, neurological diseases and eye diseases. In connection with the eyes, there is often a risk of blindness due to detachment of the retina. Cataracts are also often mentioned. Unfortunately, hip and elbow dysplasia are also on the list of possible diseases, but reputable breeders have the parents checked for this, especially in large dogs.

The Russian Black Terrier breed was also bred for weather resistance, since Russia represents the most diverse climatic zones: from arctic states to subtropical areas. The Russian four-legged friend can be used in all climatic regions, so the cold in particular does not bother the imposing animal. The soft undercoat and the dense upper hair keep the dog’s body warm. During heat waves, he needs shady places and lots of water, otherwise the dog can go out in all weathers.

What diseases does a Russian Black Terrier have?

Basically, the animal has robust health and there are hardly any diseases typical of the breed.

Grooming of Russian Black Terriers

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Grooming the Russian Black Terrier requires regularity and thoroughness, and a certain amount of discipline must prevail. Negligence in grooming is punished with tangles in this dog breed and fixed tangles can only be cut out with scissors. The comb and brush are used once or twice a week.

The care of the fur is intensive, but serves the well-being of the dog. But there is relief when it comes to hair loss: the Russian Black Terrier does not shed, so there will be almost no change of coat in spring and autumn. Owners of this breed begin grooming rituals when they are puppies, as this is how the dog gets used to it. In addition, regularity strengthens the bond between humans and animals.

But not only the brush, but also the scissors are used: especially between the paws, the fur has to be shortened. Small clumps of snow can form there in winter. The hair in front of the dog’s eyes also needs to be shortened, because hair that is too long in the eye area can cause eye infections. The hairs can also cause inflammation in the ears, but they can be removed there with rounded-off tweezers. Trimming removes dead undercoat. The claws are trimmed with claw scissors.

Russian Black Terrier Activities and Training

A Russian Black Terrier shows his cozy side in his own four walls. But as soon as he is allowed to breathe fresh air outside, energy and drive are at hand. In this regard, the dog poses challenges for mistress and master, because the dog quickly gets bored if there is a lack of mental exercise in addition to physical exercise. That means: The mere running of kilometers is nothing for this dog. Long-distance runs such as the dog sports canicross or cani hiking would not be suitable. Although the dog can be taken for a jog with careful pre-training, this should not be the norm.

Dog sport agility offers a varied occupation in combination with sport and training. Here the black giant can let off steam both physically and mentally. In fast sprints, dogs overcome a wide variety of obstacles and the intelligent dog head has to work so that this happens as error-free as possible. His favorite person supports him with motivating words. This creates valuable teamwork that strengthens the bond between man and dog.

Good to know: Peculiarities of the Russian Black Terrier

Although the coat may appear to have lost a lot of hair, this is not the case. A Russian Black Terrier hardly sheds at all and is therefore quite allergy-friendly.

Disadvantages of the Russian Black Terrier

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The dog needs a varied activity. Dogs are not made for just going for walks or long-distance runs. Interested parties should therefore bring time and a wealth of ideas with them.

Is the Russian Black Terrier right for me?

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The Russian Black Terrier is to be left in experienced hands. Dog handlers with know-how and a lot of dog understanding will be able to educate the black four-legged friend well. Knowing about the special needs of the dog makes life a lot easier. Experienced dog lovers can often read the wishes of their hairy companion in their eyes. The future purchaser needs time to deal sufficiently with his animal. Visiting a dog sport should be possible in terms of time and money.

As a family dog, the breed is ideal if there is a competent dog handler in the family who can pass on his knowledge to the other family members. Respectful handling promotes the behavior of the black fur nose in the family. Dogs are patient and playful playmates for children, and the canine nature immediately forgives children’s missteps and accepts them in an endearing manner.
The dog with the classic lifestyle is not suitable for seniors. If you only plan on going for slow walks, you should look for another breed of dog.