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The purchase of the Fila Brasileiro dog breed is accompanied by conditions in some regions. For example, interested parties from Germany, Austria or Switzerland should find out about this. However, with the observance of the rules, the animal will bring a lot of joy. The breed portrait reveals whether dogs of this breed are also suitable as family dogs. The Fila Brasileiro belongs to FCI Group 2. The dog breed is assigned to Section 2.1.

Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed Information

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Size: Males: 65-75 cm, females: 60-70 cm
Weight: Males: 63-82 kg, females: 40-73 kg
FCI Group: 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molosser – Swiss Mountain Dogs and other breeds
Section: 2: Molossoids, mastiff-like dogs
Country of origin: Brazil
Colours: black, red, yellow, brindle
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Suitable as: guard, protection, family dog
Sports: –
Character: Determined, Loyal, Obedient, Docile, Courageous
Leaving requirements: high
Drooling Potential: –
Thickness of hair: –
Maintenance effort: low
Coat structure: short, smooth, dense and taut
Child-friendly: rather yes
Family dog: yes
Social: –

Origin and breed history

The Fila Brasileiro is one of the muscular and massive dog types. The Molosser is native to Brazil. The result of today’s dog breed is the result of crossing different hunting dogs and mastiffs. Its ancestors, who can be seen in the Bloodhound, Mastiff and Bulldog alongside Great Danes, came to South America with the Europeans. There, the brave dog was not only used as a guard dog, but also as a hunting, tracking and cattle dog.

Especially in Germany, the animal quickly made a career as one of the most popular hunting dogs in aristocratic circles. The Fila Brasileiro was used especially for hunting big game. What used to be exclusively part of his responsibilities is now a thing of the past – at least in Europe.

1947 marks the year systematic breeding began. The Fila association, which was first founded in 1961, was not able to survive, but the new foundation that took place in 1986 could. To this day, the Club of Friends of the Fila Brasileiro is responsible for breeding the breed.

Although the improvement of hunting skills has always been the focus of crossbreeding, this is hardly ever used. The future role of companion dog was the only role in which the animal should adapt well. And that is also successful. In 1960 the dog breed was officially recognized by the FCI.

Essence & temperament of the Fila Brasileiro

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The Fila Brasileiro dog breed is characterized by its serenity and calmness, without appearing melancholy. Because of his lineage, territorial behaviors and independence are in his nature. The strong tendency to want to make decisions for oneself does not go unnoticed. The compact dog is courageous and loyal to loved ones. The animal behaves suspiciously towards strangers. It can even behave aggressively towards its peers. For this reason, education should focus on early socialization. It is best for the Fila Brasileiro owner to acquire a puppy. With a good upbringing, aggressive tendencies will not arise later.

Although the appearance and its deep bark may seem intimidating to one or the other person, the animal is considered to be very harmonious and cuddly. The most important things to him are his favorite people. The dog does not like to do without the family network, the recognition and a loving environment. He will defend you at any time with readiness and full commitment. He is a very good tracking dog. It cannot be erased from its nature. If he picks up a trail, he likes to follow it. The owner must not forget this when going for a walk.

Although the companion dog is considered calm and composed, it is listed as a dog in some federal states. This means that the Fila Brasileiro is classified as dangerous there. Leashes are compulsory.

What temperament does a Fila Brasileiro have?

The Fila Brasileiro has a calm and relaxed personality. He shows his temper when defending his loved ones.

Appearance of the Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is one of the larger dog breeds. Males measure 65-75 cm tall, bitches are slightly smaller with a height between 60-70 cm. The big animals weigh between 40-50 kilos.

From the body you can see directly that it is a very sporty four-legged friend, because the Fila Brasileiro is a real powerhouse and full of muscles. However, the bitches have a somewhat more delicate physique.

According to the breed standard, black, yellow, red and brindle are permitted as coat colors, whereby the short coat should always be one color.

Upbringing and keeping of the Fila Brasileiro – this is important to note

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Even though the Fila Brasileiro was once a hunting dog, not much of it is seen today. Rather, the protective instincts are very noticeable. Although he is considered calm and calm. The powerful-looking animal is not easy to train. This is mainly due to his self-assured and sometimes dominant behavior, which can only be controlled through consistent and loving upbringing. Negligence has a detrimental effect. Early socialization with people and other conspecifics is one of the most important prerequisites for later having a reliable and trustworthy companion dog.

Because the nature of the Fila Brasileiro tends to want to make decisions alone, the animal should be given a clear role. It is not the dog that leads, but its owner. The Fila Brasileiro will not be able to take his mistress or master seriously, if there are inconsistencies in the upbringing. If man cannot decide here, the dog takes over. The animal evaluates insecurities as incompetence. Clear announcements must therefore be made. However, this must not be done on the basis of violence. Education requires experience and knowledge. This breed of dog is therefore not suitable for a beginner.

In addition, the dog needs exercise. As a former hunting and cattle dog, he likes to be outdoors. A small city apartment in the big city would not be the right place for the Fila Brasileiro.

Where can I buy a Fila Brasileiro?

The best way to buy a Fila Brasileiro is from an experienced breeder.

Nutrition of the Fila Brasileiro

As with any other dog breed, the Fila Brasileiro needs high-quality dog ​​food with a high meat content. If the owner decides not to feed raw, he should take a close look at the declaration. As a rule, she does not leave the purchaser of the food with ambiguities. The four-legged friend needs protein-rich food. For example, beef is one of the protein-rich types of meat. As a puppy, however, the animal needs less protein than as an adult. Grain is completely superfluous as an additive.

The Fila Brasileiro can be fed both dry and wet food. But it should not be just any dog ​​food. The powerful dog needs food for large dog breeds. The special pet food is tailored to individual nutritional needs. This applies to both the nutrient composition and the kibble size.

The consideration of certain nutritional factors support a healthy dog ​​life. These include in particular age, weight, size, activity level, illnesses and any allergies.

The food intake should take place after the extensive excursion and not before. Because the Fila Brasileiro is one of the larger dog breeds, there is a risk of stomach torsion, which can be life-threatening. However, nothing speaks against a really slow and leisurely round after feeding.

Health – life expectancy & common diseases

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The life expectancy of the Fila Brasileiro is 14 years. Basically, the animal enjoys robust health. However, there is a tendency to hip dysplasia (HD). In addition, the purchaser of a large dog breed may also have to reckon with elbow dysplasia, although this is rather rare. When buying, reputable breeders can usually show documents for the breeding examination of the parent animals. In this way, an inherited disease can be largely ruled out.

The first pictures of the puppies can already make an impression on the Internet. In addition, the risk of joint problems can be minimized with the right diet. Feeding should always be proportionate to the level of activity. Too much food and the wrong nutrient composition lead to obesity. As a result, the body has to carry more weight. This puts strain on the joints over time. The focus of the Fila Brasileiro owner is therefore always on the slim waist of the dog. Diet needs to be adjusted, especially in older animals that are no longer as active as they were when they were young.

Stomach problems only become noticeable if a change in feed is not carried out correctly. Gastric torsion can also occur if the animal does not get a break to digest after eating. Letting off steam after feeding can be life-threatening for the animal.

The Fila Brasileiro has no problem with either wet or cold. The dog should not be exposed to excessive heat. In summer, a shady spot is the right place. The water bowl should be sufficiently filled.

How old does a Fila Brasileiro get?

Life expectancy is 14 years.

Maintenance of the Fila Brasileiro

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The Fila Brasileiro dog breed has a dense and short coat. The brush can be used twice a week. However, care gloves with rubber knobs also work. The latter grooms the coat and massages the dog’s body at the same time. Above all, this pleasant care routine strengthens the bond between humans and animals. Anyone who is a dog lover, but not a friend of hair, will inevitably reach for the brush more often. It doesn’t damage the skin at all.

The dog only needs to be bathed in an emergency. Dirt is usually easy to brush out of the fur. Soiling when wet doesn’t have to be stubborn. When dry, the pet owner only needs to brush the fur thoroughly. If the dog does need a bath, a shampoo especially for dogs should be chosen. In summer, a dip in the lake makes grooming easier.

Fila Brasileiro owners use a special ear cleaner to clean their ears. This is necessary because the ears are sensitive. The teeth can be cleaned with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

The claws only need to be trimmed if they are not going to wear down naturally. This can be the case, for example, when the animal mainly walks on soft ground.

Fila Brasileiro – activities and training

The Fila Brasileiro is an active dog. That means: Lots of exercise is a must. The level of activity should be adapted to the dog’s age. A dog sport is therefore suitable for the adult animal, but not necessarily for a dog body that is just growing up. Too much stress at the wrong time can damage the musculoskeletal system.

A large dog meadow may be suitable for the animal to let off steam. Then the Fila Brasileiro must also be able to get along with other dogs. If there is a leash obligation, the freewheel fails. Here the owner must observe the rules of his state.

The animal is suitable for different dog sports. The tracking search is particularly suitable for the original tracking dog. But draft dog training or mantrailing can also be considered. Mantrailing is about tracking down a person’s individual scent, or to put it another way: it’s about searching for a specific person based on a scent sample. Train dog training offers the dog physical and mental exercise. Diverse activities are important for the Fila Brasileiro. Mere walks are not enough to achieve full capacity.

Good to know: special features of the Fila Brasileiro

Although the Fila Brasileiro is listed as a dog in some states, they are generally considered peaceful, calm, and easy-going. The stimulus threshold is quite high. This is not the case with all original hunting dogs. However, he defends his favorite people with full commitment if the dog sees it as necessary.

How big is a Fila Brasileiro?

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Bitches reach a size of 60-70 cm. The male representatives reach a size of 65-75 cm.

Disadvantages of the Fila Brasileiro

If the interested party lives in a federal state in which the dog is listed as a dog, he is obliged to keep the animal on a leash at all times. A free romp on a dog meadow without a leash is then not allowed.

City dwellers should also be aware that the Fila Brasileiro is not an apartment dog. Basically, the animal is undemanding, but cramped conditions can become problematic in the long run. Especially since the Fila Brasileiro loves excursions into nature and varied activities that challenge him. The animal is not made for a big city life.

Is the Fila Brasileiro right for me?

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The Fila Brasileiro is a companion dog, but not a lap dog. The dog breed is considered to be cuddly towards its loved ones. The sensitive dogs are downright gentle. In the right nurturing and loving hands, the loyal four-legged friend proves to be a best friend and a close family member.

Active dog lovers will have fun with this breed. You can achieve the best utilization with trips to the forest and various dog sports. However, experienced dog owners are required here. This is especially true for education. Social compatibility plays an important role in many dog ​​breeds because they do not always get along with their peers.

To keep the animal busy, owners need time. Best kept in the dog in a family. The Fila Brasileiro loves children and is very gentle with them. Childish missteps are not a problem for the dog, they patiently accept them. In addition, there will always be someone in a family who can do something with the dog. He also enjoys his family at home.

Singles and seniors, on the other hand, should think twice about buying this breed. The dog needs activity, affection and attention. Purchasing a puppy is recommended because the animal can then be steered in the right direction from the start. That can be exhausting at times. The dog may be well suited for active seniors who have a lot of experience with dogs and are not subject to any movement restrictions.