Cat-lovers will do everything they can to provide the best care for their beloved pets. They make sure to buy the best nutritional food for their cats and even take them to grooming salons and check-ups monthly. Purchasing a comfy cat bed where little furies could laze on all day is no exception. But do you know that you can do so much more by buying an eco-friendly bed for your cat? These beds are made of sustainable materials that are good for you and your cat.

Cat Bed

What Is A Sustainable Cat Bed?

A sustainable cat bed or eco-friendly cat bed is made with different bedding materials that are sustainable and good for the environment, such as organic fibers. You will also likely find recycled fabrics in an eco-friendly cat bed. These cat beds avoid the use of synthetic materials like polyester.

Eco-friendly cat beds come in varieties. There are different styles and colors that could suit your cat’s personality and your budget.

You’re also likely to see cat beds with upcycled materials like old clothing. They can be handmade, and some are customizable items as well.

Why Sustainable Cat Beds?

There are many ways these types of beds can benefit your pet cat and your household.

1. Lesser Environmental ImpactHow Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 21

Sustainable cat beds enhance their eco-conscious profile by using natural and organic materials with recycled fibers. By using these materials, the production of synthetic materials is lessened. Hence, decreasing the risk of pollutants mixing in the air which causes air pollution. Recycling also helps avoid the overflowing of landfills.

Some companies utilize natural soy instead of using CFC chemicals on foam inserts since these chemicals can have adverse effects on pets. Not only is the switch suitable for cats, but the carbon footprint of the manufacturer and the use of fossil fuels are also reduced.

How Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 22

Other producers would also partner with suppliers that only use eco-friendly practices to create pet beds. These sustainable beds are made of varying natural or recycled components derived from plants instead of harsh chemicals. Others are using sustainable fillers made from plastic soda fibers. Some companies use old clothes, sheets, and bedding as stuffing for cat beds instead of being dumped in landfills.

There are producers of duvet beds made in one-hundred percent cotton canvas with bolsters for protection against water and urine. Some companies that create customized beds also use up-cycled materials transformed into homemade padding.

Another benefit of using recycled, upcycled, and natural materials on pet bedding is that it also helps to reduce the energy for the manufacturing of these products.

2. Safer Materials

Conventional cat beds contain chemicals, and that’s a harsh truth if you’ve been buying your cat the non-eco-friendly bed. These beds are mostly manufactured with flame retardant substances. The most dangerous of them all is polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDE. This chemical is used to coat fabrics in cat beds, furniture, and other household items to avoid them from catching fire.How Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 23

Unfortunately, the application of flame retardants came at a cost. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s published Technical Fact Sheet on PBDE, animals’ exposure to the chemical caused developmental neurotoxicity, thyroid toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and immunotoxicity.

Other chemicals such as antimony, boric acid, and formaldehyde are also used as flame retardants found in electronics, carpeting, and more. These chemicals that can be found in non-organic pet bed surfaces can infiltrate the bodies of your cats through their skin, nose, and mouth. Your cats are spending most of their time on their non-organic beds, and it makes them highly vulnerable, mainly because they groom themselves by licking.

Making the switch to a toxin-free bed prevents such dangerous effects from happening to your beloved pet. You can find pet beds that use organic cotton, organic silk, and poly-microfiber that are toxic-free and not treated with flame retardants. Such materials don’t cause allergies, provide good air circulation, and repel mites that are likely to make their way to human beds and furniture.

3. Pet Fur Is ControlledHow Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 24

Cats will indeed sleep anywhere, even in the most uncomfortable places. But that should not stop you from choosing a cat bed that your cat will like. Purchasing an organic bed is a healthier option that can be as comfortable as the non-toxic ones. Another inconvenience that you can solve by giving your cat its own bed is to help control the shedding of fur.

Your cat will benefit from a cozy organic cotton Sherpa fabric-made bed. The softness of the bed mimics the comfort of a mother cat’s fur. It helps them sleep better and encourages your cat to stay at a designated sleeping place.

As a cat owner, you will likely find so much fur on your bed, furniture, carpeting, and more. A cat bed will help contain most of the cat fur. Cat fur flies off anywhere and will land even on your clothing which can take a lot of time and effort to clean.

A good option for a cat bed is a cave-shaped wool cat bed. Not only does it trap warmth, but it also traps cat fur. The shape of the cat bed makes it easier to keep the fur in one place.

4. Hygienic And Easy To Clean

Another option you can choose is a sustainable cat bed made of merino wool. This type of wool comes from the Merino sheep breed. Merino wool is thinner and softer than regular wool, making them a comfy material for bed. Wool is also a great match to most types of flooring for your pet-friendly home.

Cat beds made of Merino wool are absorbent. Your cat may accidentally take a leak in their bed, especially if they are not potty trained, but with a Merino bed, there’s no need to worry about the mess. The Science Learning Hub in New Zealand finds that wool fiber is highly absorbent because of the tiny cuticle cells. Wool also wicks moisture from the surface of the bed. If you touch it, it will likely feel dry. Plus, the wool itself also neutralizes odors.How Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 25

Wool surfaces are also easier to clean when it comes to fur. Per fur stays on the surface of the wool, but it doesn’t entangle with the fibers. When it’s time to clean the bed, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to wipe down the hair and other debris. It’s important to take note that wool beds are for handwashing and air drying only.

If you’re into bamboo charcoal pillows or sheets, you’ll be happy to know that companies are creating bamboo charcoal pet beds. Fabrics made with bamboo charcoal also help minimize odors and reflect heat.

Choosing an organic cat bed with removable covers and liners is also essential. Cats have sensitive noses, and while it’s good that the bed can trap fur, it can come to the point that it may cause allergies. Removable liners will make it easier for you to keep the cat bed clean and prolong the life of the bed.

If you can, purchase an organic barrier cloth that has health benefits such as the ability to keep dust mites, animal dander, and other debris off the cat bed. Keeping potential allergens will also help cats sleep soundly. Some barrier cloths have tight or dense weaving for efficient protection. It contributes to the comfort that cats need for sleeping.

5. Cats Sleep BetterHow Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 26

Not all cat lovers can have their cats sleeping with them in their beds. For whatever reason, providing your cat with an organic bed can keep them warm and cozy even without you beside them in their sleep.

Wool materials are a popular trapper of heat. It has fiber cuticles that keep your cat warm when the temperature drops. The material starts producing heat after it traps moisture. Cat beds made of wool are perfect during cold nights. If your aging cat is sensitive to the cold, the wool will keep them warm.

Some cats that curl up when sleeping will also like the organic-sided bed, also known as cuddle cups. They act like a blanket that helps save heat. You can place them in basements that tend to be warmer than the rest of the house.

Sustainable pet beds with a high 12-inch rear also help ease the joint pain of cats with arthritis. Specially designed beds can help your pet cats get better sleep. The beds’ versatility is also crucial for cats who sleep in different positions. If you can find a non-toxic bed that adapts to the shape of your cat’s body, the better.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing

Cats won’t know the differences in designs of cat beds, but various eco-friendly options benefit your cat and serve as a décor for your home. There are multiple shapes, sizes, and colors that you can choose from that are appropriate for your cat’s needs and match the look of any room in the house.How Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 27

Here are some cat bed designs that you might like:

  • Cat Caves

A popular cat bed design, cat caves tend to have an oblong shape with a singular hole as an entrance. Cats love these beds because they resemble hideouts and narrow spaces that give them warmth and protection. They can jump in, play, peek out and share with other cats in the house. It’s great for kittens and grown cats. They love squeezing in small spaces as it gives them comfort.

  • Wooden Beds

Wood bed frames are also ideal for cat beds. Wood can also be woven or carved into comfortable cat beds like rattan or bamboo carved beds. If you like minimalistic settings and décor, or something coastal, you can buy this type of bed for your cat.

  • Orthopedic BedsHow Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 28

These cat beds are small mattresses with a soft barricade to the back and the sides. They are particularly designed to aid cats with arthritis to help ease aching joints. They are likely to have certified foams along with non-toxic materials. These cat beds are versatile and will work with any room.

  • Self-Warming Cat Beds

A self-warming cat bed is made up of certain materials that return the heat of the cat’s body to them. Cats sleep better in a warm environment. It’s a great option because you don’t need electricity for it. It also saves electricity bills. Self-heating cat beds are great when you live in a cold climate with harsh winter months.

  • Round BedsHow Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 29

Perhaps the most typical cat bed has a circular shape with a cushion in the middle. These beds are almost always with raised sides so that cats can lay their heads on them. They can be designed with other features in mind. A cat cave is a level up from the round bed because of the raised sides. It is also a versatile cat bed that would look nice in any room.

  • Cat Perches

A cat that likes high places or looking out the window will surely love the cat perch. They may stand alone or be installed beside a window. Cats perching on it will enjoy the view outside. Choose a perch that has a bed on the top. There are also perches wide enough to place a round bed on them.

  • Bed Mat

Bet mats are rectangular and almost flat to the ground. As the name entails, they look similar to a mat or foam mattress. They may use poly filler contents. Also, they are machine washable and made with different comfortable fabrics.

How Cats And Hoomans Benefit From A Sustainable Cat Bed 30

In Conclusion

Sustainable cat beds have so much more benefits than a regular cat bed. For one, they have natural and recycled materials. They are free of toxic materials to help protect your cat’s health. They are also easy to maintain than regular cat beds. Such cat beds also help humans in a way that they produce less carbon footprint and lessen pollution. It only makes sense to give the best sustainable bed for your cat.