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Dog Bite : Man’s best friend could turn into man’s worst nightmare when they bite. Dog bites are extremely painful, not only because of the wound, but also because you may feel a certain amount of betrayal. If they’re supposed to be people’s best friends, why do they bite?

There are many reasons why dogs would attack suddenly. The command given by the owner could be listed as the cruelest of all and could carry serious consequences. Dog owners are responsible for taking care of their pets and ensuring that other people are safe around them.

Dog Bite

Whether dog bites are an accident or intentional, there are specific steps to take when it happens to you. These include:

1.Remain Calm And Collected

Getting away from the dog would be the first thought that comes to mind. Thus, you’ll need a clear mind and a calm response for this to be done safely.

Agitating the animal more may cause them to keep attacking. As best you can, put some distance between you and the dog. Run for shelter if possible, and don’t try to catch the animal, especially if they’re unknown to you.

Making sure everyone is safely away from immediate danger is the main priority.

2. Gather Information

First aid should be applied as soon as possible to minimize the bleeding and infection, but get the facts in order whilst giving or receiving this treatment.

Asking questions about why this happened, where precisely the bite marks are, and who the dog belongs to would be very helpful in determining the liability later on. Contact a legal professional for assistance to learn more about the penalties involved.

The information could assist medical personnel at the hospital or clinic, and help them know how to proceed with the treatment. The extent of the injuries could be explained to the first responders telephonically, and more details could be given when the person reaches a medical facility.

6 Steps To Take After A Dog Bite 1

3. Immediate Medical Assistance

Before getting the person who was bitten to a treatment facility, basic first aid measures could be applied.

Wash the wound, slow the bleeding, apply an antibiotic cream, and wrap the wound to prevent further infection. Before seeing a medical professional, these are the steps to take if the injury is less serious. For more severe attacks, an ambulance should be dispatched as soon as possible, and contacting emergency services is a must.

A tetanus injection to prevent this severe medical condition would be given at the doctor’s office or the medical facility. It’s a standard procedure for all animal bites and should be done soon after the incident.

4. Involve Animal Control

The dog should be caught and safely kept away from people and other animals to ensure that they don’t injure anyone else.

Contact the nearest animal control specialists to assist with the capture, and don’t attempt to do it yourself. Let the professionals take care of it and determine if the animal may have rabies. This is crucial information that would need to be relayed to the medical team.

Animal control is trained to handle animals safely, and they assist others with aggressive animals.6 Steps To Take After A Dog Bite 2

5. Find The Owner

If possible, find the dog’s owner so important information can be obtained from them, including if the animal has been vaccinated and if the vaccinations are up to date.

Animals that are fully vaccinated pose less of a threat than dogs that don’t have all their vaccines. The injections include protection against diseases, like rabies, that could be life-threatening.

Other information that would have to be obtained from the owner would be their name, surname, contact details, and insurance details. This would be crucial for any claim arising from the incident.

Homeowners insurance may cover the medical treatment and losses that a person may incur from the dog bite.

6. File Reports

For the claims process, filing reports is vital to ensuring that one receives cover from the insurance company and protection from a legal aspect.

When reports are filed with all the necessary authorities, the insurance companies may contact you for more details about the incident for them to have a clear understanding of what happened on the day.

It’s imperative to note that no documentation should be signed, and no agreements should be made without consulting a legal professional. The facts should be accurately relayed and the legal aspects handled by a lawyer specializing in these injuries for the best outcome.


6 Steps To Take After A Dog Bite 3

In Conclusion

Dog bites are a serious matter, and professionals should always handle them. Animal control, medical staff, and legal representatives all have a vital role in ensuring that all the information is taken through the correct channels.

There could be a more extended recovery period or even a loss in some cases. When this happens, you may need extra compensation to cover all the costs. Having a good legal team to help you with this could make the difference.