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#1. Princess Diana once upon a time called the Corgis

#2. Queen’s parents welcomed the royal family’s first corgi in


#3. Duke of Edinburgh “loathed” the corgis for being

#4. Name the first set of Corgis to visit The Hampshire house

Select all that apply:

Nope , you are wrong.

#5. What was the name of the first Corgi in the nuclear family of Princess Elizabeth

Nope , you are wrong.

#6. Who look after the Queen's corgis

Nope , you are wrong.


#7. Who was Pipkin

Good job, you got it wrong.


#8. Corgis were introduced to the royal family by the Queen's dad, when

Congratulations, you are wrong


#9. Queen told former butler that corgis

Take a rest and come back. You are wrong.

#10. What year and at what age did Queen Elizabeth received her Corgi gift?

Nope , you are wrong.



Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Quiz?

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