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Boa as a Pet: According to a survey done by the American Pet Products Association, 9.4 million people in America keep a reptile as a pet, and snakes are the most popular choice. You might also find it interesting to know that there are more than 40 different species of Boa, and they are all different. Not all Boas are suitable to be kept as pets though, so it is important thatKeeping a Boa as a Pet 5 you choose your pet carefully, and make sure that you have a suitable enclosure that is big enough, as Boas can grow big very quickly.
The type of Boa 
If you are a novice at keeping snakes, you may want to opt for a smaller species of Boa, like the Rosy Boa. They generally don’t grow bigger than 3 feet in length, and will be content kept in captivity as long as they have lots of interest in their enclosures. The Kenyan Sand Boa is another good option, as they thrive in a warm and sandy enclosure that mimics their natural habitat. The magnificent Green Anaconda, also a member of the Boa family, would not be a good choice for a pet, as they can grow to 30 feet long and weigh up to 550 pounds.
Choosing your enclosure 
When you are choosing a snake, it is important to remember that Boas are ultimately wild animals, they are not the sort of pets that will sit on your lap for a fuss, so they need a suitable enclosure. Boas are generally very placid, but may still bite if they are stressed or feeling unwell. They will become stressed if they don’t have enough space or stimulation. When you are choosing your enclosure, it is important to make sure that it is sufficiently big enough. Boas average 6-7 feet in length, and some species can grow considerably bigger. You should make sure that your enclosure is completely secure, as Boas tend to be good at escaping.
Boa as a Pet
Daily care
Boas generally like a basking temperature in their enclosures of around 88℉, so you willKeeping a Boa as a Pet 6 need to make sure that they have a consistent heat and light source. The snakes have a diet of mice, rats and other small mammals – these can be purchased frozen from the pet store. You will only need to feed an adult snake a large meal every 2-3 weeks. Never put your hand directly into the enclosure whilst holding food, it should be dropped in from a distance. Always make sure that your snake has a water source and a large bowl for submerging itself, as Boas like a good soak.
Boas can be interesting pets that are generally low maintenance. To keep one as a pet, you will need to make sure that it has a suitable enclosure with plenty of natural wood decorations.