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While going to the vet is a matter of course for many dog owners, visiting an animal midwife is not (yet) one of the standards. In the following, we reveal everything about the tasks, costs, and training of an animal midwife or dog midwife.

Animal Midwives

  • Animal midwives provide pregnancy support and help with the birth;
  • Home visits are part of her daily chores;
  • Most often they are used as dog midwives.

Animal midwife: tasks and achievements

Animal Midwives: When Puppies and Kittens See the Light of Day 7

In general, an animal midwife does exactly the same thing for pets that a classic midwife does for people. It accompanies you before, during, and after pregnancy. As a rule, the animal midwife works with a mobile ultrasound device. She comes home to the pregnant bitch at regular intervals and monitors the progress of the pregnancy. This enables her to inform dog owners about possible complications at an early stage. In an emergency, the animal has to go to a clinic where a cesarean section takes place. True to the motto that babies do not depend on closing times, they also have no “normal opening times”. If necessary, she also takes care of the animals in the period before and after pregnancy. This means that she gives tips on how to optimize breeding and when there are difficulties in breeding, or she supports puppy rearing. Your areas of responsibility are very extensive:

  • Support and help with heat and the mating process;
  • Accompaniment during pregnancy;
  • Preparation for and support during the birth with pre-and aftercare for the bitch and puppy;
  • Tips and advice for litter and puppy rooms;
  • Birth and rearing records;
  • Advice on various topics such as vaccinations, rearing, diseases, and problems for the bitch before, during, and after birth.

Animal midwives are often trained or trained animal healers at the same time. As a result, they are also happy to advise on natural healing methods for pets. Breeders in particular make use of their services, as the midwife can provide support in many ways.

That costs an animal midwife

Animal Midwives: When Puppies and Kittens See the Light of Day 8

The cost of an animal midwife depends on what services are used and needed. In general, she bills either per hour of work performed or per service. During pregnancy, for example, she comes regularly between three and four times. An ultrasound is then performed at these appointments. The prices for an animal midwife with an ultrasound appointment are between $50 and $70. If aftercare is desired, there are of course additional costs for the breeder or dog owner. The prices for a dog midwife vary depending on travel costs, time, and material expenditure.

Becoming an animal midwife: education and career

Animal Midwives: When Puppies and Kittens See the Light of Day 9

In contrast to the human midwife, there is no training as such for an animal midwife. Anyone who works in this area needs one thing above all: experience and know-how in the veterinary field. It is, therefore, no wonder that many breeders and animal healers choose the professional path as animal midwives. Courses for obtaining certificates and qualifications are recommended.