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If you want to strengthen your dog’s immune system, you have many options. Read here whether breast milk called colostrum can also help.

The best thing dog owners can do to support the health of their four-legged friends is to strengthen their immune systems. There are many ways to do this, the most important of which is a healthy and balanced diet.

Dog owners also hear more and more often about the so-called colostrum, which is touted as natural immune protection. Read here if and how it helps.

What is colostrum?

Can I Strengthen the Dog's Immune System With Colostrum? 7

Colostrum is the term given to breast milk that mammals receive 24 hours after birth. It not only contains vital antibodies but also provides the offspring with growth substances, minerals, and vitamins.

Can colostrum protect dogs and puppies?

When considering using colostrum to support your dog’s immune system, it is important that you distinguish between natural colostrum and a colostrum substitute. However, neither is suitable for supporting the immune system of adult dogs.

Natural colostrum for puppies: effect

Can I Strengthen the Dog's Immune System With Colostrum? 8

Natural colostrum is the name given to the first milk that is produced by a mother to feed newborns. This is rich in antibodies that promote the build-up of the immune system and protect the puppies from certain diseases. The puppies also take in nutrients such as vitamin A and iron through the colostrum.

Does Colostrum Powder Help In Adult Dogs?

After a few days, the puppies lose the ability to absorb antibodies into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. Because of this, it is not possible to boost the immune system of adult dogs with colostrum. The antibodies would only be broken down during the digestive process.

Colostrum substitutes are usually made from cow’s milk and do not contain the same antibodies as the bitches’ natural colostrum. However, it is a good source of nutrients.

What should I discuss with my vet regarding colostrum therapy?

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If you are concerned that your pet may have health problems and are considering using colostrum to support its immune system, the first thing you should do is seek the opinion of your veterinarian. Many diseases can be treated successfully by a veterinarian if diagnosed at an early stage.