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Bach flowers are not only popular with people. Many dog owners rely on the essences to help their four-legged friends. They should help the four-legged friend to relax and rest. But what exactly are Bach flowers and what can they do?

They are called Wild Rose, Chestnut Bud, White Clematis, or Elm – this is just a small selection of the 38 Bach flower essences. It is named after the doctor Dr. Edward Bach, who collected flowers at a specified time and place at the beginning of the 19th century. The flowers were placed in water, dried in the sun, and then preserved by adding alcohol. According to Bach, the resulting essences should bring about a “harmonization” of negative mental states. Bach theorized that any illness is highlighted by an imbalance in the soul.

How can I use Bach flowers on dogs?

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In teardrop shape

The best-known type of application is the Bach flowers in the form of drops. The liquid Bach flower essences are bottled as a concentrate in small 10 ml bottles. To do this, mix the Bach flower essences with water (non-carbonated) and give the dog four drops six times a day spread over the day. The amount can vary, but it should not be given too little, otherwise, the therapy will be ineffective.

The so-called “Rescue Drops”, which contain a combination of several Bach flowers, are known. Edward Bach himself developed this mixture. Rescue Drops are used in acute emergencies or in stressful situations.

As globules

Bach flowers are available as globules, i.e. small balls. Dog owners either give the globules to the dog directly or mix them into the food.

As an ointment

A Bach flower rescue ointment is available for external use. This contains five Bach flower essences: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Crab Apple, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. In the event of skin irritation, mosquito bites or to care for the paws, the dog owner can apply the ointment to the affected area on the fur nose.

Are there any side effects?

This is where the little helpers score: Bach flowers have no known side effects and are generally well tolerated. Even with an overdose, there are no adverse reactions.

In which situations can I use Bach flowers in dogs?

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First and foremost, treatment with Bach flowers can help the dog to relax and calm down. When the soul is sick or not stable enough to cope with stressful situations, dog owners can try the alternative healing method.

A dog can suffer mental illness as a result of trauma. This means that the four-legged friend was very afraid in one situation, for example in a car accident. Often trauma is accompanied by behavioral problems. Bach flowers can be used to support the healing process of the soul.

There are dogs who are hardly disturbed by anything and have a relaxed demeanor. Then there are those dogs that are very sensitive to noise and other external influences. Some nervous four-legged friends get Bach flowers on certain days or in places. New Year’s Eve is a very well-known example of the use of Bach flowers in dogs. Dog owners observed that their four-legged friends encountered the night with more relaxation.

But there are many more areas of application for anxious dogs: a visit to the vet, loud thunderstorms, or a long car trip.

Do Bach flowers help dogs?

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The effectiveness of Bach flowers in dogs has not been scientifically proven. Since the funds are extremely dilute, clinical studies point to the placebo effect that can occur in humans. In dogs, however, there can be no question of this effect. Only the experiences of the dog owners who use Bach flowers can provide orientation here. It remains a question of faith that is controversial. Many people have positive experiences with Bach flowers and swear by the essences and observe a positive change in their four-legged friend. Others, however, label alternative medicine as humbug.

For a possible success of the Bach flower therapy, a detailed consultation is important beforehand. With a range of 38 essences, it is difficult to know right from the start about the right essences, the dosage, and the duration. Animal health practitioners or veterinarians who are open to alternative medicine will provide advice to dog owners.

When the Bach flowers don’t help

For example, if the dog tends to be aggressive, the problem is, as is so often the case, at the other end of the leash. It is possible that the owner spends too little time with the four-legged friend and does not utilize it appropriately. Errors in upbringing also play a role here. In such cases, consistent training is essential for success.

Behavioral problems can be caused by serious physical illnesses. These must always be discussed with the veterinarian. Dog owners should be aware of where it makes sense to use Bach flowers and where training and a visit to the vet are essential. The possibilities of Bach flower therapy are limited and not every disturbance can be remedied with drops and pellets.

Bach flowers in dogs – conclusion

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Whether the Bach flowers bring the desired effect in dogs cannot be answered with a clear yes or no. The clinical studies speak clearly against it, the opinions of many dog owners in favor. Here everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are open to alternative medicine and use it in the case of restlessness or internal tension in the dog. However, one thing remains fact: In the case of serious illnesses and behavioral disorders, the advice of a veterinarian is always recommended and never relies on the sole healing power of Bach flowers.