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Dry, irritated, or itchy eyes can affect dogs as much as we do humans. Inflamed eyes are very uncomfortable for the affected dog and should be treated as soon as possible. Eye drops are a quick remedy and are easy to use. Here’s what to look for when using eye drops for dogs and when to see a veterinarian.

When does the dog need eye drops?

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If the dog suffers from an inflammation of the eyes or from dry eyes, the symptoms are usually expressed by the fact that the eye is watery, reddened, or swollen. Even if the dog rubs its eye frequently with its paw, this can be an indication of eye problems. Drops usually help quickly against the discomfort, as they moisten the eye and alleviate the discomfort. Eye drops can help with the following symptoms and eye diseases:

  • Conjunctivitis: If the dog’s eye is inflamed, for example from dust or drafts, eye drops help to moisten and relieve inflammation.
  • Cataracts: Cataracts are an opacification of the dog’s lens. Special anti-inflammatory eye drops can relieve the symptoms.
  • Allergies: Even with allergic reactions, dog eye complaints often occur, which can be treated with eye drops.

Eye drops for dogs: Euphrasia etc.

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Treatment of eye discomfort always depends on the underlying cause. The most common cause is uncomplicated conjunctivitis caused by dust or drafts. The complaints can be treated with wetting, moisturizing drops. Drops with the active ingredient Euphrasia (eyebright) also provide quick relief against the symptoms. If the symptoms are due to more serious illnesses, for example, cataracts, or allergies, special eye drops from the veterinarian are necessary for the treatment.

Does eye drop for dogs and humans?

Some over-the-counter eye drops that are used to wet the eyes or that contain eyebright are suitable for both humans and animals. When buying, however, always speak to your pharmacist or veterinarian to make sure that the active ingredients contained are also suitable for dogs. Never give your dog medication intended for humans without consulting a veterinarian.

Buy dog eye drops: pharmacy and veterinarian

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You can buy eye drops for dogs from your vet or from a pharmacy without a prescription. In addition to medicines for humans, many pharmacies also offer veterinary drugs and can give you comprehensive advice. However, if the symptoms are severe or persistent, the vet should always be consulted. The vet can investigate the cause of the discomfort, initiate the right treatment and recommend the right eye drops for the dog. You can then buy the eye drops for dogs directly from your veterinarian.