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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse : Owning and taking care of a horse is not as straightforward as it might seem from the outside. The physical, mental, and financial toll can be overwhelming for most horse owners who do not have any prior experience in this field or are simply attempting this without a proper plan. Breeding a horse requires way more than just the initial cost of acquiring it. Owners might have to brace themselves for a complete change in their lifestyles once the newest member of the family arrives.

Purchasing a Horse

For both beginners and accomplished horse breeders, a comprehensive analysis of a number of factors is essential in order to select the ideal breed. It is better to consider all the problems you might face before bringing the horse home. A number of issues can arise if the wrong breed is adopted, such as the horse might be extremely energetic and physical while what you need is a calm creature who would graze on the fields all day and occasionally let you ride for short sprint sessions. This article takes a thorough look at the aspects you should strongly consider before buying a horse.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse

Identify the Ideal Size You Are Looking for

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse 1

In simple terms, you might be looking for a big or a small horse before diving into the variety of breeds in those classifications. Big horse breeds like the shire, Percheron, Clydesdale, Suffolk punch, and the Belgian draft horse are some of the most popular among professionals looking for enormous beasts. These horses tend to be great in fieldwork and are seriously effective in carrying enormous loads when needed. Expert riders prefer large horses because they tend to practice riding almost every day. Smaller horses are usually not built to take this kind of intense pressure and easily succumb to it. Even the height matters massively. Bulky horses with a lot of weight but lacking in height are also quite ineffective for people only opting for racing purposes due to their relatively smaller strides.

Compact horse breeds like the Shetland pony, Noma pony, Halflinger, Falabella, and the Guoxia are popular and unique in their own regards. These tiny breeds of horses are not only cute but also bring a variety of benefits to the breeder. They require significantly less space to live, provide extensive mental support to their larger companions, and are consistent performers in horse shows around the world. It is clear that the size of horses can determine the way they need to be handled and the outputs we receive from them. Make sure you know the ideal size of horse that you are looking for.

Determine the Gender and Age You PreferImportant Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse 2

In the field of horseracing, male horses tend to get the most attention and hype from most aspirants. However, female horses are incredibly efficient in their tasks as well, and some of the most iconic racehorses in history were, indeed, mares. Racers might base their decision on the horse’s gender due to this. Horse breeders are also extremely picky on the sex as their primary focus is to breed breeders! They avoid castrating the horses that are in the ideal age group and have a decent physique. These horses are used for breeding and are often kept in top physical conditions by their owners.

Mature horses in the prime of their lives are the most in-demand due to their ability to perform almost anything their owners might desire from them. Older horses, on the other hand, are more injury-prone, vulnerable to age-related illnesses, and are extremely proud and stubborn. They need added medical attention more often than others and are generally clingy by nature. However, they do not need a lot of training, which is great for beginners or children attempting to ride for the first time. You might not even need to teach them the mainstream cues for maneuvering.

Younger horses, on the other hand, are more fidgety and require training to bring them to the desired standards of their breeders. You can shape their behavior from an early age and develop their habits based on your requirements or the chores that they would need to carry out every day. Make sure you know your exact necessities and choose the age and sex accordingly.

Pick the Right Breed

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We have already mentioned a number of horse breeds based on the size, earlier in this article. It is essential to figure out the exact breed you are looking for, as it would determine almost everything from then onwards. Below is a list of breeds that you can choose from depending on your needs.

  • Thoroughbreds: Horse racers value thoroughbreds over most other breeds due to their extreme agility and sprightly temperament which are highly beneficial on the race track. They are excellent long jumpers and can be taken to competitive scenarios based on their skill sets. Additionally, riders can enjoy hours of sprinting on their backs without worrying a lot about their depleting stamina and energy levels.
  • American Quarter Horse: These are incredibly athletic horses who would hardly mind even if you attempt to sprint through the most grueling tracks out there. They are born runners and are accepted by beginners and professionals alike around the world. They have their names in the pages of history due to their high efficiency in fieldwork.
  • Draft Breeds: These horses have contrasting functionalities with the previous ones in the sense that they are not particularly sprinters but are carriers. They can bear massive loads on their backs and go for hours without too many complaints. In fact, their thick, sturdy skins allow them to perform even in freezing temperatures, with snow under their hooves. They do not usually flinch when startled, which contributes to the safety of the loads on their backs.
  • The Arabian: Being the oldest registered breed of horse in known history, the Arabian is widely popular among horse enthusiasts all around the world. They are immensely loyal and are generally composed in their activities. They are ideal pets for people who are not looking to achieve something in particular but are basically in need of companionship.
  • Ponies: Ponies are young horses that have their own demand among the masses. For families with children aspiring to learn to ride, ponies are absolutely ideal. The children can practice riding on them without the risk of losing control or getting overpowered by the whims of an adult horse. Young kids can conveniently mount these miniature creatures without any added assistance. Parents willing to teach their children to ride should definitely opt for ponies based on the utility.

Ensure a Comfortable Habitat

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The stable you build for your horse is the place where it will spend its lazy hours during the day and sleep at night. It is essential for this place to be comfortable for the horse or it might stay groggy throughout the day and refuse to obey instructions. Make sure the stable has enough space for it to move about, stretch, or simply roll on the ground. The interior should be well ventilated and easy to access.

Stables already containing horses may be slightly daunting for a new horse to join. However, given the right conditions, you will soon be seeing all of them living in harmony without a fuss. Horses are renowned for their ability to quickly become friends with other animals. Be sure to secure the habitat properly to keep out predators that might have an eye on your precious horses.

Anticipate the overall costs

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse 5

The financial commitment required to take care of a horse is quite substantial. Obvious expenses like the cost of food, veterinary care, and shelter are not the only sections where you need a lot of cash. People abruptly deciding to get a pet horse usually miss out on some of the other expenses that come along with horse care. These may include farrier visits, cost of grooming equipment, dental care, or even hiring a professional to take temporary care of your horse and teach you the methods in the process.

Furthermore, you may not be able to figure out any underlying diseases in the horse you are considering adopting. In such cases, you will need to take a professional vet with you to examine it before continuing in the purchasing process. These are not cheap, as the vet will perform a comprehensive check before making a recommendation. Make sure you take all these expenses into account before finalizing the deal.

Final Thoughts

Horses are noble creatures who have their name and influence in the pages of history. They are great companions who tend to give their best upon receiving orders and continue to do so for as long as they live. Each of the best horse breeds in the world has its distinct features and functionalities. Understanding them is your primary task before attempting to adopt your very first horse.