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Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites: Dogs are one of man’s best friends, however, sometimes they can become aggressive and temperamental for a number of reasons. When dogs are improperly trained or have experienced traumatic events, they can turn aggressive and cause serious damage to those around them.

Unfortunately, a few bad bites can give certain dogs a bad reputation. It’s important to note that no dog or breed is necessarily aggressive by nature. Some dogs may simply be territorial, possessive, protective, fearful, defensive, unsocialized, or even experiencing pain.

The list below is not curated by aggression but rather by the strongest bite. The strength of a dog bite is calculated in ‘pounds per square inch’, also referred to as psi. This unit of strength is measured by the shape of their jaw, the size of their body and the size of their skill.

If you’re interested in knowing which dogs have the most dangerous bites, keep reading…

Kangal (743 PSI)

Kangal Shepherd Dog - Wikipedia

The Kangal is perhaps the world’s mightiest dog with a bite that is three times more powerful than that of a Doberman. Originally from Turkey, these dogs are popular for defending homes and owners. Although they are not very aggressive by nature, they are fiercely protective of their loved ones, making them fantastic family pets.

English Mastiff (552 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 13

The English Mastiff is another gentle yet powerful breed that loves interacting with both children and adults. This breed of dog is naturally friendly and very affectionate; however, it is also extremely energetic and can be stand-offish with strangers. Males can weigh up to 100 kilos, so you’ll need a strong owner to handle this dog.

Wolf Dog (406 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 14

The Wolf Dog is a peculiar breed because although it is a canine, it’s a cross between a domestic dog and a gray wolf, eastern wolf, red wolf, or Ethiopian wolf. This creates a large hybrid with wolf-like and dog-like qualities, making the breed rather unpredictable. Dogs are obedient and social beings whereas wolves are shy with an inbred fear of man.

Rottweiler (328 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 15

The next on our list of powerful bites is the Rottweiler, one of the oldest dog breeds that can be traced back to Roman times. It’s a descendant from the Mastiff which also explains it’s strength and size. Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs for families, and they love to follow their favorite family member to ensure they are always safe and protected.

Siberian Husky (320 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 16

The Siberian Husky is a fan favorite amongst dog-owners due to their striking eyes and beautiful, thick coat. Although it’s a popular breed to domesticate, this dog is originally a working dog that enjoys being part of a pack. Huskies are friendly creatures who aren’t too suspicious of strangers, however, don’t let their sociable demeanor fool you, a bite from a Husky can leave a hefty dent. If you do happen to be injured, it’s always best to speak to a dog bite lawyer.

German Shepherd (238 PSI)

Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites

The German Shepherd has an extremely powerful bite and it’s no surprise that this breed is used for public services such as policing. It’s also an extremely intelligent breed, making it an excellent companion and guide dog. However, they are very energetic and sociable which means they need plenty of attention and training.

Pitbull (235 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 17

Pitbulls are dogs with an extremely bad reputation. Nevertheless, they aren’t the breed with the worst bite or behavior, on the contrary, they are very sensitive and affectionate. Sadly, they are commonly used for dog fights, and they tend to fall into the hands of incompetent owners. A well-trained Pitbull is playful, loyal, and above all friendly.

Boxer (230 PSI)

8 Dogs with the Most Dangerous Bites 18

Boxers are a beautiful and energetic breed with an incredibly powerful bite. With the correct training and education, Boxers are some of the friendliest dogs out there. They’re great with children and even new people. However, they love to play and possess copious amounts of energy. Therefore, you’ll need to have a very active lifestyle to keep up with this breed.

If you’ve experienced a dog bite or your dog has bitten someone, it’s important to get the help that you need. Make sure you seek medical attention immediately and get a second opinion on the bite. Adversely, if it’s your pet that has caused the commotion, make sure you invest time and effort into training it properly. If you can’t do it yourself, take it to a specialist and give your pup the help it deserves.