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Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children: Getting a dog for the family is a remarkable decision. It is also a huge responsibility, especially when you have young kids at home. The bond with a dog is unique and priceless. However, while friendship with these cuddly companions is wonderful, not all dogs are suitable for your children and family.

perfect dog for your children

It is crucial for you to get a dog that is compatible with your household, lifestyle, and surroundings. To do so, you need to determine various characteristics of the canine such as its breed, size, age, etc. Here are some easy tips for introducing a new fluffy pet to your family member.

Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children.


Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 1

The first thing you need to look into is family-friendly dogs. With constant patience and care, almost every dog has the potential to become a beloved family pet. However, some breeds are proven to be more renowned and popular with families who have young kids.

Search for dog breeds that will suit well with your menage, especially children. For instance, if you want a friendly, devoted, and clever dog, you can opt for golden retrievers. You can also get Collies or Newfoundlands as they are known to be social and easy to manage.

Size Matters

Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 2

The size of the dog is immensely important, especially when you have toddlers at home. The infants can barely walk steadily and are very small. This is why it is recommended to avoid large breeds when you have a tiny tot. Regardless of how gentle the dog is, he might cause severe injuries if they accidentally push or jump on a young child.

On the flip side, some breeds of fully grown dogs are tinier than a kid. Children can accidentally injure puppies and tiny dogs when they are playing roughly with them. Little dogs and puppies are delicate and need to be handled with utmost care.

You do not want to take any chances, so it is ideal to bring home a medium-sized dog. Get a midsize dog who is loving and calm, especially when interacting with young kids. Beagles and Cocker Spaniels are good options.


Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 3

Dogs are just like their human counterparts. Some dogs are people-oriented, love playing with other dogs, and being affectionate with humans. However, there are other dogs who are not very outgoing and prefer being on their own.

It is advisable to choose a dog that has traits compatible with the children. For instance, poodles are known for being amicable, active, and obedient. They will be great with extroverted children. For introverted kids, it is ideal to have a furry companion who has a cautious mentality like Weimaraners.

Mixed-breed dogs have attributes found in different dog species; whereas the purebred dog usually displays the same characteristics as other dogs within their breed. Your ideal paw friend should have a corresponding trait compatible with your family to have the desired relationship.


Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 4

In addition to selecting a breed that is friendly with kids, you should seek a dog well suited to your lifestyle. All dogs love being active, especially in the outdoors. However, it is vital for your family to be able to provide a particular amount of physical activity for specific dogs.

If your children are quite active and are involved in outdoor ventures, it would be best to get an energetic breed that loves going outside. Bull terriers can be a commendable choice. On the other hand, kids who tend to stay home should have a low-energy fur friend that has similar characteristics. A bulldog can be a great choice.

You should also bear the climate in mind. If you live in a very hot region, it is best not to have dogs that have thick fur like a husky. You should also consider the space in your house. If you have a yard or outdoor space, then you do not have to worry much.

If you have a small space, however, it is best not to get dogs like a labrador retriever as they require a large space to run around. A small wheaten terrier can be a suitable choice as they can be content in an apartment.

Budget and Affordability.

Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 5

You should keep in mind that the maintenance of a dog is somewhat costly. From their daily requirements to vet visits, you need to note down and calculate the expenditures. It is necessary for you to know how much you will spend on your family pet.

Rule of thumb, the larger the dog breed, the more costs. Larger dogs tend to be more costly as they consume more food, their healthcare is usually expensive. Moreover, some apartments do not allow certain breeds, making their accommodation more difficult.

Smaller dogs usually do not have such high costs as large ones. Purebred dogs are very expensive and their maintenance costs are high as well. Their genetic makeup is the cause of their serious health issues, making them very vulnerable. Hence, their health care costs are high.

Mixed breeds, on the other hand, have lesser expenditures as they are not as vulnerable and high maintenance. Calculate all the expenditures of getting a dog and make an estimate. Based on your family’s capabilities and financial freedom, decide on the kind of dog you can properly manage.

The Right Age.

Tips To Getting The Perfect Dog For Your Children 6

It is best to avoid getting puppies. One might think that getting puppies for children is a great decision so that they can grow together. Puppies need full commitment and utmost care. If you have young toddlers, neither you nor the child can provide the pup with the proper attention the dog needs. If you are determined to bring home a puppy, you should wait till your children are around 5 years old.

New Chapter.

Starting a new chapter in life by adding a new furry member to your family is a wholesome initiative. Your kids will have an amazing childhood when they get to have a dog as their best friend. Make sure your family and you can give the best care your beloved pet deserves.