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One of the exotic types of alcoholic drinks common in the world is snake wine. The peculiarity of this low-alcohol drink is considered to be a poisonous snake, which is in the bottle.

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For the first time such an unusual wine was made in Vietnam, but today it has found its admirers in other states of Southeast Asia.

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Snakes, being the main ingredient of this unique drink, are valued not for their meat, but for snake venom that dissolves in alcohol. The poison, which is part of the drink, is denatured with ethanol, so it is considered safe for health.

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An interesting fact is that in addition to a snake, this wine can also contain several scorpions or lizards. Such an unusual “interior” of a bottle of wine is decorated with various medicinal herbs and roots.

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Herbs in a drink can only be selected by specialists because their role in the taste of wine is quite significant. The tonic, medicinal and antibacterial effect of this low-alcohol drink largely depends on the roots and medicinal plants.

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Snake wine, according to manufacturers, can be used in the treatment of many ailments, but experts still believe that many of its medicinal properties are exaggerated to attract potential buyers.

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There are two types of snake wine in the world: fermented and mixed. In the first case, a poisonous snake, often with other animals, is immersed in rice wine for several months. After the fermentation process, the wine is ready to drink.

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In mixed snake wine, an alcoholic drink made from rice is mixed with the juice of the snake’s body before consumption.

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