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Jellyfish always attract our attention with their beauty and lightness. From time to time, they use their protective poison, which can irritate and even kill a person. Jellyfish are found in all oceans and in some freshwater lakes and rivers.

Jellyfish cannonball

Different Types Of Jellyfish 21

The cannonball jellyfish lives along the east coast of the United States to Brazil. It got its name because of its unusual shape, perfectly smooth and round, like a cannonball. In Asian countries, these jellyfish are widely used in traditional medicine. It is believed that they can heal lung disease, arthritis, and lower blood pressure.

Olindias formosa

Different Types Of Jellyfish 22

This rare species of jellyfish is found off the coast of Brazil, Argentina, and Japan. Hanging at a shallow depth is characteristic of these jellyfish. When the jellyfish is in this state, its tentacles are concentrated under the cap. Due to its small number, this species does not pose a danger to people, but one should not forget that they can leave very severe burns.

Physalia physalis

Different Types Of Jellyfish 23

This amazing creature differs from all jellyfish in that it consists of many jellyfish individuals. It has a gas bubble, floats on the surface of the water, which allows it to absorb air. The tentacles of a Physalia physalis in an extended state can reach 50 meters.

Purple striped jellyfish

Different Types Of Jellyfish 24

This type of jellyfish can be found in Monterrey Bay. They are not yet well understood. This jellyfish is quite large and can cause serious burns to a person. Streaks and color saturation appears in jellyfish with age. In the course of warm currents, jellyfish can also migrate to the shores of Southern California. This was especially noticeable in 2012 when 130 people received jellyfish burns (black sea nettle and purple striped).

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Different Types Of Jellyfish 25

This amazing creature really resembles a fried egg or poached egg. Jellyfish lives in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean seas. Its important feature is that it can move independently without relying on waves.

Darth Vader jellyfish

Different Types Of Jellyfish 26

This type of jellyfish has been found in the Arctic. It happened quite recently. In addition to such an interesting and at the same time terrifying look, the jellyfish has 4 tentacles and 12 stomach sacs. During swimming, the tentacles are pulled forward in order to better reach their prey.

Blue jellyfish or blue bottle jellyfish

Different Types Of Jellyfish 27

The blue jellyfish has very stinging tentacles. It has been found off the coast of Scotland, in the North Sea, and in the Irish Sea. The average transverse diameter of this jellyfish is 15 centimeters. The color ranges from deep blue to bright blue.

Porpita porpita or blue button

Different Types Of Jellyfish 28

It’s not really a jellyfish. More commonly, this creature is known as the blue button. Porpita porpita lives on the surface of the ocean, consists of two parts: a rigid golden-brown float and hydroid colonies, which in their appearance are very similar to the tentacles of a jellyfish. Porpita can be easily confused with jellyfish.

Diplulmaris Antarctica

Different Types Of Jellyfish 29

This magnificent creature lives in the deep waters of Antarctica and has four bright orange tentacles as well as white tentacles. The small white dots on the jellyfish are amphipods. They live in jellyfish, and sometimes even feed on it.

Black sea nettle

Different Types Of Jellyfish 30

Black sea nettle is a giant jellyfish with a bell, 3 feet in diameter. An adult can reach 5 meters and have 24 tentacles. This type of jellyfish was found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. they are carnivores. Larvae, plankton, and other jellyfish are preferred in food.