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Looking at these creatures, ranging from giant snakes to incredible centipedes, one can only rejoice that we live in the 21st century and will never meet them face to face. Here are the most amazing giant extinct animals that you might not have known about.

Large elephants with a mouth of a duck (Platybelodon, Platybelodon grangeri) – platybelodon elephant

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Platybelodons are an extinct herbivore belonging to the elephant (proboscis) that roamed the earth about 4 million years ago.

They lived mainly in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. Platybelodons reached 6 meters in length and 2.8 meters in height. Fortunately, they used their frightening jaws as shovels to dig out plants.

Huge snakes (Titanoboa, Titanoboa cerrejonesis) – titanoboa snake

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The Titanoboa, which were discovered in Colombia, was a species of snake that lived about 60 million years ago. The largest representatives reached a length of almost 13 meters and weighed more than a ton.

These giant snakes were relatives of boas and anacondas, which kill victims with their suffocating rings.

Titanoboas were not only the largest snakes in history but also the largest terrestrial vertebrates after the dinosaurs.

Super dragonflies (Meganeura, Meganeura monyi)

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These flying monsters belong to the extinct insect relatives of dragonflies. They lived about 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous period.

The wingspan of meganeuras reached 65 centimeters (more than a human head). They were the largest flying insects that once lived on Earth.

Giant Sea Scorpion (Eurypterid, Jaekelopterus rhenaniae)

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This 2.5 meter long creature was recently discovered in Germany. The giant eurypterid is an extinct animal that lived about 390 million years ago.

This crocodile-sized scorpion had a 46-centimeter mouth with pincers. In addition, they did not disdain to eat their own kind.

Huge birds (Moa, Dinornis robustus)

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Giant moas were the largest birds that ever existed. Representatives of Dinornis robustus lived on the South Island in New Zealand and reached up to 3.6 meters in height and 250 kg in weight.

One has only to breathe a sigh of relief that these birds with long tearing claws, a sharp beak, and long legs no longer exist.

The largest lizard (Megalania, Megalania prisca)

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This monster was often called the “dragon-devil”. At 7 meters long and 400-700 kg in weight, they were the largest land lizards that ever lived.

Although Megalania was thought to be extinct, bones found in Australia indicate that they are only 300 years old, and some scientists have suggested that they still live in Australia.

Huge centipede (Arthropleura)

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Arthropleura were the largest terrestrial invertebrates on Earth, growing up to 2.6 meters in length. They are related to modern millipedes but lived 340-280 million years ago.

In addition, they could stand up using the lower half of their body. It’s time to face fear.

Giant sloth (Megatherium americanum)

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Although these giant versions of cute furry sloths are considered herbivores, experts believe that their long forearms and sharp claws were designed to feed on meat.

Megatheria became extinct about 2,000 years ago. They reached 6 meters in height, weighed almost 4 tons, and walked on their hind legs. Interestingly, they are related to modern battleships.

Giant fish (Dunkleosteus, Dunkleosteus terrelli)

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This giant fish reached 9 meters in length and was known as one of the most ferocious and fearsome creatures that ever lived. Dunkleosteus lived in the Late Devonian period 360 million years ago.

This fish did not need teeth, as its razor-sharp jaws could bite any prehistoric shark in two. And when the dunkleosteus didn’t eat, he rubbed his jaws together like self-sharpening scissors.

Giant tortoise (Protostega, Protostega gigas)

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This super turtle was up to 3 meters long. Its sharp beak and powerful jaws helped chew slowly moving fish, including sharks. However, they themselves were not much faster, therefore they often turned out to be prey for sharks.

Largest Bear (Giant Short-faced Bear, Arctodus Simus)

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The giant short-faced bear was one of the largest carnivorous mammals on Earth. Straightened, he could reach 3.5 meters in height and up to 900 kg in weight.

Powerful jaws, 20-centimeter claws, and enormous size undeniably instilled fear in smaller predators.

Huge crocodile (Sarcosuchus, Sarcosuchus imperator)

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Sarcosuchus is an extinct crocodile species that lived 112 million years ago. It was one of the largest crocodile-like reptiles that ever lived on Earth.

Modern crocodiles look quite intimidating, but they are no match for this 12-meter monster. They also ate dinosaurs.

Giant shark (Megalodon, C. megalodon)

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Megalodon lived 28 -1.5 million years ago. This is the older brother of the great white shark, whose teeth were up to 18 centimeters in length. This shark reached 15 meters in length and 50 tons in weight, being the largest predatory fish ever to exist. Megalodon could have swallowed a bus whole.